Struggling with finding a soundbar that enhances your PC gaming experience with immersive audio?

In this blog, we explore the best soundbars for PC gaming in 2024, tailored for gamers seeking a blend of crisp audio clarity, dynamic sound effects, and sleek design. From compact models that fit neatly under monitors to more robust soundbars with surround sound capabilities, we cover a range of options that elevate your gaming setup, including alternatives for various gaming styles and preferences.

With over 15 years of experience in audio technology and gaming peripherals, we’ve assisted countless gamers, from casual enthusiasts to esports professionals, in selecting the right soundbar for their gaming needs. Our selection of soundbars for PC gaming is based on thorough testing and real-world gaming scenarios, ensuring our recommendations enhance both the auditory and overall gaming experience. These soundbars aren’t just about loudness; they excel in delivering detailed soundscapes, precise directional cues, and enhanced dialogue clarity.

We’ve evaluated them on sound quality, compatibility with gaming PCs, and additional features like Bluetooth connectivity and RGB lighting, finding them ideal for anyone looking to immerse themselves in their gaming world with high-quality, responsive audio.

Best Soundbar for PC Gaming in 2024

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black

The Bose Solo 5 Bluetooth headphone is a portable and handy accessory. The headphones are low-profile, but they deliver clear dialogue regardless of their size. This budget soundbar boasts a compact design and an easy-to-use universal remote. Thanks to its attractive look, you won’t have to clutter your desk. By doing so, you’ll be able to hear better sounds than you would on your monitor.

The Bose Solo 5 does not have a display on the front panel. In addition, it is designed for small setups. With its easy-to-use interface and low price, I have found the Bose Solo 5 gaming soundbar to be an excellent purchase. This soundbar will enhance your gaming experience.


In addition to being simple in design, the Bose Solo 5 offers excellent sound quality. Since this soundbar is designed to fit underneath your monitor screen, it can easily be positioned under there. A black grille adorns the front of the soundbar, and plastic circles adorn the bottom. Soundbar buttons and switches are not present. Two speakers behind the grille deliver a wide sound field.

The LED indicators make it easy to find out what features are available. The LED indicators can also be changed to indicate volume. Despite its weight, the remote control allows you to control the soundbar.


The Bose Solo 5 does not require a complicated setup. Soundbars should be placed on stands and monitors should be placed over them. HDMI connects the home theater’s audio output to the soundbar. The HDMI cable provides power to the soundbar. Since the soundbar has two bass ports at the back, you should place it a few inches away from the wall.


In terms of both dimensions and performance, the Solo 5 is too small. Bose Solo 5 is better suited to smaller screens than to large ones, which is why it is not recommended for larger ones. The dialogue mode is no longer required in the soundbar modes. Crisp, controlled treble complements those direct and focused midranges.

Soundbar’s bass does not match the sound of impact or big explosions. You can use the boost option to increase bass volume, but midrange clarity will be reduced. The Bose Solo 5 could be an excellent choice for improving your gaming monitor’s overall sound quality.

What We Like

  • Designed very compactly, it is extremely portable.
  • You can easily use it.
  • The remote control is included.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • The price is very reasonable.

What We Don’t Like

  • There isn’t much movement in it.
  • The punch is lacking.

Razer Leviathan Review

With the Razer Leviathan, you can listen to optical sound and auxiliary audio as well as use Bluetooth. Gaming is enhanced by the soundbar, and movie and music lovers may also be inspired by the loud, bassy sound. Designed to fit under a gaming desk, this wireless soundbar is Razer’s first soundbar. In addition to HDTVs, the soundbar can be used under monitors. A subwoofer is also included in the Razer soundbar.


A 20-inch soundbar would fit nicely under your monitor and on your desktop. The front grill has a black perforated area with the Razer logo in the middle. Despite its transparency, you can see the tweeters and drivers through it. Additionally, the soundbar and subwoofer need to share the same cable for power.

The soundbar has several control buttons and a power button on top. It offers a choice of input types like 3.5 mm analog, Bluetooth, and digital optical, as well as volume control. It also offers movie, music, and game sound modes.


The soundbar can be connected to your monitor by using a digital optical cable. You can use NFC to connect the soundbar to Android devices. Bluetooth connections are also available for iPhones. Streamed music streams more clearly with aptX on the soundbar. It provides you with some sound-quality customizations after you have connected the soundbar. When you’re gaming, you can place the soundbar in a way that directs sound towards you.


Razer Leviathan is the perfect gaming PC for those who enjoy the surrounding sound and low-end effects. The Razer soundbar provides the best sound when you are gaming if you place it near you. Razer soundbars can fill an entire room with sound, but you won’t be able to hear much background noise. With a soundbar, you can watch Battle Royale games in an immersive way, as opposed to watching them on your monitor’s speakers.

Gamers will enjoy the powerful bass and surround sound in the Razer soundbar. You can use the device’s controls to control the soundbar without the use of a remote. With the soundbar, you can enhance the audio experience regardless of the console you are using.

What We Like

  • Affordability.
  • Bass fishing is good here.
  • The dialogue is crystal clear.
  • Despite its size and price, it delivers powerful sound.
  • Bluetooth technology is available.
  • A low-end kick is available from a wired subwoofer.

What We Don’t Like

  • Apps and remote controls are not available.
  • The treble tones are too muffled.

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Review

The Creative SoundBlaster is stronger and more durable than other soundbars discussed here. The design is angled upward and provides supreme audio quality. On the side, there are also separate speakers that emit sound horizontally. The 7.1 surround sound produces excellent audio.

The soundbar is light and compact, despite its weight. Using USB or optical media, you can stream 24-bit/96 Hz audio files in lossless quality. With this device, you can play WAV and FLAC audio files in high resolution. The soundbar’s excellent bass and powerful volume will significantly improve your gaming experience. The soundbar offers excellent value for money as one of the best budget soundbars for gaming.


The design makes it ideal for use with gaming rigs because of its floating looks and sturdy build. This design is excellent in terms of audio quality because the speaker is slightly raised toward the user.

On each end, there are separate speakers concealed by grilles that project the sound slightly outward.

The soundbar feels heavy but has a sleek and slim appearance due to its low height and depth. Despite being made of aluminum, the device looks premium thanks to its brushed finish.

It is constructed from plastic, and it is finished in aluminum, which gives the piece a rugged appearance. Because of the subwoofer, the box of the soundbar is too large. However, you won’t use the buttons or speakers frequently because you’ll always have the remote with you.


It will take you some time to set up the Katana due to its short subwoofer cable. Connecting an external power supply to a soundbar enables it to be plugged into wall outlets. Soundbars have inputs behind them. From left to right, the subwoofer connector, power supply, aux-in, microphone jack, optical input, three 3.5 mm jacks, and a USB port can be found.

Sound Blaster Connect requires a PC to run, and you can also play from a playlist that you create. Play your game as soon as you plug in your PS4 optical input. By connecting via USB, you can access the integrated 24-bit high-resolution DEC and 5.1 Dolby Digital DEC.


The SoundBlasterX Katana’s maximum volume can be heard in another room even at maximum volume. Subwoofers do a good job of segregating the low end from other elements in music. Home theatre rooms will greatly benefit from this sound bar’s sound quality. The unit is small and lightweight. In addition to great sound quality and a space-saving design, it also has excellent volume and bass level. Having a widescreen 21:9 aspect ratio makes the Katana a very useful device.

What We Like

  • This device produces powerful sound.
  • This device has Bluetooth capabilities.
  • You can connect to it optically.
  • The light show features RGB technology.

What We Don’t Like

  • Subwoofers are wired into it.
  • HDMI is not available.

Bose SoundTouch 300 Review

The SoundTouch 300 delivers great audio quality for any entertainment project, not just gaming. With the Sound Touch 300, you’ll discover that you can enjoy crystal-clear audio in any environment due to its powerful bass. Soundbars are expensive, but this one is worth the cost because it offers so many features.

With tempered glass on top, mesh on the front, and LEDs on the left side, the soundbar is stylish. In addition to being wall-mounted, you can place the soundbar on a table. The 3.0-channel soundbar is equipped with phase guide technology and quiet port technology to ensure a very good bass response. Furthermore, ARC and HDMI outputs are also included, as are Dolby Digital and DTS decoding. It is equipped with a headphone jack.


This SoundTouch 300 soundbar is among the best available. The tempered glass top features an input LED. There is mesh on the front of the top. Soundbars can also be mounted on walls or placed on tables. A power button and volume control are the only controls on the device. However, the device uses very few buttons to accomplish its functions.

2.1 configurations cannot be used with soundbars without subwoofers. The soundbar stands securely on any surface thanks to a rubber bottom pad that prevents it from sliding.

In addition to HDMI with ARC, optical digital audio input, HDMI loop-through, Ethernet, Adaptiq microphone input, acoustic jack, and a micro USB port, various connections are available on the rear panel. The soundbar looks great and is lightweight.

Each of the four full-range drivers and the centered tweeter are facing forward inside the case. On both ends of the soundbar’s rear panel are phase guides that support the bass ports.


Soundbars can be easily connected to Bluetooth devices. Compatible devices can be tapped on the top to connect via NFC. Connecting the soundbar to your home network is easy using the free app for the soundbar. Additionally, you can control certain zones in your place using the music library.

The SoundTouch app can also be used to control the soundbar. There is no way to control this app other than streaming music from a smartphone. In addition to Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and other services, the app provides access to other devices as well.


At low to medium bass levels, the audio is clear and crisp, but there is a slight rumble when the bass is upped. Furthermore, as well as stereo sound, there is a surround effect as well. Increasing the volume of the center channel in the app can help decrease the width. As the dialogue appears clear and sharp, the soundbar does a superb job.

For immersive movie viewing, the ST300 can be paired with the brand’s speakers or with the brand’s speakers for a complete surround sound system. As an additional feature, a wireless multi-room system including smaller Bluetooth speakers can be connected to the soundbar. You can use the SoundTouch 300 with HDMI ARC-enabled TVs with ease. It’ll also be easier to connect AV components with the support for 4K HDMI.

What We Like

  • A stylish design makes this a very desirable product.
  • Installing and configuring it is simple.
  • There is a wide range of connectivity.
  • Clear dialogue and incidental effects result.

What We Don’t Like

  • Channels are limited to 3.0.

Sonos Playbase Review

There is almost no feature that is not available on the Sonos Playbase. This stylish and slim unit can easily be placed under a monitor. A gaming arena can be created in your room through the use of 10 customized drivers. More than 80 music services are compatible with the soundbar, and it comes with a touch screen and a Sonos app for wireless control.

If your device has Alexa or Google Assistant capability, you can use your voice to control Playbase. A TV remote is an easy way to adjust the volume. The user experience is further enhanced by Dialogue enhancement, Night Mode, and Playbar. There are 10 class-D amplifiers paired with 6 mid-range drivers and a 10-driver speaker system in the Sonos soundbar. It produces amazing quality audio.


A compact design has been used for the Sonos Playbase, but it has plenty of features. The soundbar is equipped with three tweeters, one woofer, six midrange drivers, and each is amplified independently. A white or black soundbar is available, and it is streamlined in appearance. There are few buttons and inputs on the device; instead, there is a single LED that indicates its status. Touch-sensitive buttons are provided on the soundbar for play/pause functionality.

You can control the volume using the area surrounding the play button to the left and right. The TV remote and the Sonos app can also be used to control other functions. Besides the power plug, there is an optional Ethernet port and optical digital audio connectivity on the back of the soundbar. There is no HDMI connection on the soundbar, which can be problematic if your TV has fewer inputs than required.


Sonos Playbase is convenient to use and easy to install. There is no way to mount the soundbar on the wall since it is intended to be placed under the TV stand. The setup of a soundbar is very simple. Afterward, you need to connect the optical audio cable to the display and then plug in the speaker. Afterward, all you have to do is connect to WiFi and then go through the rest of the setup process via the Sonos app.

Because the soundbar comes without remote control, you will need to set it up with your TV’s remote control. Also on the soundbar, you can use the touch-sensitive buttons to control the volume or use the app.


It offers incredible performance for movies on Sonos Playbase. Watching your favorite movie or show and listening to the bass will add resonance to the dialogue. Stereo separation is also excellent while music is played at any volume. This allows you to set up a surround sound system with other Sonos speakers.

There is no receiver required with the soundbar, it can just be plugged in and used. It’s one disadvantage that you can only get Dolby Digital 5.1 with the optical connection. If you’d like to watch movies or listen to music with greater clarity and clarity, the Sonos Playbase is an option that’s inexpensive and great.

What We Like

  • Bass is incredible on this album.
  • All Sonos products work seamlessly with it.
  • Simple to use and easy to set up.
  • It fills the room with sound.
  • It’s clear to hear the voice.

What We Don’t Like

  • The price of it is high.
  • HDMI does not exist.

What is a Gaming Soundbar? Part 1 of Soundbar Guide

Gaming soundbars release audio outward in an arc. Most soundbars are designed to mount parallel to your monitor, which means they have an elongated shape. In gaming rooms and home theaters, this allows for adequate sound output when set up correctly.

Immersive surround sound is made possible with the best soundbar for gaming. Play cinematic soundtracks with ease while capturing every enemy footstep. Is it really possible?

Game Soundbars: How Do They Work?

Gaming soundbars operate in much the same way as regular speakers by using electroacoustic transduction to produce sound. The soundbar converts audio signals into audible sounds and projects them in the form of sound waves into the surrounding environment.

A soundbar differs from a regular speaker in a few key ways. There are unique characteristics of a soundbar, such as the way it projects soundwaves in a curved path for optimal sound quality and range. The unique benefits of soundbars for PCs and consoles are also numerous.

A Guide to Gaming Soundbars: Part II: Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of gaming soundbars:

The Immersive Audio experience. In order to enjoy immersive surround sound, you need the best soundbar for gaming. Beautiful tonal quality and amplified bass will bring out all the minute details.

Useful for a variety of purposes. Soundbars allow you to engross yourself in the world of gaming, no matter what platform you are on, such as a PC or console. Also, plug-and-play connectivity and Bluetooth use are included with the best soundbars.

Designs that are sleek. The best gaming soundbars come in different form factors such as matte black or metallic silver. As well as adding LED lighting to your existing gear, you will find fantastic add-ons.
An advantage over the competition. Despite the popularity of gaming headsets, soundbars also offer an excellent way to experience live audio. If it’s FPS you prefer, you can pinpoint the location of enemies or enjoy your favorite soundtrack.

Soundbars for gaming vary widely in their technology, drivers, and equipment. There are different models that may offer you features such as multiple speakers and subwoofers.

The Ultimate Guide to Soundbars Part III: Choosing the Best Gaming Soundbar

How do you find the right soundbar for your gaming setup out of so many great options on the market? The following tips may help:

  • Console or PC setup
  • There are several ways to connect
  • High-quality audio
  • Designed & sized
  • Pricing

A lot of soundbars are universally compatible with PCs and televisions, and they can be adapted for use with computers and televisions. However, choose the model that best suits your needs for the easiest installation.

Choosing the right model should also take your sound needs into account. Check to see if the unit has a subwoofer, as well as how many speakers it contains. Surround sound is almost always included with subwoofers, and top models come with up to 7.1 surround sound.

Also, the size and design should match your setup. Choose an affordable speaker system that provides the most value for your money. There is a soundbar that is right for you!

Installation of a Soundbar: Soundbar Guide Part IV

There are a variety of requirements for the installation of the best soundbar for gaming. Some models provide pure plug-and-play connectivity, while others include Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. To find out how to do this on your specific model, consult your owner’s manual.

Many soundbars can be configured within minutes, even the most powerful ones. Here is a great visual guide we pulled from YouTube by Majestechs to get you started. There are optimal configurations for all the popular models of soundbars, and he explains how to set them up. Check it out:

Bose Bose Solo 5 TV sound system Bose Solo 15 series II TV sound system
Easy setup
Speaker type Sound bar Pedestal
Streams music via Bluetooth
USB connection X X
Wall mounted possibility X
Universal remote

FAQs on Best Soundbar for PC Gaming

Should I get a soundbar or speakers for gaming?

Whether you should opt for a soundbar or speakers for gaming largely depends on your specific needs and setup:

  • Sound Quality: High-quality speakers, especially in a 5.1 or 7.1 setup, can provide more accurate positional audio which is crucial for some competitive games.
  • Space & Setup: Soundbars are generally more compact and streamlined, ideal for gamers with limited space or those seeking a minimalistic setup.
  • Price: While there are high-end options in both categories, soundbars often provide a good balance of cost, quality, and convenience for average consumers.
  • Convenience: Soundbars are typically easier to set up than a multi-speaker system.

If you’re looking for immersive audio and have the space and budget, speakers might be more suitable. However, for casual gaming and a more straightforward setup, a soundbar might be the better choice.

Do you need a sound bar for a gaming monitor?

You don’t necessarily need a soundbar for a gaming monitor, but it depends on the monitor’s built-in audio capabilities and your preferences:

  • Monitor’s Built-in Speakers: Some gaming monitors come with built-in speakers. While convenient, these tend to offer average sound quality.
  • Sound Quality: For an immersive gaming experience, external audio solutions like soundbars or speakers can provide richer sound with better bass and clarity.
  • Positional Audio: For competitive gaming, having clear positional audio can be an advantage, and an external audio setup can help achieve this.

In summary, while you don’t need a soundbar for a gaming monitor, investing in one can significantly enhance your gaming audio experience.


Since Google returns thousands of results, and those results are probably updated every day, choosing the best soundbar for PC can be challenging.

Each season, new products can be released thanks to technology. Making impulsive decisions is not better than waiting too long.

Regardless of what a YouTuber claims, you should consider the matter, ask yourself pertinent questions, and determine the best soundbar for gamers like you.

Discussions about bass take up a lot of time. If you want to be fully immersed in the sound, these low-key frequencies can make all the difference. While I’m all about deep bass that vibrates your soul, some people prefer more balanced woofers with milder tones. We have not included the Sony HT soundbar in this list since it is not as good as the rest. Sony also makes fantastic soundbars for games like the Sony HT.

If you want to shake the earth, an external subwoofer might be the answer. There’s more to my love of the Dolby Sound BlasterX Katana than just my passion for anime and my love of bright lights. The Sonos Playbar is an exceptionally powerful and attractive soundbar. I absolutely love it.