Best Automatic Watch Winder Reviews – Rolex is the most successful luxurious watch brand, which needs no explanation the brand name speaks for itself.

The brand was established around 1902 and now has been producing high-quality Swiss watches for the past many years now.

If you own one of the watches from Rolex, then it is your responsibility to keep it secure and in the proper place as possible.

Down below in the article, we have mentioned the best watch winders for Rolex, watch winders are the products that are designed to handle such delicate timepieces and preserve their quality to maintain accuracy.

If you are confused about the features you need to look for before buying a watch winder, then we have mentioned them for you after doing all the research and study to remove the burden from your shoulders.

Best Automatic Watch Winder Reviews – Buyer’s Guide 2023

best-rated-watch-winderBefore buying a watch winder for your Rolex you need to consider some of the features, firstly you need to find the brand you merely cannot keep your Rolex with a cheap winder, you just cannot trust it, and on the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you need to break your bank either.

Wolf watch winders give you high quality and are affordable.

Secondly, you need to look at your budget; you need to make sure that the winder should match your style, amount of modules and storage space, and best features at the amount you are paying, and compare it with the other brands to buy the best watch winder.

WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover, Black

This watch winder from the wolf 270002 heritage single watch winder is one of the elegant picks for your Rolex watch.


This watch winder is made out of leather which looks like a comfortable and stylish case.

It gives you its patented technology which offers you an accurate and delicate movement that maximizes the comfort and efficiency of your timepiece.

The design of this watch winder from WOLF 270002 heritage is an elegant and contemporary design, it looks like a black rectangular case made out of the faux leather exterior and a tempered glass cover which shows the timepiece that is kept inside it.

The watch cuff is made out of faux suede which finishes off its complete aesthetic as a watch winder. As the mechanism of the watch winder, it can operate bi-directional, counter-clockwise, clockwise.

  • This watch winder functions with an intermittent movement equipped along with pause and sleep phases which will protect the mainspring of the timepiece.

This watch winder is simply a great choice if you want to showcase your particular timepiece, the look and design of the watch winder includes elegance and technology, this is the recommended

What We Like
  • The watch winder can easily work on batteries or while it is plugged in.
  • The nylon gears in the watch winders provide silent operation.
  • The 3 rotational options are available in the watch winders.
  • The watch winders come with patented technology that provides you with efficient rotation.
  • The watch winder imparts a sleek and expensive feeling as it has faux leather and faux suede coverings.
  • The design of the watch winder is elegant and contemporary.
What We Don’t Like
  • The case of the watch winder may look big to you.
  • The cuff size of the watch winder may be big for some watches.

WOLF Heritage Double Watch Winder with Cover & Storage

This watch winder is similar to the WOLF 270002, this watch winder from WOLF 270402 is made out of the same material and build, this model just differs in its capacity to carry timepieces, it carries two timepieces.


  • This watch winder features the same patented technology of WOLF, with its signature faux leather and tempered glass exterior with a faux suede interior.

This watch winder will fit and will showcase two of your Rolex timepieces.

What We Like
  • The cover of the watch winder is in black leather.
  • This watch winder is programmed 900 turns per day: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional.
  • It comes with additional storage space instead of the one you can store up to two watches.

WOLF Roadster Triple Watch Winder with Cover & Storage, Black

This watch winder from WOLF 457356 roadster triple watch winder is another product from the same company with a few different features and is proudly added to the WOLF heritage series.


Roadster has large winders and can carry more timepieces depending upon the product. Though, if you have Rolex, then this watch winder can accommodate up to three Rolex watches and will highlight the three of your favorite watches that need to hide.

The design of this watch winder from WOLF 457356 is super classy and formal, the cover of the watch winder is made of black pebble faux leather, and a tempered glass window is put above so that you can view your three timepieces inside.

An ebony Makassar wood veneer faceplate is dark, striped features, and compliments the view, exterior along with interior look of the watch winder together complete the overall sophisticated and classy look of your ROLEX watches while being wound.

  • The internal works of the watch winder are made intricately, the rotation is clockwise, bi-directional and counter-clockwise and you can set the rotation options from 300 to 1200 TPD depending upon your preferences. When the control knobs are touched a backlit LCD screen lights up for 10 seconds.
  • This watch from WOLF 457356 roadster triple is an excellent choice for people who are looking for something different and spacious but with a beautiful design.

This watch winder can accommodate up to 3 Rolex watches and gives you multiple settings to choose from, and makes sure that your dear watches are safe, accurate, and are as comfortable as possible. It is expensive than the other watch winders from the heritage series as it has additional settings, but definitely, it is worth the price.   

What We Like
  • This watch winder can run on batteries or while it is plugged in.
  • The black-lit LED lights up for 10 seconds while guide you while you are setting the winder.
  • The 3-rotational options in the watch winder come with different turning options.
  • The watch winder has patented technology for its rotation.
  • The design of the watch winder is classy and formal.
  • The watch winder has a sleek aesthetic complemented with a wood veneer design.
What We Don’t Like
  • In the beginning, it may be difficult to use because of its multiple settings options.
  • The cuff size of the watch winder is too big as it accommodates large watches.

WOLF Roadster 4 Piece Watch Winder with Cover, Black

This watch winder from WOLF 459159 ROADSTER only differs in the fact that it offers four watch winders and saves storage space by its rectangular shape.


  • Singularly, it is powered by AC power; when you tweak upon the control knobs, it will back lit up the LCD up for 20 seconds.
  • It proudly displays its patented WOLF technology which makes sure that your ROLEX watches are protected.

The individual options of the watch winders can be tweaked to create 57 settings.

What We Like
  • The cover of the watch winder is made out of black leather.
  • The interior of the watch winder is made out of wood, and the finish is beautiful.
  • The watch winder is programmed to turn 300 to 1200 turns per day in a clockwise, bi-directional, and counter-clockwise direction.

WOLF Roadster 6 Piece Watch Winder with Cover, Black

This watch winder from WOLF 459256 ROADSTER offers you the space to store up to 6 ROLEX watches, and it is heavy when it comes to showing off your collection.


It is only powered by an AC connection and comes with a backlit LCD that lights up when you use the winder, and it remains lit for 20 seconds.

If you have large timepieces, then you can accommodate them and lock them at their places comfortably.

For flexibility it has 57 programmable combinations, the only way in which the WOLF 459156 ROADSTER differs from the four watch winders is that it removes the storage space by having a rectangular shape.

Additionally, it offers you the patented WOLF technology which will ensure the quality of winding and gives comfort to your ROLEX timepieces.

For flexibility, it offers you the individual option to create 57 personal programming options.

What We Like
  • The watch winder is externally covered with black leather.
  • The interior of the watch winder is made out of wood, and the finish is beautiful.
  • The watch winder can be programmed up to 300 to 1200 turns in a day, in a bi-directional, clockwise, and counterclockwise direction.

Orbita Sparta Bold Black Single Watch Winder

This watch from Orbita Sparta bold single watch winder is a watch winder for people who have purchased their first Rolex watch; this entry-level watch winder offers a good start off point and reference to your first watch.


As Orbita pays attention to their detailing and aesthetics, this watch winder displays the potential and showcases the beauty of your ROLEX watch.

The design of the Orbita Sparta bold is classy and modern; the modern look of the Orbita comes from the aesthetics that are brought up by the playful sloped rectangular design giving ROLEX its attention.

The color scheme of the watch winder is monotonous which gives it a classy look and also adds a character and emphasizes your ROLEX watch, which you only want to feature.

  • For the mechanism, the Orbita Sparta bold boasts its innovations for the movement it gently swigs rather than rotating by mimicking the normal movement of the wrist; the built-in microprocessor activates a servo motor that swings for many oscillations.
  • The programmable switch which comes with it has a winding cycle for either 15 or 10 minutes.  This watch winder from Orbita Sparta bold single is a unique choice for all of the people who want modern equipment to display and protect their favorite Rolex watch.

The settings of this watch winder are basic but are more than enough for an entry-level watch winder; it can fit into many sizes. Therefore, the size of your ROLEX doesn’t matter whether it is large or small.

The motion of the winder makes the watches comfortable and provides them with stability by minimal shaking for the safety of watching.

What We Like
  • The watch winder can run on batteries or while it is plugged in.
  • The watch winder utilizes gravity for the swinging and for saving battery.
  • The options of the watch winders are programmable.
  • The watch winder for its movement uses the patented technology.
  • The design of the watch winder is compact and lightweight.
  • It fits in even formal places and casual settings.
  • The design of the watch winder is classy and has a unique and attractive look.
What We Don’t Like
  • The watch winder doesn’t have any protective cover.
  • There is a lack of detail that is not appreciated by most of the users.
  • The design of the watch winder is not heavy which makes it more prone to imbalance the heavy timepieces.

Orbita Sparta 2 Watches Winder In Bold Black

This watch winder from Orbita Sparta 2 watch winder is almost similar to the single counterpart of it; the only difference between them is it can give homage to two timepieces whereas the other can give homage to only one timepiece.orbita-sparta-bold-black-single-watch-winder-review

This watch winder can support different sizes of the watch, and it can easily swing in 10 or 15-minute settings with 900-950 turns per day and 750 turns per day.

Orbita Insafe Watch Winder Black 6

This watch winder from Orbita in safe watch winder differs from both of the above mentioned


Watch winders in terms of the number of timepieces it can accommodate;

It can accommodate up to 6 watches and the interior color scheme is the same.

If you hold a long collection then this can work superbly for you as it will keep your beloved collection safe for long terms storage.

The interior of the watch winder is black and gives more of a formal style and this is the complete monotonous focus of the watch winder.

Sparta Insafe Four Watch Winder By Orbita Model W21500

This watch winder from Sparta in safe four-watch winder Orbita model W21500 is a sophisticated and elegant watch winder that exudes luxury along with its rectangular shape and bi-color scheme.


You can free-minded keep your four precious Rolex timepieces, and it will perfectly fit your timepieces in the display that they will stay in their allocated spaces.

The design of this watch winder is sophisticated and formal as it is a black rectangular box that can store up to 4 timepieces two on the top and two on the bottom.

The bi-color scheme makes the watch winder good and provides you with a lot of settings wherever you can place it, the exterior of the watch winder is colored in the black vinyl finish, and the interiors have a soft cream suede finish, these colors emphasize the beauty of the Rolex watches that are featured in it.

The primary aim of the watch winder is to keep the Rolex watches accurately for a longer period. This watch winder itself works well for over a few years with the batteries by making it perfect for storing your timepieces for a longer period.

There is a main switch to regulate overall operations and the several ones for the four winding modules.

What We Like
  • This watch winder can stand using a pedestal or can be wall–hung by removing the pedestal.
  • The batteries of the watch winder have 5-year lithium batteries.
  • The watch winder utilizes gravity for the swinging motion and for saving batteries.
  • The options of the watch winder are programmable.
  • The watch winder uses patented technology for the movements.
  • The watch winder fits perfectly informal places as it has an elegant design.
  • The watch winder can be placed on the storage for a long duration of time.
  • This watch winder is a sophisticated and formal watch winder.
What We Don’t Like
  • The watch winder doesn’t have any protective cover.
  • This watch winder can only be used along with batteries.

For How Long You Can Keep a Rolex Submariner on a Watch Winder?

The Rolex submarine is one of the popular timepieces, which is used by most diving enthusiasts; this watch has 3135 calibers, a bi-directional motor that probably requires at least 650 turns per day.

As we have mentioned above most of the watch winders can offer 750 turns per day, which is more than is required by a Rolex submarine.

This clearly means that daily winding is sufficient for timepieces, but we will recommend winding the watch to the nearest turns that are required by the watch by doing extra you will cause wear and tear to the Rolex Submariner watch.

To avoid any harm to the submarine you need to set the turns per day of the winder close to the turns required by the submarine, till the time you will keep this point in mind it is assured that your watch will not be harmed. It is good to know that you can never overwind a ROLEX watch because of the slip clutch that protects the mainspring.  

Is the Wolf Design Good Watch Winder for Rolex?

Rolex is the brand that takes pride in itself as a reputable and luxurious watch brand, WOLF is similar in these terms, as this product offers you the best value and satisfactory quality of the products which they make meticulously.

  • They put their technological innovations and elegant aesthetics together to create luxurious accessories that are perfect to fit on the luxury timepiece of Rolex.
  • From the past 180 years and more than five generations, the WOLF has continued to lead the way of modern innovations and holds a premier name in luxury jewelry accessories, watch boxes and watch winders.

This watch winder compliments the qualities of Rolex, as an elegant watch brand. When they are coupled together, they look elegant, luxurious, and classy and go perfectly with each other.

How Do I need to Set my Watch Winder for Rolex?

To be fully wound the watch requires a minimum of 650 turns per day which roughly means 27 turns per hour, the most of the watch winders need to be set at 750 turns per day the turns for the setting is around this for most of the timepieces.

Most of the manufactures of the watch winders make one common mistake that is they wind their watches incorrectly which results in not fully winding the Rolex, the best way to maximize the winding of your watch is that first, you need to wind the watch manually before putting it in the machine by doing this the watch will be again winded up by the winder. Then you can leave the watch alone.

Is ORBITA Watch Winder Good for Rolex? Trusted?

Rolex continues to do further research, development, and innovation as it adapts to the current demands of the people as time advances whereas, Orbita is a young name in the world of a watch winder, but it has proven itself and gives a tough competition to other watch winder brands.

  • Together it combines a robust youth and the thirst for innovation and creates the watch winders to meet the needs; it creates winders for delicate and luxurious timepieces such as from the ROLEX.
  • Orbita was founded in 1996 in North Caroline and was a young competitor to watch winder products at that time. They have done excellently in their development and research which has put them forward in every aspect as the most luxurious watch winder brands.

They have given most of their importance to detailing and gentle operations which are important for delicate timepieces from Rolex; they have an attractive design and looks that make them pleasing for the eyes to watch.