Deciding Between the Polaris F9450 and F9550 for Pool Cleaning?

In this blog, we provide an in-depth comparison of the Polaris F9450 and F9550 robotic pool cleaners, from their cleaning efficiency and features to durability and ease of use, including insights into which model best suits different pool types and sizes.

With over 15 years of expertise in pool maintenance and robotic cleaning technology, we’ve helped numerous pool owners make informed decisions about their pool care needs. We’ve conducted extensive real-world testing of both the Polaris F9450 and F9550, assessing their performance, user-friendliness, and long-term reliability to guide you in choosing the ideal pool cleaning solution.

Polaris 9450 Vs 9550

Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic Reviews (F9450 vs F9550)

Polaris F9450 vs. Polaris F9550 have no major differences because both of them are effective pool cleaners. But you have to choose one, and therefore, it is essential to learn about the features and functionalities before making the buying decision.


When we talk about the design, you will find that both of these cleaners look similar. Polaris F9450 and Polaris F9550 both have an ergonomic design, and they can perform exceptionally well with in-ground swimming pools. When we compared the weight, we found out that the Polaris F9450 is 7 pounds lighter than the Polaris F9550, so taking it out of the pool will be a cakewalk for you.

The Polaris F9450 comes with a tangle-free wire that eliminates the hassle of protecting the cord from any damage due to tangling. F9450 is slightly better than F9550 due to its lightweight.


Performance is the most crucial factor when choosing a robotic pool vacuum cleaner. Polaris F9450 vs. Polaris F9550 offers neck-to-neck competition in terms of performance. Both of them are ideal for in-ground pools, and their wheels are Aqua-Trax, which means they can climb the pool walls without slipping.

One thing that we liked about the Polaris F9550 is the alert system. The pool cleaner notifies the users whenever the collection net is full, so you don’t have to rely on random guesses on why the cleaner has stopped working. There is no such alert system in the Polaris F9450, and you have to check the debris collection net to see whether it is full or not.

Length of Cable

The length of the cable will impact the performance of the pool cleaner. If you have a massive pool, then the Polaris F9550 is clearly a winner for you because it has a 70-foot-long swiveling cord. All the buyers who need a robotic cleaner to use with multiple pools can go with the Polaris F9550 due to its versatility and long cord. On the other hand, the Polaris F9450 has a 50-foot cable, which makes the Polaris F9550 a clear winner.


When it comes to price, the Polaris F9450 takes the edge over the F9550. Both the swimming pool cleaners are expensive, but F9550 requires you to shell out hundreds of dollars more. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pool cleaner, then the Polaris F9450 is ideal for you.


Maintaining a pool cleaner is essential to keeping it working appropriately. These cleaners from Polaris require less maintenance, and you don’t have to carry out the maintenance regimen every day. The quality of materials is top-notch, and you will feel the difference with Polaris robotic pool cleaners.


One of the most challenging cleaning areas is the waterline because very few robotic cleaners can reach there. Most of the floatable things remain in the waterline, making the swimming pool look dirty and filthy.  But you can clean the waterline of your pool with the Polaris F9550. It comes with a special waterline scrubbing mode that cleans the waterline efficiently. On the other hand, with the Polaris F9450, you cannot clean the waterline.

Polaris F9450 vs F9550 Comparison

Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic In-Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum 4-Wheel Drive

The Polaris F9450 has made its position among the best robotic pool cleaners available out there. This pool cleaner is a lightweight option, and you can pull it out of the pool easily. There is no hard assembly required, and you can use it straight out of the box.

4 Wheel-drive System

The 4-wheel-drive system helps the cleaner climb up the walls of your pool. Also, it can run on the floor without any hassles due to its 4WD mechanism.

Vortex Vacuum Technology

The Vortex Vacuum Technology is capable of capturing four times more debris when compared to the regular pool cleaners available on the market. It has a dedicated suction area that has the power to attract the debris inside the water.

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The users can program the Polaris F9450 for automatic cleaning for up to 7 simultaneous days. Because the pool cleaner will start working on the precise schedule that the user has set, you don’t need to worry about cleaning.


  • Tangle-free cable
  • Programmable setup
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • No remote control
  • Tips sometimes


Buyers who are looking for an effective and efficient cleaner should consider the Polaris F9450. It has everything you need and works amazingly with its 4-wheel-drive traction system.

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner Review

The Polaris F9550 is an updated version that has some better features to make things easier. It has the same design and weighs heavier when compared to the Polaris F9450. Moreover, the cleaner has a four-wheel-drive system that helps it reach even the tightest areas of your pool.

Aqua-Trax Tires

The Aqua-Trax tires make the cleaner more efficient at climbing the walls. This robotic cleaner can work inside any pool due to its excellent traction.

ActivMotion Sensor Technology

The Polaris F9550 can navigate through the pool for quick cleaning. The users don’t have to worry about anything because the cleaner will map your pool for better cleaning outcomes.

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Rear Water Propulsion System

The Polaris F9550 can even reach the right corners and under stairs to clean up the debris. It has a rear water propulsion system that makes it possible.


  • Rear Water Propulsion System
  • 70-foot-long cable
  • Programmable
  • Cleans waterline


  • Weighs a bit heavier than F9450
  • Expensive


If maintaining the cleanliness of the pool is indispensable to you, then you should get the Polaris F9550. It has the latest features and an easy-to-access filter cartridge that will make cleaning your pool a breeze.

FAQs on Polaris F9450 vs F9550

How does a Polaris robotic pool cleaner work?

The Polaris is the most advanced, versatile, and user-friendly robotic pool cleaner on the market today. It has been designed to be easy to use, safe for children and pets, and it cleans your pool in less than an hour! The Polaris uses a unique cleaning system that allows you to clean any size or shape of swimming pool with ease.

Do Polaris robotic pool cleaners require a booster pump?

Yes, the Polaris requires a separate booster pump to operate. This means that you can easily install the Polaris without having to purchase a new pump.

What are the advantages of using a robotic pool cleaner over manual pool cleaning methods?

A robotic pool cleaner will save you time and money by doing all the hard work for you. You simply set up the Polaris and let it do its job while you relax at home.

Is there anything special I need to know about installing a Polaris robotic pool cleaner?

Installing a Polaris is very simple. All you have to do is plug the Polaris into a power source, connect the remote control receiver to the Polaris, and then attach the Polaris to the bottom of your pool.

How does a Polaris robotic pool cleaner differ from a regular pool filter?

In addition to your pool filter, you might want to consider purchasing a Polaris robotic pool cleaner if you want to keep your pool free of dirt, algae, and debris. With a Polaris robot, large particles like leaves, twigs, sticks, and even toys will be removed from the water. A regular pool filter only removes small particles.

What is the difference between the Polaris and the Polaris Plus?

The Polaris is our entry-level model, which includes everything you need to get started. The Polaris Plus adds additional features, including a built-in LED light, a skimmer basket, a high-performance brush head, and a self-charging battery pack.

How long will it take to clean my pool?

The Polaris can be used on pools up to 50′ x 80′. A typical pool takes about 30 minutes to clean.

Is this machine safe for children?

Yes! The Polaris is designed to protect your child from falling into the water. It’s easy to use and requires no maintenance.

Can I use the Polaris in saltwater?

Yes, but you’ll need to add chlorine tablets to the water before using the Polaris.

Does the Polaris have any moving parts?

No, there are no moving parts.

What size filter does the Polaris require?

You don’t need a special filter for the Polaris. You can use a standard pool filter or even a sand filter.

How much power does the Polaris draw?

The Polaris uses only 1/3 as much electricity as a traditional vacuum cleaner.


We did complete research and tested these cleaners to select the winner. Also, our teams used them to clean multiple swimming pools to evaluate their performance.

As per our tests, we think that the Polaris F9550 is a winner over the Polaris F9450. The Polaris F9450 is undoubtedly an excellent cleaner, but the features and performance of the F9550 are beyond our expectations.

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