NIXY Newport Inflatable Paddle Board Review 2022

The Nixy Newport is a stand up paddle board that has been designed to be the perfect all-rounder for those who want to enjoy both surfing and paddling in one go. It’s also great for beginners as it comes with an easy to use inflatable design, which makes it ideal for learning how to surf or just having fun on the water. The Nixy Newport is available in three different sizes; Small (7ft), Medium (8ft) and Large (9ft). This review will look at the 7ft version of this board.

nixy inflatable paddle board review

NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board Review 2022

Design & Features:

The Nixys Newport features a wide deck area, which means you can easily get out there and enjoy some waves without worrying about getting wet feet. When not in use, the board is easier to carry around since it has two handles attached to the front.

  • The board itself is made from high quality PVC material, which gives it a nice feel and durability.
  • The board measures 7ft long by 2ft 6in wide and weighs approximately 13kg.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs, so if you have any extra weight then you may need to consider buying a larger size.
  • Beginners and experienced users alike can use this board because of its very stable shape. If you sit down on it, it tends to tip over rather easily.
  • Once you learn how to balance yourself properly, however, you should be able to stay upright more easily.

There are no fins included with the board, but they do come with a handy carrying bag, which includes a pump.


Surfers of all skill levels can use this board, including beginners and intermediates. It is best suited to flat calm waters, as it doesn’t really perform too well in choppy conditions. It is, however, very stable, so even though it won’t perform particularly well in rough seas, it will still remain steady and balanced.

If you are looking for something that is going to give you a bit of a workout, then this isn’t the board for you. Enjoy the sun on this board if you’re looking to spend your time outdoors.

This board is suitable for people who like to surf in shallow areas, as it is fairly buoyant.

FAQs on NIXY Newport Inflatable Paddle Board

Is this board suitable for surfing?

Yes, although it isn’t recommended for advanced surfers.

How big is this board?

It measures 7ft long by 3ft 9in wide and weighs approximately 12kg. Q: What is the maximum weight I can put on this board?

The maximum weight limit is 220lbs.

Can I take my own fins with me?

No, you cannot take your own fins with you. They are sold separately.


Overall, we think that the Nixy Newport is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to try their hand at surfing. It is a versatile board that offers plenty of stability, while being able to handle a variety of conditions. It is also relatively inexpensive, making it an affordable option for everyone. For those looking to start surfing on a budget, we recommend this board.

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