Struggling to choose the right 3-phase welding machine?

This blog on WGAP.WS discusses the best 3-phase welding machines of 2023, ideal for heavy-duty and industrial tasks. It provides an in-depth look at various models, comparing their power supply, weight, and digital screen features. The guide also delves into the advantages of 3-phase machines, such as stronger welds and higher efficiency, making it a valuable resource for professionals in need of robust and precise welding solutions.

A 3-phase welder is stronger and better in terms of welding and efficiency. Before choosing the best 3-phase welders, have a look at the reasons why you need a 3-phase welding machine. The welding machines have been in use for a long time, and it has created a lot of buzz among people who don’t know the difference between bi-phase and 3-phase welding machines. 3-phase welders are better for strong welds. If you need stronger welds, then there is nothing better than a 3-phase welding machine. These Welding Machine 3 Phases have more power and are capable of welding at a rapid pace.

Bigger Transformer

Bi-phase and single-phase welders have small transformers because their power consumption is less as compared to a 3-phase machine. The transformers mounted in 3-phase welders are bulky and require more power supply due to their higher efficiency.

Best for Commercial Tasks

Welding machines with 3-phase are perfect for heavy-duty and industrial tasks. These machines can bear more load capacity and can deliver precise welding results.

Comparison Chart

Power Supply Weight Digital Screen
208-460V 45 pounds Yes
380V 26.3 pounds Yes
31.8 pounds Yes

Best 3-Phase Welding Machines Of 2023

Picking the best 3-phase welder is a daunting task, and you need to focus on multiple factors for choosing the right welder. Here are some top-notch welding machines that have all the required features and are perfect for all types of welding tasks.

3 Phase Welding Machine – AC/DC Power Source Tig Stick Welder

EASB is a prominent name in the welding machine industry, and their welding machines are quite popular due to their higher efficiency and better accuracy.

ET 220i is a precise and reliable welding machine that comes with the option of 1 or 3 phases for better control over the types of welds.

High-Frequency Start

The machine starts with a high frequency, so you don’t have to wait until the device gets ready for the welding operation. After powering the machine, you can start with the welding process on different types of metals.

Easy To Handle Digital Controls 

You will get a comprehensive set of digital controls in ET 220i. There is an LCD screen available which helps the operator in handling the controls with more accuracy. Also, the embedded microprocessor makes things easier for the operators.

Tiptronic Memory Functions

With the help of Tiptronic memory functions, you can set the machine for previous welding settings. There is no need to program the machine every single time before using it. Just use the memory function, and it will adapt itself as per your preferred welding settings.

Sturdy Build Quality

The outer shell has aluminum construction which makes it a sturdy and robust welding machine. When you have ET 220i by your side, you don’t have to worry about minor damages.

  • ET 220i has digital controls with smart LCD which is beneficial for easy control. Another surprising thing is the weight.
  • Most 3-phase welders are extremely heavy but this machine only weighs 45, and thus you can carry ET 220i with you whenever you need it.
  • Setting up the welding machine is a tough task if you are a beginner and new to welding machines.
  • The interface is also quite hard to learn for new users.

Hitbox Arc 3 Phase Welding Machine

Hitbox arc is another welding machine that comes loaded with a plethora of useful features. The machine has a basic interface that is easy to learn for novice users. Also, there is no hard-to-learn feature that can land you in a state of confusion.

Easy to Power on/off

With the help of the on/off switch you can power the machine. Some welding machines lack this basic feature, and it is beneficial for the operators who have extension wires attached to the welder.

Commendable Duty Cycle

You will get a duty cycle of 60% with this industrial-grade welding machine. The duty cycle is enough to weld multiple materials with better strength.

Turn Dials and Digital LCD

There is a current and arc force control mounted on the machine through which you can control the flow of the current and the stability of the arc. ZX7-315 will deliver you better outcomes when compared to other 3-phase welding machines.

  • The price of this welding machine is justifiable and affordable.
  • If you need something portable, then ZX7-315 is the right option for you.
  • The operator will not get complete control over the machine due to the lesser availability of options.
  • You can use this welder for simple purposes that require lesser preciseness.

250Amp Heavy Duty 3 Phase Welding Inverter Machine

Tools center is not a new name in the field of garden and welding equipment. The manufacturer produces machines that have robust built and are perfect for all the tasks assigned to them.

Simple and user-friendly interface

The interface of this machine is very basic, and you don’t have to learn any mantras to use this welding machine. There is a total of 3 switches available on the deck, i.e. on/off switch and turn dials. You can adjust the arc force and the current with the turn dials while you can power off the machine anytime with the help of the switch.

Better Heat Protection

The back panel of Tools Centre Japan Made 250Amp welding machine has a strong power fan that regulates the internal heat efficiently. The design is also appreciable, and the air vent is large enough to allow the heat to seep out.

Light in Weight

The overall weight of this welder is 31.8 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about the bulkiness. You can easily carry the machine around with you, whenever needed.

  • There is an LCD screen on offer so anyone including the new users can use the machine seamlessly.
  • It has higher input capacity and better output so the welds will be more robust and extremely sturdy.
  • The design of the machine looks old.
  • It needs timely maintenance, so you have to invest some money in maintenance which is an expensive deal.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Welding Machine?

Welding is fascinating, just like any other field. A newbie may find it much more exciting to purchase the best 3 phase welding machine. For every welding application, there is a different welding process. An understanding of the overview may help you make an informed decision. A wide range of welders, including TIG, MIG, and Stick welders, is available from Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, and ESAB, among others. A welding machine can be very expensive while another can be extremely cheap. We can provide you with information about buying a welder.


It is crucial that you understand the types of welding you do most often, as this will indicate the types of projects which require 3 phase welding. A welding machine that suits your needs will be necessary for the future. Are you an expert at welding metal sculptures? Is there an old muscle car in your garage you have been wanting to restore? Do you need to fix your house or farm? Choose the welder you need for the most complex projects first. The TIG welding method is ideal for titanium and magnesium. Steels, alloys, and stainless steel can be welded with processes such as MIG, TIG, and Stick.


These machines weigh a lot. Is it easy to transport them? A simple transportation method should suffice. A heavy device may make you uncomfortable in operating conditions. The portability of the welding machine is therefore important when selecting the right machine.

Choose the Ideal Amperage

The price of welding machines depends on how much power they can generate. A primary consideration for welding requirements is the thickness of the metal. Welding requires more current for thicker metals. The duty cycle, power demands, and amperage requirements must be taken into consideration for optimal results. It is recommended to use ET 220i W1009300 from ESAB for Tig stick welders with the highest amperage.

Be aware of additional costs

Wiring equipment, protective gear, and safety measures are all required to use welding. In addition to supplies, accessories, and utilities, your welder will also require them. Jackets, gloves, helmets, fuel, gas canisters, and other consumables and equipment may be found in the kit. Those on a tight budget will find welding machines with fewer accessories to be less expensive.

Check its specifications

Every welding machine has its own characteristics. According to your requirements, they should be explored. As soon as the machine is equipped with a welding function, you will feel even more confident in it. It is the horsepower of the three-phase welding machine that determines its performance. A welding machine’s rating is determined by this factor. Due to improper duty cycles, welding machines can experience higher than normal operating temperatures if their internal circuitry malfunctions.


It is important to have welding machines that are highly durable for use in harsh environments like construction sites, shipyards, junkyards, etc. Ideally, the material should be able to withstand the impacts of heavy impacts. Usually, the housing is the first thing you notice when considering durability. Furthermore, if the unit is exposed to humidity, heat, and moisture, the ergonomics and display should still function smoothly. If you ask me which unit on our list is the toughest, I would say paste.

FAQs on 3 Phase Welding Machine in 2023

Can I run a 3 phase welder off single-phase?

Yes, it is possible, but you’ll need a phase converter. A phase converter can transform single-phase power into three-phase power. However, be aware that doing this might result in less efficiency and potential power loss, so always ensure the converter is suitable for your welder’s power requirements.

What voltage is a 3 phase welder?

The voltage of a 3-phase welder can vary depending on the design and country. Common voltages include 208V, 240V, 400V, or 480V. It’s essential to check the welder’s specification plate or consult the manufacturer for the correct voltage of a specific model.

Are 3 phase welders better than single-phase?

Both 3-phase and single-phase welders have their advantages. 3-phase welders often have better efficiency, smoother power delivery, and are typically designed for industrial or heavy-duty applications. They can handle more prolonged and demanding tasks without overheating. On the other hand, single-phase welders are more common for home and hobby use because they can easily connect to typical household power. So, “better” depends on the application. If you’re doing heavy-duty or industrial welding, a 3-phase might be preferable. For most home or occasional users, a single-phase is usually sufficient.

Why do three-phase welding machines differ from single-phase ones?

Welding machines that operate on just one phase are suited for everyday use. In contrast, 3-phase welding machines are better for precise welding and for not-so-common metals.

Is it possible to weld with any welder?

Sadly, no. For a particular type of welding, you need to buy specific welding machines. The welding machines you will need will depend on whether you are welding sticks or arcs. Specifications are usually defined by the manufacturer. You should review the specifications, so please do so.

Is the gas usage on all welding machines automated?

Sadly, no. Automation will only be possible with welding machines with powerful processing power. The ESAB ET 220i W1009300 Tig Stick Welder is one of the welding machines that can conduct this kind of welding.


The 3-phase welding machines are used all across the globe, and most operators with heavy-duty usage prefer these machines to weld the metals.

If you want to weld the pieces of small ships, aircraft, and other machines that require better welding, then a 3-phase welding machine is a great option.

Check out all of the three machines explained above and pick one that suits your requirements for catering to your needs with the best welding experience.

Also, pay attention to the comparison table for better selection, if you don’t know much about welding machines.

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