Struggling with finding a sound bar that delivers exceptional audio quality without compromising on style?

In this blog, we dive into the best sound bars for enhancing your home audio experience, from compact models perfect for small spaces to high-fidelity units for audiophiles, including a range of options to suit various aesthetics and budgets.

With over 22 years of experience in home audio and entertainment systems, we’ve helped countless music lovers and movie enthusiasts upgrade their soundscapes. Our in-depth exploration leads us to highly recommend the Martin Logan SLM-X3. This sound bar isn’t just another audio device; it’s a fusion of superior sound quality and sleek design we’ve extensively tested in diverse home settings. Whether for immersive movie nights or enriching music sessions, the SLM-X3 stands out for its clarity, range, and ability to blend seamlessly into any home environment.

Martin Logan Motion SLM X3 Ultra-Slim 3-Channel Passive Soundbar

Martin Logan Motion SLM X3 Review 2024

Dial-Up Face Value

It’s a passive soundbar from Martin Logan. Amplification isn’t built-in. It doesn’t have DSP.

  • The soundbar is a sophisticated and sleek device under the covers. So it’s no surprise that Martin Logan produces such excellent, innovative loudspeakers.
  • Approximately 1,2 metres of space is occupied by the SLM X3. Due to its slim and sleek design, it is both elegant and unobtrusive. In addition to its attractive look, the enclosure and grille are made of perforated metal.
  • This wall-mount or shelf-mount soundbar comes with mounting hardware. Shelf positioning allows for an adjustable tilt angle.
  • It is passive, with no inputs or outputs. Furthermore, the rear panel contains three spring-loaded, push-down speakers, one on each side, confirming the model’s L/R/C function.

These metal binding posts are beautifully crafted from metal (and not that ugly cheap plastic found on so many cheap speakers) and are capable of supporting cables of up to 14 gauge.

Inspired Sound

To complement MartinLogan’s electrostatic loudspeakers, the Motion Series was developed. MartinLogan has created a truly affordable and compact series of transducers with our distinctive folded motion technology. These transducers feature smooth, refined sound with superb dynamic range and clarity.

The Audible Truth About Thin TVs

There are televisions that are less than 2 inches from the wall, making them the thinnest in history. If they have small, cheap speakers that are placed behind the screen, thin televisions still have unnatural, lifeless sound, even if they look great. The speakers have a high distortion rating, in addition to being underpowered.

Motion SLM speakers provide an easy-to-install, clean solution for elevating the aural experience created by ultra-thin TV technology.

Slender Profile and Stunning Performance

This revolutionary speaker system has two 4-inch fiber cone woofers, a 4-inch high-velocity passive bass radiator, and a folding motion tweeter that produces a unique acoustical alchemy generally only seen in extremely large speakers. The drivers under the grille are held securely in place by anodized black brushed aluminum. The sleek black SLM cabinet has a thick wall protrusion of 1.45 inches, a wall protrusion of 1.83 inches and a magnetic grille.

On-Wall or On-Shelf Versatility

A keyhole slot on the back of the SLM X3 allows you to attach the bracket included with it easily, so mounting it is a breeze. This motion-activated soundbar can also be used with other televisions in addition to being a wall-mounting soundbar. The speakers include feet that allow them to be placed on equipment cabinets or shelves.

What We Like

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Compact, clean design.
  • Bracket with a good design.
  • Placement flexibility.

What We Don’t Like

  • No

FAQs: Martin Logan SLM X3 Review

How tall is the soundbar?

Approximately 6.5 inches.

Which cleaning instructions are available for my speakers?

A microfiber cloth or soft brush can be used to clean your speakers. Spraying cleaning agents on the drivers is not recommended.

Are there any cables and electronics that would be suitable for Martin Logan speakers?

Cables and electronics cannot be favored. Before choosing the right brand, consider a variety of brands. Retailers provide the best advice regarding audio equipment purchases.

Can my A/V system’s speakers and television interact?

Yes, of course. Because there is no shielding on these speakers, CRT televisions need to be at least 2 feet away from them.

Does exposure to sunlight affect my speakers?

It is not advisable to place any loudspeaker directly in the sun. UV rays from the sun can harm cabinets, speaker cones, etc. A moderate amount of exposure to UV rays is not harmful. The use of glass greatly reduces the effects of UV radiation.

What is the passive component of this soundbar?

Denon’s AVR 3800 series produces incredible sound. It’s a 75-inch Sony XBR with ML subs and ceiling speakers. The system uses Control4.


You might not be a good fit for the Motion SLM X3. Simulated surround is not used and DSP is not used. A key strength of this film lies in its honesty and clarity, its ability to resolve details that are so easily overlooked, and its 3D-like, immersive imagery.

Listening to music or watching a movie with Martin Logan behind the wheel doesn’t matter whether the surround sound is realistic or if the effects are impressive. Enjoy.

It offers an enjoyable surround experience with rich, expressive dimensionality, even with the SLM X3’s excellent center channel capabilities.

A well-presented performance is also evident in stereo.

In order to show off its full potential, it requires a good subwoofer, an amp, and external auxiliary components.