Flame Boss 500 WIFI Review – Best WIFI Control Thermostat 2022

Finding the best smoker controller is essential when you want to achieve the utmost perfection in your culinary skill.

You will come across multiple brands today featuring some advanced technology in their high-end gadgets and here, we are reviewing the Flame Boss 500-Wifi Smoker Controller.

Steaks, roasts, whole chickens, turkeys, or any kind of larger meat pieces can be cooked to perfection when you measure the internal temperature to check the doneness.

Hence, a meat thermometer makes one of the most essential kitchen appliances.

What a smoker controller does is that regulates the airflow to maintain a steady temperature when connected to your smoker.

A Wi-Fi grilling thermometer for a smoker controller is an advanced unit that ensures comfort and convenience while preparing meat recipes. You can control and adjust the temperature from your phone or tablet and switch to the ‘set it and forget it’ mode as the end result will be absolutely under your control.

Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller Kit Review

This smoke controller does much more than simply reading the cooking temperature to you. It is equipped with the best technologies to maintain the temperature for a long hour, even overnight. Hence, it is suitable for preparing meat recipes that take several hours.

Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller (Steel...
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Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller (Steel...
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  • EASY TO USE - Simple device configuration...
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Patented software and...
  • ONLINE DASHBOARD - View graphs of your cooks....
  • MEAT PROBES - Monitor up to 3 meat probes...

Benefits for Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can prepare different types of meat at the same time with this innovative gadget.

  • When you prepare two or three types of recipes, checking the temperature several times can create utter confusion.
  • Not anymore as this device records and presents information for each type of meat you are preparing.
  • Meat recipes that follow slow cooking, grilling, or smoking methods will be effortless once you get the Flame Boss 500.
  • All you need to do is connect this device to your smoker, adjust the temperature, and enjoy or leave for work.
  • For those having a busy schedule, this wonderful gadget will be the secret of effortless cooking.
  • Equipped with WiFi, this smoker controller allows you to monitor and adjust the smoker temperature from a remote distance.

You can monitor up to three different pieces of meat with this device. There is only one temperature probe and you can opt for extra probes since they are quite affordable.

This device provides easy maintenance that anyone can do. However, since it is not splash-proof or impact resistant, we recommend you keep it protected from wet or drops in the kitchen. Now, let us explain its specifications in detail.

What We Like
  • The large LCD screen of 1” x 2.5” with large-sized font read-outs for high convenience.
  • A variable-speed blower that ensures precise temperature control.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice command control.
  • 0 to 24-hour countdown timer that can be adjusted in 15-second intervals.
  • Smart lid detection abstains from kicking on the fan when the lid opens.
  • 6ft probe cables with cord organizer.
  • 4 individually programmable alarms, one for each of the 3 meat probes and one for the pit monitor.
  • A Keep Warm’ Mode that automatically adjusts the heat inside when food is ready.

What We Don’t Like

  • It only comes with one meat probe and you need to purchase others separately.
  • The casing is not splash-proof or impact-resistant.

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V1 Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Controller Kit

Ease Of Use

This smoker controller has a very simple configuration that anyone will understand. Featuring a larger LCD display with four lines, this one lets you read the information easily. You can monitor up to three meat temperatures through the display without the need for a Y-cable connection. There is no hassle in installation as well. As this device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to lend you voice command control, it makes all your work easier.

A smooth experience is expected from any product when the manufacturing brand provides you with uninterrupted customer support. Flame Boss, the manufacturer of the best wireless meat thermometer, ensures you the same. You can read the online reviews from the users to see how useful this device actually is.

Though the casing of this device is sturdy, it is not splash-proof or impact resistant. Hence, it is recommended to keep this smoker controller dry to ensure longevity. If it accidentally drops on the floor or gets wet in the kitchen, this device might get damaged beyond repair.

Going The Distance

As a WiFi-enabled smoker controller, this one lets you enjoy life to the fullest. Whether you have to leave for work or relax at home, no worry as long as you are connected to the device via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The online dashboard of this Flame Boss 500-Wifi smoker controller kit lets you view graphs of your recipes wherever you go. Not only monitoring temperature but also increasing, lowering, and turning off are possible with this amazing device. Also, you can connect it with any device that has a browser, and installing the app is not mandatory.

While at home, you can use a home router or a wireless Bluetooth connection to access this smoker controller without the internet. When you are at a remote distance, the cloud connection lets you stay connected and access this device with ease.

The Probes

There are three meat probes and one pit probe in this kit, which lets you monitor three pieces of meat simultaneously. Each probe in this kit has a 6-foot cable, which lets you connect the device to the smoker with a straight audio plug. There are four programmable alarms to indicate your meat has reached the desired doneness.


As the best Wi-Fi meat thermometer, it delivers excellent performance when it comes to accuracy and speed. Many users have tested this device on iced water and boiling water to see how accurate the readings are. Every time, the result is highly accurate since it matches with the other meat thermometers.

The advanced mechanism of this smoker controller updates temperatures at 1-second intervals. By doing so, it provides you a speedy reading of temperatures. A speedy and accurate reading ensures that your meat is succulent and nicely done.

The Remote Range

You can easily connect this device to Flame Boss’s servers by switching on your smartphone, tablet, or computer’s WiFi connection. It helps you to control your device using the internet.

Through a simple and advanced cloud connection, you can seamlessly adjust and monitor the temperature of your smoker from anywhere you wish. To stay connected, you only need an uninterrupted internet connection.


With Flame Boss 500, the Wi-Fi BBQ thermometer from Flame Boss handy, you can prepare perfectly smoked meats and bring them to the table without much effort.

As a compact kit, it includes a WiFi controller with blower and grill adapters, a high-temperature meat probe, a high-temperature pit probe, probe cord organizers, and a power supply.

So, say goodbye to the tedious process of constant monitoring and adjusting of air vents and coal temperatures. Now that you have read this review of the Flame Boss 500-Wifi Smoker Controller, go ahead and make the most of it.

If you have liked its features, shop online from the comfort of your home.

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