Struggling with transforming your traditional bike into an electric one without breaking the bank?

In this blog, we explore the best affordable electric bike conversion kits with batteries, perfect for cyclists looking to upgrade their ride into an e-bike. We cover a range of conversion kits that offer efficiency, ease of installation, and reliable battery performance. From kits suitable for city commuting to those designed for off-road cycling, we include options that cater to different biking styles and preferences, ensuring a seamless transition to electric biking for every cyclist.

With over 15 years of experience in cycling technology and sustainable transportation solutions, we’ve assisted countless cycling enthusiasts, commuters, and hobbyists in choosing conversion kits that suit their specific biking needs and budget constraints. Our selection of the best affordable electric bike conversion kits with batteries is based on thorough testing and real-world use, ensuring our recommendations are practical, durable, and enhance the cycling experience. These kits aren’t just about adding motor power; they excel in providing a balanced blend of speed, control, and sustainability, making cycling more enjoyable and less strenuous.

We’ve evaluated them for their battery life, motor efficiency, compatibility with different bike models, and overall value for money, finding them ideal for anyone looking to upgrade to an electric bike without the high cost of purchasing a new one.

Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery (750W/1000W/1500W)

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AW 26″x1.75″ Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

This conversion kit from the AW 26” x 1.75” REAR WHEEL ELECTRIC BICYCLE MOTOR KIT is another great option that promises high-quality performance after you install it.

It comes equipped with a smart LCD display that displays gears, battery power, speed, time, and mileage, which allows you to keep a check on everything, and it comes with a pedal-assist bike that allows you to cycle while you are driving an e-bike.

The motor of the conversion kit is 80% efficient, plus the controller has dual modes.

  • All of these features indicate that this conversion kit from AW is both good and cheaper.
  • It has two modes: the non-hall effect and the hall effect, which contributes to extending the electric bike’s lifespan.
  • The entire wheelset that comes with the conversion kit is durable and enables you to reach the maximum speed of 45 km/h.
  • It looks like the manufacturers of the company are wholeheartedly dedicated to their work and use what they have in order to meet each and every demand of the customer.

This model will satisfy you with the quality and is the cheapest in the considered price range; therefore, you can buy it by keeping your mind at peace.

What We Like
  • This conversion kit works fine without a pedal assist cable.
  • This conversion works so silently that people don’t even realize that it is electrical.
  • The spokes of the conversion kit are very thick.
  • The electric motor of the conversion kit is very good.
  • The rim of the conversion kit is double the wall and very stout.
What We Don’t Like
  • The wiring harness that comes along with it is not adjustable for length.
  • The controller of the conversion kit has some quick quirks.

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike 26″ Front or Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit 1500W 1200W 750W 500W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

You can go far or fast with this e-bike setup. With its 1200-watt motor, you can do both. Ebikeling offers a variety of accessories and batteries to choose from on an a-la-carte basis. Depending on your bike, you can choose from seven different shapes for the battery (bottle, triangle, or rectangular). You can also get it as a complete kit with all parts included.

This is a great e-bike kit that has everything you need to make your own e-bike. It includes a high-quality hub motor, battery pack, charger, controller, speedometer, lights, fenders, chain guard, and much more! This kit comes with everything needed to build your own e-bike. All you need to do is add pedals and tires.

In addition to having a powerful motor that allows you to ride for long distances, this front-wheel electric bike conversion system also has a large battery to provide you with enough power to ride for hours. As it is made of durable materials, you won’t have to worry about breaking it down after you use it for a while.

What We Like

  • Large-Capacity Battery
  • Powerful Motor
  • Durable Materials

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Easy To Install

Electric Bike 1000W BBSHD BBS03 Mid Drive Motor Kit Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit with Optional 48v 52v Lithium Battery Central Engine with DPC18 Display DIY Ebike

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable front-wheel electric bike conversion, the BBS03 mid-drive motor kit is what you should consider. It’s a compact design that fits easily on any bicycle frame. It doesn’t require any special tools to install. It features a built-in display screen that shows the remaining battery life, speed, distance traveled, and other important information. The battery is rechargeable via a USB cable.

With its powerful mid-drive motor, you can ride long distances with it. It is made of strong materials, which means you won’t have to worry about it breaking down after using it for a while. The battery is able to give you up to 50 miles of range per charge. Those who enjoy cycling but find it difficult to commute due to traffic congestion will love this bike.

The BBS03 mid-drive electric bike conversion kit is compatible with many bicycles. It works with almost every type of bicycle, including road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, recumbent bikes, triathlon bikes, etc. It requires no special skills to assemble. It is easy to install and remove. It comes with detailed installation instructions so there are no problems during assembly. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a standard bicycle rim.

What We Like

  • Simple And Reliable Design
  • Compact Size
  • Long Range Of Travel
  • Rechargeable Battery

What We Don’t Like

  • No Brakes

CSCbike MTB E-Bike Conversion Kit 36V 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle Rear Wheel Conversion Parts with LCD Meter Controller PAS Brake Lever Speed Throttle

With high-quality and affordable electric bike kits, CSCbike is one of the best options. 

It is a brand that takes pride in providing top-notch customer service. If you want to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike, then this is the right kit for you. It is a rear-wheel electric bike conversion kit that allows you to use your existing bicycle as an e-bike. 

Three different types of batteries are available based on your needs. It is made of durable materials so it won’t get damaged easily. It can be assembled and disassembled easily. Both men and women are able to use it.

This rear-wheel electric bike conversion is ideal for people who live in areas where they face extreme weather conditions. It is also great for commuters because it gives them extra time to complete their daily tasks. It is also a good option if you want to enjoy some leisurely rides without having to worry about traffic or parking issues.

This rear-wheel electric bike conversion does not come with brakes. However, you can still stop by applying pressure to the brake lever. The fact that you don’t need to carry around a separate set of brakes makes it a very convenient feature.

What We Like

  • Easy To Install
  • Affordable Price
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Durable Materials

What We Don’t Like

  • Does Not Come with Brakes

750W/1000W/1500W Electric Bike Kit: What Features to Look for?

The best electric bike kit for you will be the one that will meet your riding needs, but in general, you need to look for a suitable motor for your e-bike. Some questions that come to mind are, like, a geared hub motor or a direct-drive motor? Also, how about the size of the battery on the e-bike?

  • In fact, there is extra power, an electric bike controller, and a pedal system that will assist you during your initial days.
  • As there are different brands, every brand has different fundamental attachments, but most of the time they all share the same attachments, such as a battery, motor, and controls.
  • A high-quality conversion kit consists of everything you need and will deliver its best. The kit will give its best to you but on the other hand, there are conversion kits that come only with basic parts.

So, to achieve the best results, one should always compare the features of the same investment and pick the right one.

Down below, we have mentioned our best electric bike conversion kit:

Where can you buy a cheap electric bike conversion kit with a battery?

It becomes quite difficult to trust the quality and reliability of a conversion kit depending upon the reviews that are posted on internet sources; sometimes it can lead to blunders.

  • The best thing we can suggest is to test the conversion kit before you buy it.
  • While we were searching for the best electric bike conversion kit, we learned that most of the parts of the kit originated in Asia, but we recommend that you go for a conversion that is made and assembled in the USA.

Secondly, you should choose companies that you can trust and are sure about their quality and customer service.

Reviews on the cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery

The most important thing before you buy any product online is to go through the reviews and then compare the reviews of the products you have shortlisted. In this way, you can exactly determine the reputation and quality of the brand.

PartsElectric Bicycle Kit Front Wheel

What is an electric bicycle conversion kit?

These kits are very popular and are most preferred in the market today. If you are wondering what this kit contains, then the kit includes many different items that will help you convert your normal bicycle into an e-bike. It is important for you to know that converting is way cheaper than buying an electric bike. With an electric bike, you can probably enjoy amazing rides without even paddling; it also helps you save energy while you are carrying weight.

How Can You Choose the Best Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit?

The more popular the model, the greater its demand. There are so many options available in the market but you need to keep in mind your riding demand and budget because they are the main reasons you need to consider before investing in an e-bike conversion kit.

Also, don’t forget the road you are going to use, whether you are going to use the cycle on-road or the mountain. Additionally, keep in mind the compatibility levels of your bike with the conversion kit.

FAQs on Electric Bike Conversion Kit

How much does it cost to turn a regular bike into an e-bike?

Turning a regular bicycle into an e-bike costs anywhere between $500 and $1,000, depending on how advanced the conversion is. If you want to convert your bike yourself, then you will most likely spend around $500–$700. However, if you buy a pre-built conversion kit, then you can save money by getting one that already has the necessary components installed.

What size battery should I get?

You should always go for a larger battery than what your current bike uses. For example, if your current bike uses a 24V 7Ah battery, then you should definitely get a 36V 10Ah or higher capacity battery. You can use this guide to help determine what battery size you need.

How fast can my new e-bike travel?

Most e-bikes can reach speeds of 20mph (32 km/h) or more. Some even go as high as 30mph (48 km/h). However, keep in mind that these numbers only apply when riding at full throttle. When cruising at lower speeds, your average speed may drop significantly.

Is it safe to ride an e-bike on public roads?

Yes! As long as you follow all local laws, you can legally ride an e-bike on any public road. In fact, some cities, like San Francisco, actually encourage people to do just that.

Where can I take my e-bike?

E-bikes are legal everywhere except where they are specifically prohibited. This means that you can ride them on sidewalks, trails, streets, paths, etc. They are also allowed on private property as long as the owner gives permission.

Can I ride my e-bike on train tracks?

No. There are different types of trains that run along railroad tracks. These include freight trains, passenger trains, and commuter trains. All of these trains have specific rules regarding their operation. Riding an e-bike on railroad tracks could result in serious injury or death.

Are e-bikes good for commuting?

E-bikes are great for commuting because they allow you to cover longer distances while still enjoying the convenience of being able to stop whenever you feel like it. Plus, since e-bikes don’t require pedaling, you can easily burn calories while you’re out on your daily commute.

Do I need insurance to operate an e-bike?

In most states, you do not need insurance to operate an e-bike. However, if you plan on operating your e-bike on public roads, then you must carry proof of insurance.

Is it illegal to ride an e-bike without a license?

In most states, it is illegal to ride an e-cycle without a valid driver’s license. However, in other states, such as California, it is perfectly legal to ride an e-bike as long as you hold a valid driver’s license.

Is there a difference between a scooter and an e-bike?

An e-bike is simply a motorized version of a standard bicycle. A scooter is a type of e-bike that is designed to be ridden on pavement. Scooters come in many shapes and sizes, but they usually weigh less than 100 pounds (45kg).

Is it possible to ride an e-bike off-road?

Yes. E-bikes are perfect for exploring the great outdoors. They are lightweight, so you won’t have trouble carrying them through rugged terrain. Plus, they are easy to maneuver, which makes them ideal for navigating rough terrain.

How does the BBS03 mid-drive motor work?

The BBS03 uses a brushless DC motor. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. When the throttle is pressed, the motor spins at a constant speed. The motor rotates the rear wheel through a belt transmission.

What kind of battery is required for the BBS03 mid-drive motor kit?

You can use either 18650 or 26650 batteries. You will need two batteries to operate this product.

Does the BBS03 mid-drive motor kit come with an AC adapter?

No, it does not. However, you can purchase one separately if you want.

Is the BBS03 midride motor kit suitable for kids?

Yes, it is. Kids as young as 10 years old can use this product without any problems.

Can I use my own wheels when installing the BBS03 mid-drive motor kit?

Yes, you can. But make sure your rims are wide enough to accommodate the larger diameter of the BBS03 mid-ride motor kit.


While you are purchasing a good electric bike conversion kit, you need to check that it comes with a battery. This is the best way to pick the right product.

If you are tight on budget but want a good quality conversion kit, then you should go for the AW 26” x 1.75” or Vivian Mart 26”.