You need a quality rangefinder to improve your shooting.

Rangefinders use lasers to measure distance. It is a very useful tool for players who hit high-accuracy shots regularly. Moreover, some rangefinders may give inaccurate readings or fail to lock onto the pin or have any number of defects that are more harmful than helpful to golfers.

Despite being reasonably priced, this device gives accurate readings. Company representatives claim that Pin Acquisition Technology locates pins from a distance of 300 yards and adjusts to elevation changes associated with hilly courses.

The company claims that it is performing well. What is this claim? In order to determine if it would suit your needs, we tested the rangefinder over several months with golfers with mid-handicap scores. Below are the results.

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder Review 2023

The way things look and feel

We were immediately blown away by its sleek design when we received the Callaway 300 Pro rangefinder. It is similar in size to our other rangefinders and is comfortable to handle. Its red splash is what sets it apart from other models.

Setting Up

Devices with only two buttons should come with straightforward, brief instructions.

Before starting our first live round, we had already decided our preferences after reading the two-page guide. You won’t find what you want by randomly clicking, but experimenting at your own pace will save you valuable class time.


The rangefinder was even easy to use by those of us with shaky hands. The 300 Pro rangefinders from Callaway are accurate regardless of shaky hands, which previously caused inconsistent readings.

By pressing the power button, users are able to aim at the pin (or hazard, bunker, or person in the fairway, etc.) and the device will do the rest. While in bird mode, you will hear the birds chirp when it locks on to a target. The actual distance is determined by slope adjustment. For calculating the actual distance, we adjust the distance. In order to hit the flag, aim for the pin rather than the flag.

If you use reflector strips on your flags (or something similar), rangefinder readings will be improved.

“Birdie” is a feature in this app that lets you know when you’re tying on a pin. It’s good to fire when you get the same reading over and over again when you’re locked in. With our shots lined up, we feel relaxed and confident.

Most customer complaints about rangefinders are caused by user error. Buying from a name brand like Callaway and using it appropriately (e.g. firing at the flag) will result in incredibly useful aids. Several YouTube videos are available to help you learn how to use a rangefinder if you feel that you aren’t getting the most from your unit.


During our testing, we resulted in an accuracy level of +/- one yard for the 300 Pro, which was confirmed by Callaway. When using a new rangefinder, make sure you are not getting inaccurate results (if the rangefinder reports you’re 20 yards over the green, you may accidentally hit someone’s backyard).

The 300 Pro was counterbalanced several times to make sure it was accurate. The truth is, it is at least as accurate as other measuring devices.


Buyers are attracted to this model because of its awesome features. If you hit downhill or uphill, your yardage will automatically adjust. Using the rangefinder on the course was extremely helpful because it compensated for the slope in a way that we found extremely helpful.

The rangefinder would indicate 135 if you were teeing off from a high point on a par three. This hole would require a normal 135 club, however. Even when the height of the ball changes slightly, the Callaway 300 Pro allows you to calculate how far you need to hit the ball.


Most top-quality rangefinders are significantly more expensive than the Callaway 300 Pro. Although the rangefinder’s price was lower, we still liked its quality and accuracy.

It cost twice as much as the Bushnell model we directly compared it to and we got the same exact measurements every time. It performs just as well for less money than the 300 Pro, and as it is branded, you’ll know you are not getting a substandard product.

What We Like

  • This is one of the lightest and toughest I’ve seen.
  • The perfect golf bag to take with you wherever you go.
  • With an accuracy of about a yard, it’s excellent.
  • With the right materials, it can withstand any weather conditions.
  • I appreciate the simplicity of scanning and the convenience of lock-on technology.
  • If you’re close to the pin, you’ll always receive a signal or alert.

What We Don’t Like

  • For some golfers, it might be a bit expensive.
  • Unless you maintain consistency, you may find it inconsistent.
  • With the pin lock mode, you can shoot up to 300 yards maximum.
  • If the light level is low, reading can be difficult.

Callaway 300 Pro – FAQs

Would you recommend the Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder?

The Callaway 300 Pro works from anywhere and lets you get an accurate reading. There are a few handy features on the rangefinder, and it is designed to be simple and sturdy. Despite its limitations, it is comparable to rangefinders that cost twice as much. We recommend this product to any golfer regardless of handicap if they are seeking a solid rangefinder that will improve their game.

How do you transpose meters into yards?

You can switch between meters and yards by holding the M button for 15 seconds. The eyepiece can be used to change the focus.

​Does it have a waterproof coating?

You can use it anytime, anywhere, in any weather condition, regardless of the conditions.

How can the focus be changed?

The diopter can be used to change the focus. The eyepiece only needs to be rotated.

Callaway Pro golf rangefinders can they be charged?

You don’t need to recharge it to use it. CR2 batteries are included.

Are eyeglasses compatible with it?

Using eyeglasses is fine. You can change the focus using the eyepiece.

What is the procedure for turning this rangefinder off?

If no activity is detected, the 300 Pro will shut off automatically.


Callaway 300 Pro Laser rangefinder review answers any questions you have even if you have never used it before. On the market, those rangefinders from Callaway are among the easiest to use. Golf rangefinders like the Homa Golf Rangefinder are among the most affordable. There is no worry about battery life with this device due to its 3V battery.

Golf rangefinders in this price range are not as compact and waterproof as this one. Pros and amateurs can prepare for competitions no matter what weather conditions exist.

You can choose this rangefinder if you are on a budget and want accurate results.