Struggling with finding a rangefinder that accurately measures distances and enhances your golfing experience?

In this blog, we present an in-depth review of the Garmin Z82, a highly acclaimed rangefinder in the golfing community known for its precision, advanced features, and ease of use. We dive into the standout functionalities of the Garmin Z82, such as its laser accuracy, GPS integration, and vibrant display. We also discuss its usability on the golf course, including aspects like battery life, durability, and additional features like wind speed and direction measurement. This review aims to provide golfers with a comprehensive understanding of how the Garmin Z82 can transform their game.

With over 15 years of experience in sports equipment and technology, we’ve assisted numerous golf enthusiasts, from amateurs to professionals, in choosing rangefinders that elevate their gameplay. Our hands-on testing and real-world evaluation of the Garmin Z82 highlight its excellence in providing accurate yardage, a comprehensive course view, and additional golfing insights. This device isn’t just about distance measurement; it excels in offering a strategic edge with detailed course maps, hazard information, and the ability to adjust for various environmental factors.

We’ve assessed it for its accuracy, user interface, integration with golf apps, and overall impact on improving golfing strategies, finding it to be an exceptional tool for any golfer looking to enhance their understanding and performance on the course.

Garmin Approach Z82 Review

Setup and Usability

I found the Garmin Approach Z82 to be pretty intuitive to use, even though it has an abundance of technology. Despite only having three buttons—up, down, and select—it was easy to get confused. You will be familiar with the select button if you have used a laser rangefinder before. By holding down one button, you can obtain the distance to an object.

With the Z82, you get an integrated lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 15 hours. It charges via a USB port. If the device is in standby mode, a blue light under the eyepiece flashes to alert you, and you can wake it up by pressing any of its buttons or by simply gripping the bottom.

The Approach Z82’s wind speed and direction graphic are some of its coolest new features. Currently, this feature is only available for users of the Garmin Golf app. As well as a pairing, the free app required basic user information to be filled out. Golfers who tend to leave their rangefinders in carts can use the app’s stats and group play features in addition to Find My Garmin.

The PLAY GOLF option enables you to locate the nearest course (there are over 41,000 preloaded) and then choose or confirm the teeing ground. On the left side of this screen, the unit displays the closest hole in stunning color automatically. When a hole is finished, the next one is automatically formed. While doubling back to play a hole, I tried to trick the Z82 into thinking it was a different hole, but it knew exactly what it was.

Additionally, you can keep track of how often you hit fairways, miss fairways, and how many putts you make on the unit.

Performance and Accuracy

In the photo above, you can see the informative information the Garmin Approach Z82 is capable of displaying. Standing on the tee box, the black arc reveals the fairway that lies beyond the arc. That fact would not be readily apparent to the naked eye.

What about the number “225” at the top right? Quite a few measurements remain to be taken.

I find this feature to be particularly useful on a par 3, where I often forget the distance on my way back to the cart to get a club on the way back to the fairway.

Building and Design

With its elliptical design and laser measuring device at the bottom, the Z82 has a familiar design. The ergonomically designed unit measures just over 1.7 inches high, just over 3 inches wide, and 4.8 inches long. In addition to its solid polymer body, the device has an internal electronic protection system that resists moisture.

With three operating buttons on top and a curved thumb rest below, the Z82 makes for a comfortable model. You can use the same buttons, whether you’re using your right or left hand, whether you’re playing your favorite course or a completely new one, whether you’re using your right or left hand.

Flag-Lock and Pin Locator

In fact, no more than 10 inches of measurement error is found by the pin locator and flag-lock functions when you are close enough to play your short game. Other rangefinders lock on background objects such as trees and ball washers when you are trying to distance yourself from a flag, but the Garmin does not. The unit vibrates briefly and gently when it finds the flag.

Depending on the Z82’s determination of the wind’s speed and direction, you may adjust your shot. This feature needs to be improved, according to the owners. A golf course with holes facing in every direction makes it hard for golfers to stand still.

Compensation for slope angles

You need to understand how elevation affects your approach shot, even though it is great to know the exact distance to the hole. Straight-line distances between the green and the hole are maybe 150 yards, but if the green is elevated, the effective distance may be greater in order to clear the rise of the terrain. As well, a shot that is aimed at a hole located at a lower elevation will travel farther and could end up overshooting.

Rangefinders from Garmin require the shot to be adapted to the hole’s relative elevation in order to work correctly. This is called the “plays-like distance” on the rangefinder. It includes the relative distance along with the angle upwards or downwards to the hole. You can use that information to pick the right club and swing to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.

Batteries and Accessories

The Garmin Approach Z82 is also marketed as a rangefinder. Z82 enhances approach shots, improves scores, and saves time by delivering accurate and useful information. An included lithium battery can be charged via the USB cable and outlet adapter and can provide 15 hours of use.

Through a USB link, you can view the great features of the Garmin Z82 via a separate 10-inch viewing tablet. When you play golf, you can secure the Z82 to your cart and share the information with your golf partners via an optional cart mount.

How does the Garmin Z82 compare to other golf rangefinders?

The Garmin Z82 certainly compares favorably to other rangefinders. Its efficiency, accuracy, and hole preparation, combined with its sheer fun factor, cannot be beaten. It’s like holding a virtual video game in your hands while playing an actual round of golf. You get a truly virtual experience by using a highly detailed video game. Bushnell’s Tour V5, a leading competitor, cannot provide all the features you get with the Z82.

What We Like

  • If you have unsteady hands, the image stabilization helps you catch the flag.
  • A microfiber cloth is included with the product.
  • Scoring system on a digital device.
  • It measures shot distances.
  • Calculates hazards’ distances accurately.
  • A color display that is crisp and clear.

What We Don’t Like

  • Due to the fact that it is a new product, it is expensive.
  • In this case, it is a little heavy.
  • Charges fully in four hours.
  • Lanyards aren’t compatible with it.


Travelers and golfers of all levels can benefit from being able to take golf clubs with them and it makes sense to buy a portable golf club storage case for people who travel frequently and take golf clubs with them. The learning process for a new course is faster, and participants are better suited to compete.

If you need range information with a little slope adjustment and are on a budget, there are alternatives that can achieve the same results. With its many great features and long-lasting rechargeable battery, however, it’s obvious that the Garmin Z82 represents an exceptional value for serious golfers.