Struggling with finding a compact yet feature-rich TV?

In this blog, we provide an in-depth review of the Hisense 32H5500F, a 32-inch Android TV that stands out for its smart features and affordability. Ideal for smaller spaces or as a secondary TV, this model offers decent picture quality and user-friendly functionality. We’ve thoroughly evaluated its performance to guide you in choosing a practical and budget-friendly television option.

Whether you’re a college student in need of a dorm room TV or someone looking for a bedroom or kitchen set, this detailed review aims to guide your decision-making process.

Hisense 32-Inch Android TV Review 2024


With a half-inch flat frame, glossy black bezels, a rounded silver bottom edge, and black plastic side bezels, the 32H3 has an attractive design. Its bottom bezel contains the Hisense logo in the center and a small bump on the left side of the bezel that holds the remote sensor. This set of silver-colored chairs rests on silver-colored legs that are shaped like U shapes. The Hisense 50H8C has a similar design to its bigger brother, despite its larger screen and Smart TV capabilities.

  • Controls for the channels, volume, and power are included on the TV’s control pad. It comes with HDMI, USB, RF, component, composite, and optical ports, as well as two USB ports. This is about what you’d expect from a basic set, but the mounting holes are a bit awkward.
  • This box is flat, small, and 7 inches wide. Because the buttons are close together, there is no backlighting on them. A large, distinct direction pad is, on the other hand, easy to locate with your thumb. Moreover, the pad is attractive and easy to find.
  • A replacement can be purchased separately if the included one is lost. HESENSE EN-KA92 TV Remote Control.


Hisense’s 32H3B1 is an affordable, entry-level TV set. Both models do not offer dimming features. Both TVs do not support 3D. Both televisions do not have any clever features. Given its low resolution and small dimensions, you shouldn’t expect 1080p HD. A few shadows and greens on the 32H3 are washed out, but all the other colors on the set are recognizable.

The Amazing Spider-Man has an impressive picture output; the colors are pleasing and the picture is sharp. However, the black levels are a bit behind those on the TCL 32S3800, despite the alley scenes being blotted out.

Input Lag

Among 32S3800 monitors, the TCL 32S3800 has a better input lag than its competitors at 52.7 milliseconds, although its display lag is 29.3 milliseconds. Changing to the game mode will reduce input lag, but the overall picture quality will suffer. There is no advantage to this trade-off.

Power Consumption

Under normal circumstances, the 32H3B1 would consume approximately 29–30 watts, according to Hisense. The consumption drops to 24 watts when the screen is set up for viewing in low-power mode.

  • A low-resolution panel and its size are not surprising for an HDTV.
  • Under normal conditions, the 40-inch TCL 40FS3800 consumes 63 watts, but only 51 watts in Eco Save mode.

What We Like

  • Immersive sound is provided by 6-watt speakers and a DTS studio.
  • 120 frames per second minimizes picture lag.
  • A voice-activated remote is convenient and easy to use.

What We Don’t Like

  • Remote quality is average.

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FAQs: All About Hisense TVs

What is the life expectancy of a Hisense TV?

The typical lifespan of a contemporary LED TV, including Hisense models, is between 60,000 and 100,000 hours. However, the actual life expectancy can vary based on usage patterns, settings, and care. Typically, with moderate use of about 4-6 hours a day, a Hisense TV should last 10–15 years.

Is a Hisense Smart TV worth it?

Hisense Smart TVs often offer good value for the price. They come equipped with a variety of smart features and decent picture quality for their price range. For consumers seeking budget-friendly options without sacrificing too much on features, Hisense Smart TVs can be a worthy consideration. However, one should always compare models and reviews before making a purchase.

Is the Hisense 32-inch TV a smart TV?

Yes, the Hisense 32H5500F, as referenced earlier, is a smart TV. It offers streaming capabilities and a range of pre-installed apps, making it convenient for users to access their favorite content online.

Who is Hisense manufactured by?

Hisense is a Chinese company. It’s one of the largest television manufacturers globally and produces electronics and home appliances. The company was founded in 1969 in Qingdao, China.

What are the disadvantages of Hisense?

Some users have noted certain disadvantages with Hisense TVs when compared to top-tier brands:

  • Slightly inferior picture quality in some models.
  • The smart platform might not be as user-friendly or as fast as some competitors.
  • Limited advanced features in lower-end models.
  • Some users have reported durability issues over time, though this varies by model.

Is Hisense better than Samsung?

Both Hisense and Samsung have their strengths. While Hisense is often lauded for its affordable pricing and decent features, Samsung is recognized for its advanced technology, premium build, and superior picture quality, especially in its high-end models. Generally, Samsung TVs might offer better performance and longevity, but they also come at a higher price point. It comes down to individual preferences and budget constraints.


This Hisense 32H3B1 may lack certain features and have poor picture quality compared to other budget sets; nevertheless, it is a very capable budget set. Despite appearing undersaturated, the colors are quite accurate and acceptable, especially considering the price range. The luxurious design makes it appear more expensive, so you won’t see it in your guestroom as a cheap set.

The VIZIO 32-inch E32-C1 is our top choice in the budget television category, although the 32-inch TCL 32S3800 offers an overall better picture and smart features similar to those of the Roku TV. It offers the same features as Roku TV with a few nice upgrades, such as 1080p resolution, better contrast, and surprising color accuracy.