I wasn’t too familiar with slot car sets but to my surprise, they are a very cool source of entertainment and a pretty good idea for kids or even some adults.

Now, to be honest, some of them can get a bit pricey, so let’s take a look at some of the best slot car racing sets for adults are currently on the market and we here at Wgap.ws will help you pick out the best one for your taste and wallet, whether you are thinking about purchasing one as a gift or just grabbing one for yourself!

List of Best Slot Car Racing Sets for Adults 2023

AFX AFX21017 Giant (MG+) Set with Lap Counter


The AFX21017 is one of the pricier slot car race tracks currently on the marketing, costing about $275.00 on Amazon. The dimensions of the AFX21017 are 29.7 X 17.5 X 5.3 inches and weighs approximately 14 pounds. Those who purchase this particular model of slot car set can also purchase liquid bearings and tune-up kits to help with the upkeep of the cars and increase speed.


  • This particular track has three power settings – beginner, intermediate, and expert, which will be a perfect fit, no matter your skill level.
  • On beginner, you can floor it all the way around the track and it can be played with by kids as young as three.
  • On intermediate, it gets trickier to get around the more extreme curves, and on expert, you really have to know what you’re doing.
  • If you want a race track that makes it impossible to just fly off the track, then this will still work – just keep it on beginner!
  • It’s got two ways to set up the track – one is 3′ x 6′ – the other is 4′ x 8′. Either setup is fun; it’s just a question of how much space you have.


  • The controller cords that come with the AFX21017 are really short so you have to sit pretty close to the track while playing.

StarryBay 1/43 Scale Electric RC Slot Car Racing Track Sets


The StarryBay allows you to have fun with both family and friends – this model comes with two 1:43 scale electric RC race car track for toddlers, as well as two RC, Handles; there is a 359.4-inch long track that is ideal for two players (two cars come included with the StarryBay but you can certainly buy more if desired.

There are also numerous LED bulbs shinning colorful light that will add additional fun while racing. The StarryBay also comes with dual speed modes – low speed for practice and a more advanced speed for the more skilled racers.

There is some assembly required but you can also have fun doing this by setting up the track in a way that offers a challenge for even the most novices of players.


  • The StarryBay is perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift for kids and adults alike (because we like to have fun too!).
  • The two dual modes can provide various levels of excitement, as well as the various designs that you can make with the track during assembly.
  • It can also run on AA batteries, which can be a bonus if you do not have access to a power cord.


  • There are times when one, or both, of the cars, were delivered and not working at all or they would lose power only after a short time of play.
  • The traction of the track is also relatively poor, with the cars jumping the track almost 75% of the time, with even the most careful of racers.
  • Also, this particular model currently is not often on Amazon, but it may be available via other manufacturers.

Scalextric Fast and Furious Race Car Set, 1:32 Scale


The Scalextric offers “fast and furious” racing on an extended figure-of-eight circuit that features side swipe, leap and crossover sections; there are also additional special features, which include digital plug-ready, easy change pick-ups, mega traction, and durable cars, that as we said are plug ready and also can be converted for use with the digital range option in under sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Easy Fit Plug for your convenience.


  • This particular slot car set is the perfect choice for beginners and young kids (the durability of the cars is certainly a plus if you have little ones playing!).
  • The cars are also a fairly nice size, yet can still on track with ease; assembly of the track is also fairly easy and does not take much time to set-up, which is a bonus.


  • It seems to be some false advertisement with the Scalextric; the product description advertises a full race car SET, however, some individuals reported receiving only two individual cars when their order was delivered.
  • Also, this particular model currently is not often on Amazon, but it may be available via other manufacturers.

Carrera Go Power Grip Racing Set


The Carrera provides the ultimate racing experience, in a scale of 1:43; it includes two race cars (one Ferrari 458 GT2 and one Dodge Viper SRT) and can be configured into a figure eight track and are a part of the Go Series; you also have the ability to mix and match with various other Carrera Go Series themed fastest kids electric cars tracks, with the option to purchase support and track pieces for a flyover separately.

Carrera GO!!! GT Contest 1:43 Scale Electric...
295 Reviews
Carrera GO!!! GT Contest 1:43 Scale Electric...
  • Race like the pros with driving action as...
  • Get hooked on thrilling head-to-head race...
  • A perfect slot car set for beginner Racers -...
  • Exciting two-player and group activity -...
  • Expand your racing options for hours of fun -...


  • A perfect choice for little kids; both the track and the car are larger than most card slots, making it ideal for children and easy to play with.
  • Although the track is larger than most, the cars stay on relatively easy and do not fly off as easily; there is also a really cool lap counter that comes with it as well.


  • There is a lack of instructions that come with this particular track and even though the cars stay on the track fairly easily, they do not take well to the corners sometimes.
  • Also, this particular model currently is not often on Amazon, but it may be available via other manufacturers.

Max Traxxx R/C Tracer Racers Dark Remote Control Infinity Loop


The Max Traxxx will take your racing to the next level and comes with Tracer Racers High-Speed Remote Control that offers glow-in-the-dark racing for extra fun! The Tracer Racer racing cars feature undercarriage lights that not only make these cars look almost like they are hovering rather than rolling – the lights also leave glowing streaks in their wake showing how the racers are “burning” up the track (how cool is that)!

  • In addition to this, the remote-controlled Tracer Racer Cars can be driven at variable speeds with a top to-scale speed of 500 miles per hour; the cars can recharge by being plugged into the control, with only one set of 4 AA batteries for each charger are required (batteries not included).
  • Lastly, extra features include a glow-in-the-dark dual loop, 6 dual glow-in-the-dark corners, over 46 feet of glow-in-the-dark track, 2 R/C Tracer Racers, and 26 X-BLOX construction Brix, racing, in the light or the dark, will never be the same for you and the kids!

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  • The price is fairly reasonable, costing only about $120.00 on Amazon, with some cheaper options if you don’t mind purchasing a used slot car set.
  • Kids and adults alike will undoubtedly love this set, especially with it being relatively easy to assemble!


  • Although there is a quick response time from customer service, the cars may stop working only after a short period of time; there have also been some incidences where the pieces may be shorter than all of the others which can obviously be a huge issue when trying to assemble the track.

Carrera Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set – Comparison Table

Digital/Analog Analog Analog Analog
Battery/Electric Battery Battery / Upgradeable to Electric Electric
Track Scale 01:50 01:43 01:43
Car Scale 01:50 01:43 01:43
Additional Cars, Accessories, Track Parts Available
Age 3+ 5+ 8+
Max. Number of Drivers 2 2 2

FAQs on Best Slot Car Track for Adults

Carrera or Scalextric: Which is better?

It has a smaller radius turn and is much smaller than Scalextric Track. Because of this, it generally fits more tracks in a smaller area. Children and adults who are older can find large sets at Carrera.

In the United States, which track has the largest number of slot cars?

In an episode of Plum Pictures’ BBC series James May’s Toy Stories, James May (UK) and 300 volunteers built the world’s longest slot car track on 16 August 2009.

Scalextric car with the highest speed?

In June 2008, Dallas Campbell (UK) of The Gadget Show of Chatsworth, UK, controlled a Scalextric Honda F1 replica to a speed of 983.88 scale mph (1,583.4 scale kph). The scale MPH measurement is used to measure the speed of slot cars.

Slot cars are supposed to go fast, but how fast?

Races involving slot cars have a lot on the line. You can see grown men furiously soldering for 45 seconds in the video below. What follows is even more impressive. The mind cannot even comprehend what happens next. It takes these cars less than two seconds per lap to do 100 mph.

The skill is required to drive a slot car?

The driving skills required by slot cars, by contrast, rely primarily on intuitive understanding and familiarity with the vehicle. Slot car racing is challenging in part because the slot car emerges from the slot. Because the cars will fly off the track at full speed, slot cars cannot be driven on the entire track.


All in all, I would say that the slot car sets for adults that are not available on Amazon are probably not of the best quality, which could be why they are not currently offered so I may look into other brands of slot car sets, unfortunately.

It seems like the Max Traxxx may be your best bet compared to all of the other car slots reviewed above so I would place my bet on that one!