For quite some time I have wanted to do this, but I just never got around to it. Here is my first attempt to transport an inflatable SUP on top of a roof rack. The SUP frame of the truck had to be modified in order to fit within the frame, and we also used a bungee cord to secure the front to the back of the truck. We used a friend’s truck with a roof rack to make this possible.

Step by Step for Transporting an Inflatable SUP on a Roof Rack

  1. Take the seat off your SUP and place it in the truck’s bed.
  2. Mount the SUP on the roof rack.
  3. Secure the front of the SUP using a bungee cord.
  4. Attach the rear of the SUP to the truck using a bungee cord or tie-down straps.
  5. Fill up the SUP with air and test out how well it fits into the frame.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the size, fill it up with water.
  7. Put the seat back on and enjoy!

The best way to transport a SUP is by putting it on top of a roof rack. It’s not always easy to load the SUP onto the roof rack at the right angle.

This video demonstrates how to load a SUP onto a roof rack.

This method works great if you have a flatbed truck. If you don’t have a flatbed then you will need to use something else to attach the front of the SUP. Here are two methods:

Method 1: Use a bungee cord to attach the front of your SUP to the back of your truck.

Method 2: Use tie downs to attach the front of your SUP to the back of your truck.

If you want more information about how to transport a SUP please check out our article How To Transport A Stand Up Paddleboard On Top Of A Truck.

Tips for Transporting SUPs:

  • Make sure that the SUP is completely full of air before placing it on the roof rack.
  • Don’t overload the roof rack.
  • You should not exceed 10% of the weight capacity of your roof rack.
  • Check that the SUP is sufficiently spaced from the ground at the bottom.
  • Be careful when attaching the front of the SUP because it could damage the floorboards of your truck.
  • When transporting your SUP make sure that you keep the wheels off the ground.
  • Keep the SUP away from the exhaust pipe of the engine.
  • Avoid driving over bumps while transporting your SUP.
  • Always wear safety gear when transporting your SUP.


Transporting a SUP on top of a truck is very easy. If you plan on using a vehicle, you must know what kind it will be. If you are planning on doing this with a pickup truck then you may want to consider purchasing a roof rack.

However, if you are planning on doing it with a SUV or other type of car then you will probably need to find another solution.