Going to the beach with the whole family is often an expedition. Everyone wants to take their belongings, their beach games, the parasol and so that parents can do water sport, it’s all the equipment you need to take to the beach. Suffice to say that it quickly becomes complicated and that nobody wants to wear the gear on the sand.

The best solution at the moment is to go on a beach cart. This type of accessory frees the hands of the bulkiest objects such as the cooler, which is often heavy and allows movement over longer distances. If you are a regular at the beach you know one thing the human being is lazy and will not go too far on the beach. Indeed walking in the sand is more tiring and especially under the sun it quickly becomes a nightmare.

However, like many people, we like the tranquility and it is often found further than the descent on the beach. You will have to walk a little to find a corner of peace while saving yourself due to the difficulty. To do this, the beach cart comes in handy to easily transport your things over long distances and especially in soft sand. However, to choose it well, you still have to dwell on various technical points that may or may not improve your daily life on the beach.

To do this we have compiled a list of things to know before ordering the best folding wagon. The price is an indicator that partly determines the quality of the product however we find excellent value for money as shown in these four beach trolleys below.

On what basis should you choose your beach cart?

Let’s not forget the nature of the terrain when choosing your cart, the beach can be a pleasant place but when you have to roll a few things on it quickly becomes complicated. For this, the choice of its beach cart depends on specific characteristics that will allow an optimization of the use on uneven ground. We have established a non-exhaustive list of points to check before ordering your trolley so that the transport of the cooler and children’s belongings does not become hell.

The mobility of the cart: If there is one thing that is not very easy to do, it is to move in the sand. It is also the same for a trolley, so be sure to choose wheels suitable for soft ground. The solution is a wide, notched wheel that will improve rolling in the sand. It should be noted that not all beach trolleys are equipped with wide wheels so it is preferable not to go on a model with a fine wheel that may not move forward once in the soft sand.

Load capacity: One of the differences that can be found between models is the maximum load supported. This is due to the more or less resistant metallic material and also the canvas which is used for the finish of the cart. Note that a good beach cart can have a load capacity of around 80 kilos. Of course, we will not charge as much because afterward, you have to think about pulling the whole on the beach.

The ergonomics of the beach cart: this is an important point especially if we take into account that the cart itself takes up space in the car. There are therefore models that fold and unfold to save space in the trunk. Ergonomics is also the telescopic and articulated handle that allows the cart to be pulled effortlessly. There are then interesting options on some models such as the drink holder or outside pockets on the trolley to store a book, charger, etc …

The weight of the cart: It should be taken into account that the effort to pull the device will be harder for a heavy cart even when empty. However, it takes at least 10 kilos for a reliable and durable product. The problem is that a trolley that is too light suggests that the materials will not be resistant over time. An average of 10 kilos is therefore reasonable to have a resistant product capable of supporting a significant load.

The TecTake beach cart

This cart can be used both for the garden and for the beach. With its wide and serrated wheels, it can be pulled over difficult terrain without a problem. With a fairly large size, this cart can support up to 80 kilos. With its large volume, this cart is perfect for a family going to the beach.

Foldable, it can be stored in the trunk of the car without taking up too much space. Its wide handle reduces the effort or allows two people to pull the collapsible wagon at the same time. A practical product that has storage on the front for drinks for example. With its rotating front wheels, this cart goes everywhere and turns following you without getting stuck. The price remains below 100 euros which is correct for a cart that will be of great service this summer.

The folding chair cart

Here is a product that seems perfect to us for getting around on the beach. With its caddy function, it allows you to take the cooler and beach items easily. Its big wheel design allows it to go through slack areas at the beach without batting an eyelid. Finally and this is all the advantage of this cart is that avoid it serves as an armchair to rest on the sand. To fully understand the product, here is a fairly explicit presentation video.

The beach wagon beach cart

It is the must of the trolley for the holidays which allows both to load your belongings or to bring the children up to take them to the beach easily. with a metal structure and a wooden frame this cart gives a very luxurious appearance. with four big wheels, it will go everywhere. Its handle allows you to pull the load alone or in pairs to settle on the sand. A quality trolley that weighs 16 kilos empty and whose assembly remains relatively simple. An excellent value for money if you live near a beach, it will delight small children.