Zyerch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Floating Paddle 2022

The ZYERCH inflatable stand up paddle board is a great choice for the beginner or intermediate paddler looking to get into SUPing. The ZYERCH has a unique design that makes it easy to learn and master, while still being stable enough for advanced paddlers. It also features an integrated floating paddle that allows you to easily transition from standing to kneeling on your board without having to remove your paddle.

Beginners will enjoy this board since it allows them to start slowly and build their skills gradually.

Ziyech Paddle Board

Features Of Zyerch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Easy to Learn & Master – The ZYERCH inflatables are designed to be simple to use and master. In all conditions, they are very stable because they have a low center of gravity.
  • Great Stability – The ZYERCh inflatable boards feature a high volume air chamber which provides stability even when fully inflated.
  • Integrated Floating Paddle – The ZYERch inflatable comes equipped with an integrated floating paddle so you can easily transition between standing and kneeling on your board without removing your paddle.
  • Lightweight – The ZYERChef inflatable is made from lightweight materials making it easier to carry around.

It’s a sport that people either love or hate. Some people love it because it’s relaxing, others hate it because it’s hard work. However, it’s an exercise you can’t ignore.

The best way to paddle is to learn how to do it correctly, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

You can improve your technique by following these tips.

1. Start Small

It takes practice to get the hang of paddling. You shouldn’t jump into it headfirst. Instead, begin with small strokes and transition to bigger strokes as you gain confidence.

2. Keep Your Feet Flat

When you’re standing on the board, keep your feet flat. Don’t point your toes towards the front of the board. Instead, make sure your heels are facing forward.

3. Use Both Hands

Put your right hand at the top of the paddle handle and push off with your legs while pulling back with your arms when you’re standing up. Hold the paddle in your left hand and place your right hand on the top of the handle.

4. Lean Forward

You can get more power from each stroke if you lean forward slightly when you push off.

5. Pull Back

You will be able to regain your balance more quickly by pulling back after pushing off.

6. Relax Your Arms

While paddling, maintain a relaxed elbow position to keep your shoulders from becoming overstretched.

7. Breathe Deeply

The deeper you breathe, the more relaxed and focused you will be. Breathing through your nose instead of your mouth will assist you in focusing on your form.

8. Focus On Your Technique

Practice makes perfect. Once you feel confident enough, try paddling in different conditions. Practice paddling in choppy waters, calm waters, and even in shallow areas.

FAQs on Ziyech Paddle Board

Is there a size I should order?

For example, if you normally wear a size 8 shoe, we recommend ordering a size 9. If you usually wear a size 10 shoe, we suggest ordering a size 11.

I don’t know my size. How do I find out?

The best way to figure out your shoe size is to measure yourself (from heel to toe) using a ruler, and then add two inches to that measurement.


If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the water, then the ZYERCH inflatable stand-up paddle board is the right choice for you! With its innovative design, it’s easy to learn and master. Plus, it offers a comfortable ride and a convenient floating paddle.

This is a great board for people who like to stand up and paddle but don’t want to spend too much time getting used to the board. It’s not meant for experienced paddlers. It’s a great entry-level board for someone just starting out.

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