Looking to integrate a turntable with your Sonos sound system for a classic yet modern audio experience?

In this blog, we present the best turntables that are compatible with Sonos, catering to audiophiles who appreciate the warmth of vinyl records combined with the convenience of modern sound systems. We explore a selection of turntables, from those with built-in preamps to models known for their superior sound quality, including options that seamlessly connect with Sonos for wireless audio streaming.

With extensive experience in audio technology and home sound systems, we’ve guided numerous music lovers in merging traditional and contemporary listening experiences. Our team has meticulously tested these turntables with Sonos systems in various settings, ensuring they provide high-fidelity audio, ease of integration, and a satisfying listening experience for vinyl enthusiasts and modern audiophiles alike.

The Best Sonos Turntable Reviews of 2024

Pro-Ject T1 Turntable

Pro-ject T1 is a brilliantly crafted turntable that oozes premium quality at a highly affordable rate. This hi-fi record player is available in satin white, walnut, and high gloss finishes to meet your décor requirements. Additionally, you have a glass platter that enhances its appeal.

It has a straightforward approach and focuses on the arm’s quality, low vibration emission, or resonation to prevent any sound disruption. Hence, you receive the best sound quality for your Sonos speakers. It is a plug-and-play device to start streaming high-quality sound immediately.

What We Like

  • Premium-grade components.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Hi-fi audio.

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t come pre-tuned.

Buyer’s Feedback:

I love the natural sound of this rig, and it looks beautiful too. The clear, neutral sound it produces and how it captures a wider range of frequencies than my previous audio techniques continue to astound me. I would encourage those complaining about the lack of features to read the description before spending $500 on something. It is all manual, which means more work but also longer lifespans and fewer parts to break.

Audio-Technica Direct-Drive Turntable

If you’re looking to have more control over the sound quality output, this might be what is needed. This turntable has pitch control, a stroboscopic platter, and a speed indicator. There are three-speed settings available, and the platter is non-resonance aluminum built for durability and quality.

It is available in wired and wireless designs and comes with a wide range of connectivity options. The turntable is excellent for high stability and turns your vinyl record’s output into premium-grade digital audio. Hence, it is a perfect companion for your Sonos sound system.

What We Like

  • No disturbance from the platter
  • Extensive control for better sound output
  • Locking and adjustment systems for better stability and control
  • Available in wired and wireless choices

What We Don’t Like

  • No height adjustment for the tonearm
  • Doesn’t have a reverse play option

Verdict: This one is great for beginners who want better control and stability over hi-fi audio production. Average in price and remarkable in quality.

Buyer’s Feedback:

An excellent turntable for beginner audiophiles who want to upgrade their setup! It took me a little time to set it up (just to make sure I didn’t mess it up), but after that, it was so easy to use and maintain.

It’s great that I’m finally comfortable using a turntable, knowing it won’t mess up any of my more “mint” records. Listening to vinyl on a Crosley entertainment center or record player is very different from listening to vinyl on an Audio-Technica record player!

My friends in the music industry and musician community all recommended this model to me, and I am glad I did. It is also really nice that I don’t have to dive too deep into purchasing more equipment right now (the turntable comes with a phono preamp), so all that is really necessary is the turntable and some speakers. Excellent sound at an affordable price! I highly recommend it!

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable

Pro-ject debut has been one of the best-selling turntables across the globe. It has undergone consistent development and improvements to bring you the best audio quality. The new DC motor and efficient power supply manage to deliver performance.

Its new suspension system and elastomer material are usually found in high-end turntables. The revolutionary carbon fiber tonearm remains the ace in the hole for remarkable audio performance. Furthermore, it is available in more color options than a standard tonearm. Apart from conventional colors, it is available in yellow, red, green, purple, silver, and much more.

What We Like

  • The best entry-level turntable for Sonos.
  • Hi-fi performance that matches high-end turntables.
  • Upgradeable components for a future-proof investment.

What We Don’t Like

  • It requires you to start the record manually.
  • Doesn’t have a beginner-friendly setup.

Verdict: If you seek hi-fi audio quality with premium components, this could be a great choice. Consistent development and upgradable components make it an excellent investment if you want to gradually make this the best record player for Sonos.

Buyer’s Feedback:

For some time, I’ve been looking for a record player, and I’ve done a lot of research on Amazon as well as other vinyl and audiophile websites. Recently, I purchased a ProJect Carbon DC in piano black after doing a lot of research. First and foremost, it’s a beautiful, minimalist record player that matched my piano speaker set perfectly. The lack of “features” will frustrate many people, but it didn’t bother me. If you’re looking for a player with auto-return and other bells and whistles, you won’t get this. As soon as the package arrived, I was thrilled and had some vinyl ready for use. The warnings were true. Setting up does take a bit of time and effort.

The instructions aren’t great, so I resorted to a video on YouTube and that clarified a couple of setup issues. My excitement was squelched and I followed the instructions in the letter, but they weren’t very clear. Once I had assembled her, hooked her up to the ProJect amp I also purchased here, and plugged it into the receiver, I was ready to go. The first album on the platter was Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin, so I started the motor and listened to Custard Pie’s analog guitar opening.

After playing several classics from Black Sabbath to the Doors, I was in vinyl heaven after playing them for the first time in 25 years. It was love at first sound—so much warmer and richer than anything I’ve heard in 25 years! I felt as if I had discovered the music I had listened to for decades all over again. It’s a great entry-level player and I rate it 4.75 stars. I agree with the nitpicks several reviewers here have made, like the cheap felt mat.

As for the blue cartridge, I’m sure it sounds better than the stock red, but for now, I’m happy with the stock head. You can upgrade in the future, but don’t let that deter you from this player. This is a great mid-level player for $400 that will allow you to listen to music again the way it was meant to be heard!

Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Wireless Turntable

If you’re not much for the ‘authentic’ appearance, this could be a great choice. Here, you have the convenience of the latest technological advancements in turntables. This turntable from Audio-Technica comes with uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity. So you don’t need cords anymore, which is fantastic for your Sonos.

It doesn’t produce any distortion and has an entirely automatic function. Therefore, it is one of the best picks for your Sonos sound system, especially with its aptX codec and high-fidelity sound output. There are two-speed settings, minimized vibrations, and increased clarity with AC/DC conversion.

What We Like

  • Impeccable Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Two-speed settings.
  • Low resonance and higher clarity.

What We Don’t Like

  • Standard turntable choice without any extra features or components.

Verdict: If you want a clear choice without confusing features and considerations, you can select this turntable. It is an excellent choice for anyone who’s new to vinyl records or occasionally listens to them.

Buyer’s Feedback:

It’s a solid record player. The sound quality is good. The construction is solid. The best part: no problems with Bluetooth! There are some cheap Bluetooth devices with major problems implementing their technology. Not this bad boy!

The transmitter is strong. I didn’t test it under stress, but it works from one room to another. Connectivity never drops out, and even if my speaker isn’t in use, it stays connected. It was so easy to pair that I didn’t have to worry about it every time I wanted to listen. I was able to pair the devices in only a few seconds. It worked immediately.

Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable

You can think of this one as an improved version of the previous turntable on the list. It has improved tonearm design and application. The cartridge has seen Audio-Technica’s signature dual magnet phono cartridge. It comes with two speeds and provides hi-fi sound output.

The redesigned tonearm and headshell drastically reduce resonance and improve tracking. Overall, it is a well-balanced choice as the best turntable for the Sonos system. It is fully automatic, easy to use, and feasible for anyone looking for a standard vinyl record player.

What We Like

  • Very cost-effective.
  • User-friendly choice with accessible functions.
  • Improved performance.
  • Proper casing and other protective measures.

What We Don’t Like

  • Might require frequent syncing and calibration.

Verdict: This one’s a highly affordable choice for people who are new to turntables and don’t want to invest extensively. It is an excellent way to start your vinyl experience.

Buyer’s Feedback:

Although I gave it four stars instead of five due to the inadequate printed material included, this turntable appears to be a good value if it proves durable. During my extensive use over several days of the turntable, I found its automatic functions to be excellent; I was able to correctly place the tonearm at the beginning of vinyl records or 45 rpm disks and return it to its rest at the end of their playing time.

At this price, it’s hard to expect audiophile-quality sound, although high fidelity is certainly present. Only a link to the Web site is included with the unit, not a printed manual. There is an included “Quick-Start Guide,” which consists mainly of diagrams and would not have been sufficient without downloading the manual and reading the setup section. After doing that, setting up the system was pretty straightforward.

In the event that you don’t push the buttons in front gently enough, the entire unit will fall backwards. As far as I can tell, the speeds are accurate; I have not verified their precision.

Crosley Sterling Portable Turntable

Here you have a turntable that has a retro appeal that sets it perfectly as a timeless record player. It comes with a dial-type analog for pitch settings, and a wooden stand certainly makes it stand out. Despite its old-time appearance, it has all the modern additions, including Bluetooth, to work with your Sonos system.

However, to make it affordable, the performance has taken a little dive. Therefore, with a wooden design, it has more of a glued-on appearance. The leather and other finishes might not be impeccable to give a handcrafted appeal. Despite these drawbacks, it has steady, sound production and delivery.

What We Like

  • Vintage appeal and portability.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for Sonos.
  • Hi-fi sound production.

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t have a strong construct.
  • Standard turntable performance.

Verdict: If you want to set a vintage vibe with your vinyl record player, this is a good choice. Apart from that, it has a standard performance.

Buyer’s Feedback:

I love it. I love the retro look. I love how it looks in my living room. I like the retro transistor sound they provide, which is similar to what I would have heard back then. Sure, the speakers aren’t dynamic, but they sound great, as if they were made of old-school transistors. It has a very good needle and cartridge and is nostalgic-looking and sounding.

The pitch works great so if it’s spinning fast or slow, it can be adjusted. Toned arms and needles are criticized for damaging records because of their weight. When I put a magnet on my tonearm, it significantly lowered the pressure on the record. My magnet was round and unobtrusive (aesthetically) on my record player. Spin those records and enjoy them!

Pro-Ject Essential III

Here you have another commendable edition from Pro-ject. This sleek turntable is very lightweight and comes with an 8/6-inch aluminum tonearm with sapphire bearings. The DC-powered motor significantly reduces vibration. It has complete connectivity options, especially Bluetooth, and is available in aesthetically appealing colors.

The overall performance is well-balanced for a hi-fi audio output. It looks great with your home’s décor and delivers precise sound without any distortion. If you genuinely want to experience the quality of your Sonos system, this is a great choice.

What We Like

  • It works best in sync with the Sonos system.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing with a modern design.
  • Excellent sound clarity and delivery.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is a little too lightweight, so it requires some calibrations or adjustments.

Verdict: If you’re an audiophile who wants the best record player for Sonos that unleashes true sound quality, this works very well as an entry-level turntable.

Buyer’s Feedback:

This is a really good turntable. I hadn’t dealt with records since the early 1990s, but I wanted to get back into vinyl and for anyone looking for good sound at a good price, this turntable is it. So far, it’s been durable. There was one time where I re-racked the arm (pardon the terminology) and forgot to turn the turntable off (the rotating part) and it stayed on for a few days non-stop, didn’t break a sweat and continued to work as new.

I have zero buyer’s remorse for this turntable. The only nitpick I have about it is that the felt mat that it comes with should be replaced with a better mat. I understood why they did it, which was for cost savings purposes, which doesn’t bother me at all. I replaced the felt mat with the Electrohome Turntable Platter Mat (bought that on Amazon as well) and that did wonders for the sound.

The turntable didn’t sound bad with the felt mat, but upon replacing the felt mat, the sound became brighter and more defined. Comparing the two mats, the sound was flatter with the felt mat. There are a gazillion different mat options out there and that is something you should factor in when purchasing this turntable.

Pro-Ject Debut Record Master

This is yet another brilliant ‘debut’ version from Pro-ject that looks aesthetically pleasing and delivers excellent sound quality. If you wanted a wooden finish and a more compact design than the previous debut model, this is a great choice and falls under the same price category.

It is easy to set up and has a minimalist design. Therefore, even a beginner can use this player. Most of its performance is automatic, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Quality is the primary focus of this turntable. Hence, you have a lack of adjustments, locks, and other similar features.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and pleasing model.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • All the enhancements to debut models.
  • Seamless connectivity.

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks the extra features and settings that other turntables offer.

Verdict: If you want a hi-fi debut model with a simple appearance, this is the best turntable for Sonos. 

Buyer’s Feedback:

The Pro-Ject USB turntable is this year’s must-have. It’s gorgeous. As a longtime Pro-Ject fan, I love the USB version. I was using an ION TTUSB turntable with terrible skip problems. The Pro-Ject USB is a true pleasure. Thank you.

Sony Belt-Drive Automatic Turntable

Sony brings you a modern turntable with hi-fi sound and a minimalist design for straightforward operations and connectivity. You have a one-step start to enjoying your vinyl records anywhere, anytime. It comes with two-speed settings and has built-in switchable photo output with three gain settings.

You have a high-grade performance from Sony, so you certainly have the best turntable for Sonos with this choice. It has both wired and wireless connections. The aluminum die-cast platter and straight aluminum pipe tonearm give low resonation and vibration with rich sound quality.

What We Like

  • Great value for money.
  • Easy setup.
  • Decent hi-fi sound quality.
  • Clear the Bluetooth connection.

What We Don’t Like

  • Buttons might be a little too stiff.
  • Wired connectivity is not as excellent as wireless.

Verdict: If you want Sony’s performance quality to pair up with your Sonos sound system, this is the best budget-friendly turntable for Sonos.

Buyer’s Feedback:

For a casual listener who isn’t a diehard audiophile, this was exactly what I was looking for in terms of a quality table without spending thousands and thousands. Several of the features on this table make it ideal for casual users and first-time users as well.

Following the steps yields perfect results, and the instructions are clearly worded with pictures. Setting up is extremely straightforward. As a result of the automatic system, it is easy to start and stop, and minimal intervention is required when it comes to placing needles, etc.

It is only necessary to touch the control arm if you need a specific track; otherwise, listening from start to finish can be done by simply pressing a button. You can get a great system for about $500; that’s still less than half the cost of some upper-mid-level tables that don’t sound that much better. It works great with matching Sony sound gear.

Audio-Technica Fully Manual Turntable

Audio-Technica has done it again, but this time you have a manual turntable. It comes with a preamp, tonearm life, and speed dial with opulence in aesthetics. You have complete protection and the features of a full-fledged turntable with entry-level pricing.

Audio-Technica brings you its signature carbon fiber additions that are prevalent in high-end units. It is a durable choice with crisp and high-definition sound quality, which works great for your Sonos home sound system, especially with Sonos Play 5. It is very precise in its functions and settings.

What We Like

  • Premium-level sound performance.
  • It works excellently with the Sonos sound system.
  • Precise controls and settings.
  • Best for the price.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not automatic.
  • Requires proper grounding.

Verdict: If you want the best record player for Sonos that is a medium-range investment with excellent availability of features, this is a fantastic choice. 

Buyer’s Feedback:

I purchased the wood look model, which is not wood; it’s just a wood “look” with a nice balance on it. The arm is easy to adjust. It appears to be solid and sturdy. I did not want to ship the component back because the glue failed or was missed. I am extremely satisfied with the product. The speed-adjusting knob was off when it arrived.

Best Turntable For Sonos of 2024: Buyer Guide

Are you still perplexed and seeking some guidance to find the best turntables for Sonos? Then this quick guide could help you consider the most vital factors in choosing the best record player for Sonos:

  1. Connectivity Option: The first and most crucial consideration you have to make is the connectivity option. If the turntable doesn’t support connectivity for your Sonos, it will be useless. So take a good look at the connectivity.
  2. Hi-Fi Sound: High-fidelity audio is vital if you truly want to enjoy music with Sonos quality. Anything without hi-fi sound would be less than pleasant.
  3. Affordability: If you’re unsure about the need for a vinyl record player, you should look for entry-level turntables.
  4. Adjustments: Speed settings, pitch adjustments, and a counterweight for your tonearm could be some vital additions to the features that would help you with the playback.
  5. Automatic: If you don’t understand how turntables work and want optimized performance without much effort, automatic playback would be a better choice for you. It eliminates the need to make adjustments.
  6. Warranty: If you’re investing in a recorder, it should have at least a year-long warranty or guarantee due to its cost.

FAQs: Best Sonos Record Player

Is a tonearm an important piece?

The tonearm is responsible for connecting the player on your turntable to the vinyl record. It transmits the information from the recorder. Thus, it needs to be stable and fit well on the recorder. Too much weight or pressure can potentially damage or wear out your vinyl record.

If the tonearm is too light, it will reduce the sound output and quality. Ergo, having a counterweight or other adjustments for the tonearm could be a valuable addition.

What Is a Magnetic Cartridge for Turntables?

A phono cartridge is an indispensable component of your turntables. It transfers the voltage from your record to the player and converts it to music. There are two types of cartridges available in turntables: magnetic and coil.

Magnetics are very common and highly affordable and deliver a balanced performance. However, if you want impeccable sound quality, you might want a moving magnetic phono available on high-end turntables.

Does playback speed matter on turntables?

Higher playback speed means better quality of music but less playback time and fewer details. Lower playback speeds tend to produce lower sound quality. However, if you have an individual taste for music speed, then a speed setting for turntables might be an essential requirement for you.

How do I connect turntables to a Sonos sound system?

There are two options for connecting Sonos to your turntable. You can use the standard RCA method, which would require an amplifier.

However, if your turntable has a built-in amp (or Sonos), you might not require an amplifier. Similarly, if your Sonos system has Bluetooth and your turntable also supports it, you can use it to connect without any hassle.


These Sonos turntable reviews aim to deliver information, especially if you’re new to turntables. Even if you’re an occasional listener or a vinyl recorder audiophile, this list has a versatile choice. Most of these are easy to afford and entry-level to help you get the taste of a turntable before you invest in a premium selection.

Affordability, quality, features, hi-fi sound output, and overall value were prominent factors that determined this list.

Hopefully, the common questions and buyer’s guide will help you better decide on the best turntable for the Sonos system.