how to convert bicycle into electric bicycleThe number of people getting e-bike fever is increasing daily in the world and it’s obvious to see why electric bikes are rapidly gaining popularity. Adding an electric bike to an existing bicycle is a DIY option that many people use, as opposed to purchasing a ready-made bike. You will learn exactly how to make an electric bike in this article.

In order to transform a regular bicycle into an electric bike, you will need to follow a few steps that can look complex if you lack the required resources. We have broken down each step in this article to make the conversion as easy as possible for you.

Choosing what type of e-bike to purchase is the first step towards converting your bicycle. There are three types of cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery you can choose from: pedal assist, throttle assist, and speed assist. There are some differences in each of the e-bike types, regardless of how the process of converting a bicycle to an e-bike looks.

Assistive pedals

The electric bike market is dominated by pedal-assisted e-bikes. In order to ride this bike, the rider pedals it as if it were a normal bicycle. In contrast, while the rider pedals, the motor in the bike provides a boost to the power transmitted to the wheels, resulting in faster speeds and a reduction in pedal effort.

Assist with the throttle

E-bikes with throttle assist work more like motorcycles or scooters where the rider doesn’t need to pedal. By contrast, the bike is propelled by a motor that is throttled. People prefer to use throttle assistance e-bikes over pedal-assist technology even though they are not as popular.

Speed pedal

Like the pedal-assist bike, the speed e-bike is powered by electricity. As suggested in the name, this bike has a higher running speed when pedaled, allowing it to run faster. E-bikes are often considered motor vehicles by many communities and countries, and are therefore often required to carry a license.

Each of these types of electric bikes requires a different process to convert your bicycle.

Before you convert your bike, here are some things to consider

Take a moment to consider these questions before converting your bike into an electric one.
A few factors must be considered when successfully converting your bicycle into an e-bike, such as the type of e-bike you desire, the type of engine, the style of the bike, the battery type for the electric bike, and how the e-bike will be used.

What design would you like for your electric bike?

You can select an electric bike from three different categories, as we just discussed. If you’re considering purchasing an e-bike, you should study its features and determine what type of bike will meet your needs.

When it comes to electric bicycle motors, what factors do you consider?

Electric bikes have motors that enable their bicycle pedals to move the bike or assist it when pedaling. Motors for e-bikes come in different types. You can make informed decisions if you distinguish between these types of motors.

E-bike motors come in the following types:

The motor is often mounted at the front or back of the bicycle. Depending on which wheel of the bike is being driven, this motor powers the front or rear wheel. It is classified into two types of e-bike motors, which are motors for the front hub and motors for the rear hub.

Motors for bicycles with mid-drive are usually located around the engine area of the bike. Instead of the bicycle’s wheels, it drives the chain, which is much more effective at distributing weight across the bicycle and carrying heavier loads.

What will you do with your e-bike?

Plan how you plan to use your bicycle before converting it into an electric one. What are your plans for the e-bike after it is converted? From commuting to work to going hunting, to riding uphill, to just relaxing, there are many reasons people want an electric bicycle. Be sure to determine the purpose of your e-bike before converting it.

E-bikes come in a variety of styles, what is your favorite?

Choosing an appropriate style to convert your bicycle is important. The style you choose should match your personality.

Converting Your Bicycle To An E-Bike: What You’ll Need

Here, we will cover everything you need to convert a bike.
Several items are required for an e-bike conversion to be successful.


In order for an e-bike to move, the motor needs power from the e-bike battery. Often, these components are rechargeable and can be purchased separately. E-bike batteries are, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of converting your bicycle into an electric one.


A motor on an e-bike helps to move the bike by converting the energy provided by the battery into energy to assist the pedal or to move the bike. There are different types of e-bike motors and you should choose according to the type of e-bike you want for yourself.

An interface to control

Control panels are displays that allow you to see and monitor how much energy your e-bike is consuming. You can adjust your e-bike by using this component. It shows you important information about how the bike works.

To get started, grab your toolbox after you’ve collected these components.

How-To Guide

Your bike is now ready for conversion.

Get your supplies together in Step 1

Start by gathering the supplies (listed above). As well, collect your bike for conversion. Prepare the bike for conversion by ensuring that it is in good shape.

Step 2: Make the donor bike

Donor bikes are bicycles you’ll convert into electric bikes. In order to ensure durability, it is essential to obtain a sturdy donor bike for this process. Any issues with the donor bike can be addressed at this point, and it may even need to be repainted if necessary.

Installation of the motor

Once the bike is prepared, the motor can be installed. Use the instruction manual that comes with the motor to install it. Make sure to follow the motor installation instructions exactly or you might damage it.

The Switches Must Be Installed

Adding the switches to an e-bike is the next step after installing the motor. Your donor bike’s handlebar clamps need to be removed for this step.

It can be tough to remove the bike’s handlebar clamps, but there is a way around it. Start by prying the clamps open with a screwdriver, then pour some soapy water inside the newly created space.

To remove these grips, wiggle them around with pliers until they come off.
Make sure you check the location where the switches will be installed before you remove your old gear shifters.

When the switches are installed, lengthen the wire as far as possible back to the motor. Attach the zip ties to the motor frame after attaching the wires.


Put the battery box in place now. A battery cover will provide protection against the elements. You can create your own box by following these steps.

Determine the size and material of your battery

Battery size and type should be determined. Based on the size and type of frame you prefer, you will decide which one is best for you. Wood, plastic, and metal can all be used for frame materials.

Measurements should be taken

The following step is to determine how big your box needs to be on your bike frame. Ensure that the battery can fit easily into the box by making it larger.

Batteries should be placed inside the box

You will need to drill holes according to your measurements on the frame. You must screw your battery into the holes once you have placed it in your box. It should be strategically positioned so it will not interfere with you when you ride your bike. You will need to cut an opening in the battery box so that you can pass the battery wires through and install the wires.

Battery installation:

Connect the battery cable and make any necessary adjustments after setting up everything for the battery installation. Foam or other materials can be used to line the battery box for insulation.

Check Your Work

It’s time to put your bike through its paces now that it’s been converted. Adjustments may be needed if necessary.

Assuming that everything goes well, you will have converted your bicycle by yourself into an electric bike!

You should make sure that all your bike components are properly connected before riding your newly converted e-bike. If you discover any problems, please check the above steps.

A certified e-bike technician can diagnose and repair the problem for you.


It is becoming increasingly popular for people to own electric bikes as they discover their environmental and personal benefits. The process of converting bicycles is not always simple for bike owners. We have covered every aspect of converting your bicycle to an e-bike in this article. Additionally, all of this can be done by you alone! Don’t waste time wishing. Instead, start converting.