Struggling to find a versatile and high-quality projector?

In this blog, we review the Optoma EH412ST, a short-throw projector suitable for both professional and educational use. Its features include 4K HDR support, easy installation, excellent image quality with a high contrast ratio, multiple connectivity options, and great sound quality. Ideal for smaller spaces, this projector ensures clear and vivid projections with minimal setup hassle. Our experience in audio-visual technology guides you in selecting a projector that fits your specific needs.

Optoma EH412ST Short Throw Professional Projector Review

Short Throw Projection

With its short throw operation and 4K HDR support, the EH412ST projector is perfect for educational or business use. Smaller rooms or tighter spaces can easily be transformed into projection spaces with the EH412ST’s short-throw power. A projector placed 4.5 inches away from the screen will produce an image with perfect clarity and a 120-degree field of view.

Easy to Install

Installing a product is not something anyone wants to spend hours learning how to do. It is simple to connect the projector to the wall and start the projector, and the manual is excellent. Ensure the projector is placed properly on a flat surface. Projectors do not weigh much and weigh only 7lb. The projector doesn’t need to be mounted since it boasts a short throw.

Due to its flexible installation, an Optoma projector doesn’t require any glass alignment or screen symmetry. Digital zoom allows you to zoom in on any graph, image, or anything else that you want to inspect closely. With its 4,000 lumen brightness, the light can brighten dark conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms. There is also an option to fine-tune the image clarity, for example, besides digital keystone correction.

Excellent Image Quality

This Optoma EH412ST produces 1080p images with stunning clarity and crispness thanks to its 4K HDR input sources. Meetings, conferences, classrooms, etc., all benefit from the device. Simply plug it in, enjoy the high-definition, crisp and clear images.

There is no need to worry about color fading because of the 10-bit color rendering and six-part color wheel technology. This projector features a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and a 709 color profile, enabling the image to appear more accurately onscreen for all kinds of pictures, movies, and graphs. As soon as the HDMI signal is received, the projector immediately turns on, ensuring that both devices connect power on simultaneously.

High-Quality Connectivity

It is quite versatile when it comes to content sourcing. A broad range of connectivity options is available, letting the screen be seen even from a long distance thanks to dual HDMI and VGA ports. Additionally, your USB device can be charged and powered through the USB port provided.

Sound Quality

You can also expect great sound quality along with crisp, clear image quality. The EH412ST has built-in speakers with a maximum power of 10 watts, which ensures clear and loud audio in any room. Using these built-in speakers won’t require external speakers due to distortion-free sound, even when playing loud. It will sync perfectly with the action on the screen, and there will be no lag in sound.

Luminous Life

Long lamp life of up to 150000 hours enables Eoptoma projectors to provide extended viewing time. In simple words, it can run for eight years straight if you watch it for 5 hours per day on average. Reduce the number of lamps in the lamp to increase its lifespan.

Lag In Input

Gameplay is also possible on EH412ST. A feature of this device is its input lag, which makes it an excellent gaming device. The best gaming experience can be had by playing split-screen.

What We Like

  • Projections can be made with short throws.
  • Colors are displayed accurately on this device.
  • Images are crisp and clear, thanks to it.
  • The installation is simple.
  • It sounds great.
  • Connectivity options include a variety of devices.

What We Don’t Like

  • WiFi and Bluetooth are not available.
  • Automatic zooming is not available.

The Verdict

The Optoma EH412ST projector offers excellent features and quality for its price. Lamps with long lamp lives are best for tight spaces because of their long lamp lives. Transport is easier due to the lighter weight.

Its unique features include low input lag (great for gaming), high brightness, short throw distance, extensive connectivity, and so on. The product can be used for several purposes, and it is easy to install. Because of their price, Optoma projectors offer excellent value.

The OPOMAEH41ST’s lack of WiFi and Bluetooth makes it difficult to integrate into a smart home theater. The built-in speakers aren’t powerful enough to produce sufficient bass. Thus, an external speaker is probably needed.

FAQs on Optoma EH412ST Projector

What is the difference between a projector and a TV?

A projector is an optical device that projects images onto a screen or other surface, while a television (TV) is a display device that receives signals from a source such as cable or satellite and displays them on a flat panel. The main difference between these two devices is that projectors are typically used for presentations and movies, whereas TVs are used to view video content.

How many lumens does an Optoma projector have?

The Lumen Rating of a projector refers to its brightness in terms of how much light it emits per square foot of projected image area. A higher number indicates brighter output. Most projectors fall into one of three categories based on their lumen ratings:

  • 2000-5000 lm – Standard Light Output
  • 5000-10000 lm – High Brightness
  • 10000+ lm – Ultra High Brightness

What is the resolution of my Optoma projector?

Resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed by your projector. It’s measured in dots per inch (dpi), which is simply the number of pixels displayed per linear inch of the projected image. For example, a 1080p projector will have 2 million pixels across the width of the projected image, with each pixel being 1/1920th of an inch wide. This means that the projector has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 dpi.

What is the contrast ratio of my Optoma projector?

Contrast Ratio refers to the amount of black detail versus white detail in the image. Contrast ratios range from 30000:1 to 100000:1, with higher numbers indicating better performance.

What is the native aspect ratio of my Optoma projection system?

Native Aspect Ratio refers to the physical size of the projected image when viewed from the front. Most projectors come equipped with a 4:3 aspect ratio, but some models can be set up to display 16:9 or even widescreen formats like 16:10 or 16:11.

What is the maximum viewing angle of my Optoma projector model?

Viewing Angle refers to the horizontal and vertical angles at which you can see the image clearly without distortion. Viewing Angles vary depending on the type of projector, so check out our product pages to learn more about what they offer.

Is my Optoma projector covered by a warranty?

The warranty period refers to how long the manufacturer will cover parts and labor costs under its warranty. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties that cover parts and labor costs for longer periods of time.

What is the weight of my Optoma projector package?

Weight refers to the total weight of the projector and any accessories included in the box.

What is the power consumption rating of my Optoma projector?

Power Consumption refers to the amount of electricity consumed by the projector during normal operation. Power Consumption ratings range from 0.5 watts to 10 watts, with lower numbers indicating less power usage.


This projector produces breathtakingly clear images and excellent sound, which makes it a versatile device. You won’t regret buying it. Once you know about all these features, you will know that Optoma EH412ST is a good choice if you are looking for that functionality in a projector.

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