Are you searching for a rangefinder that enhances your precision and strategy on the golf course?

In this blog, we present a comprehensive review of the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder. We explore its cutting-edge features, from its PinSeeker technology with visual JOLT to its slope-switch technology, including its ergonomic design and enhanced clarity. We also discuss alternative options for different playing styles and budgets.

With over two decades of experience in golf equipment and sporting technology, we’ve supported numerous golfers, from amateurs to professionals, in improving their game. Our team has personally tested the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift in various golfing conditions, ensuring it offers accuracy, user-friendliness, and a strategic edge in gameplay.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Review: Features

Do you ever wish you could just pull out your rangefinder without having to search for it or take it out of the case? With the new Tour V5, this wish will be fulfilled, thanks to its unique BITE magnetic technology, which enables you to attach the rangefinder to any magnetic surface, such as the cart bar.

BITE technology is new to rangefinders. Right above the device’s display is a magnetic grip that covers a significant area of its side surface. It can be attached to wherever you like on the course, so you’ll always have it at your fingertips.

Visual JOLT Technology

Bushnell laser rangefinders have distinguished themselves in recent years thanks to their patented JOLT technology. It is this technology that delivers the fastest and most accurate location of pins.

The Tour V5 confirms that you’ve hit the pin by emitting vibrating pulses when you point to the flag, similar to previous Bushnell models. When you start to feel vibrations on this device, you see a flashing red ring on the display that makes it stand out.

By confirming the laser locks in twice, JOLT has elevated itself to a new level, setting the bar high for the industry. In addition to the vibrations and red ring, you’ll see a crosshair indicating the yardage to the pin while the vibrations occur.


Accuracy is the biggest concern of every rangefinder manufacturer, and besides the range of features, the ultimate objective of each is to deliver yardages with absolute accuracy.
Bushnell manufactures rangefinders that are mathematically precise, and it has held that position for years.

Additional updates to Tour V5 have made accuracy +/-1 yards possible.

With Bushnell’s new yards-to-meters button, they’ve taken into account players all over the world. You can choose what measurements you want displayed.


You are simply going to be amazed as soon as you glance through the eyepiece. Bushnell supports this assertion by stating that the LCD display has two times the brightness and contrast of the Tour V4. It is easier to scan the area and plan your shot more accurately with the sightline clearly defined. There is barely any difference in precision between the optics at 5 and 1,300 yards.

The zooming feature has also been upgraded. The Tour V5 provides close-up images with a 6x magnification, even closer than the Tour V4.


As well as its sleek, ergonomic, and compact design, it will catch your attention. With the visible Bushnell logo and the black and grey color scheme, the style is sophisticated and hi-tech.

Despite its high-quality case and very long-lasting lithium battery, the device is extremely portable. It’s uncommon to see rangefinders come with a 2-year warranty, but Bushnell Golf does.

Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at all of the features that make up the Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift models after we analyze their design and performance.

  • Pin-seeking feature with a red circle that flashes and emits vibrations to confirm locking.
  • Magnetic grips are integrated into BITE carts for quick mounting.
  • Accuracy of one yard.
  • The slope algorithm has been upgraded and redesigned for maximum precision (available on Tour V5 Shift only).
  • Taking advantage of the slope-switch technology (only Tour V5 Shift).
  • Performs impressive 400+ yards to a flag from 5 to 1,300 yards (the record for a range performance).
  • Optics of the highest quality.
  • Fast Focus System with 6x Zoom.
  • Water-repellent design and ergonomic features.
  • With the purchase of the case, you will also receive a long-lasting battery.
  • A two-year warranty is included.

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FAQs: Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Review

How does the Tour V5 Shift differ from the Tour V5?

In Tour V5 Shift, the slope is integrated into the switch, whereas in Tour V5, it isn’t. For those who do not intend to use the slope at all and do not wish to pay the extra cost, the Tour V5 is the better option. The Tour V5 Shift, however, is for players who like to play practice rounds on the slope or scramble rounds with friends.

Is it possible to disable the slope feature for competitions?


What do you think about Shift? Is it worth the extra money?

Certainly. You can do so if you have the budget. The magnet (BITE technology) and slope technology that change the distance depending on elevation were the clinchers for me. You can almost feel the magic.

How does the carry case look?

My favorite part of the carry case is how it’s been redesigned. Orange and grey are now the dominant colors. There have also been improvements to the fastening strap, so it can now be opened and closed with ease. Despite this seemingly insignificant matter, it is very important. In the course of a round of golf, you will pull out the rangefinder dozens of times, so if you have trouble opening and closing the carrying case, that makes for an unpleasantly irksome situation. Bushnell makes it a point to keep its cool over the ball so you’ll get the best results.

How far does it reach?

You’ll never run out of space! You can pinpoint your target from 400+ yards away with its impressive range.

What is the turnaround time for yardage?

Its Fast Focus system returns instant yardages. You can easily focus on a distant target when you look down at the viewfinder because it has a cinematic layout. If you have sliced the ball into the trees on your layup, for example, you can see the flag when you make a long approach shot or if you wish to see the distance remaining. If you struggle with a slice, you might find the anti-slice downswing drill helpful, the Jason Dufner drill with a closed stance helpful, or even the three-ball drill that will help you stop coming over the top.

BITE technology—what makes it so cool?

Magnetic fasteners and clips are not installed at all inside the laser, allowing golfers to attach it magnetically to their trolley or buggy without using any additional cases. What’s so special about that? Therefore, instead of fiddling with the case when, of course, you can easily access it,.

Playing courses that I have never played before will help me.

I would say yes to that. When playing unfamiliar courses where you only have sight of the terrain, the algorithm update will help you understand the changes in distance elevation during rounds.

What We Like

  • Speed and accuracy of ultra-fast computers.
  • Magnetic grip by BITE.
  • Locking onto a pin is confirmed visually and audibly.
  • The design is top-notch.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only the Tour V5 Shift can use the slope function.
  • It’s very expensive.

Bottom Line

97% of all Tour golfers use Bushnell rangefinders, saying how much they trust them and have confidence in them. Bushnell Golf is without question the leading manufacturer of distance measuring devices and one of the leading companies in the world.

With the BITE magnetic grip and Visual JOLT technology, the Tour V5 has redefined the capabilities of laser rangefinders. It is also tournament-legal due to its unbeatable slope measurement, which can be turned off if needed.

The downside to all these bells and whistles is that they can be pretty pricey. Models with different features will have different prices as well. It comes as no surprise that the Tour V5 Shift model is more expensive.

It is the ultimate accuracy and the never-failing performance of Bushnell laser rangefinders that set them apart from the rest. It is a huge advantage over similar devices that do not boast such accuracy to know that your rangefinder has minimal error data.

Bushnell has once again established itself at the top of the market with its Tour V5.