Is it important to you that either steel or aluminum can be welded with a low-cost welder? A top seller on the market, the Hobart Handler 190 is a top-rated MIG welder. A range of 25A to 190A is available and the duty cycle is 30% at 130A. Among the materials that can be welded by the Handler 190 are mild steel, flux core steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

190’s extra power and the seven-position voltage-control switch enable you to control wire feed in an infinitely adjustable way. With this method, you can weld metals of varying thicknesses perfectly and without any spatter. Easy-to-operate drive roll levers are used for the wire feeder’s quick release. Aluminum wires with softer cores are especially prone to these problems.

Hobart Handler 190 – Features


It offers adjustable voltage settings with the capability of welding mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, up to 24 gauge, and 5/16 inch. Moreover, you can choose between 7 voltage settings, which will give you even more flexibility when it comes to ensuring the best possible weld results. A door chart inside the machine lets you choose the appropriate settings very simply.


There is a power output range between 25A and 190A on the Hobart 190. At 130 amps, this offers a 30% duty cycle, which is a decent amount of power. With this welder, you can complete many DIY projects and even weld thicker materials. This model also has 230V input, so it can also be used as a remote site with a generator.


I recommend putting the 190 on a wheeled cart to make carrying it easier and give you room for cables and cylinders to store. It weighs 68 pounds, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Gas C100

The gas regulator that comes in the box is not suitable for use with C100 gas. A regulator not intended for the use of CO2 gas can be damaged by the frosting effect caused by the gas.
C100 is preferred by many welders, however. Those who decide to buy the Handler 190 should supply their own pure carbon dioxide regulator.


Approximately 68 pounds weigh this unit. As such, it’s easy to move the core unit if necessary. The market is flooded with lighter alternatives today if you need a more portable unit.


This welder provides excellent value due to its control, quality, and power. You can adjust the output voltage and power more than on the 140. Further, it is supported by Hobart’s 5/3/1 industrial warranty, so any defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge. A key strength of Hobart is its customer support.

Hobart 190: What’s so special about it

Control Panel

In designing the Handler 190, Hobart focused on simplicity. On the front of the machine, you can clearly see that the controls are straightforward and clean: two knobs and an on/off switch. There are no digital displays or lights to make things more confusing.

The wire compartment door is adorned with the settings chart so that it’s even easier to follow. It only takes a few seconds to adjust two dials to the correct settings, looking up the settings for your weld. This is one reason why this welder is well-liked by novice welders.

Quality of the weld

Compared to other beading machines, users find that the Handler 190 is relatively easy to use. Welders using this model are easier to use than other models because of its simplicity and smooth arc.

Rolls with three grooves designed to drive wire

Handler 190 has undergone few changes since its original introduction. Among them was to increase the number of grooves on the roller from two to three.

A triple grooved roller is included in the Handler 190, which will enable the solid or flux-cored wire to run. With the one roller supplied, you can run the solid wire up to 0.035-inches in diameter and flux-cored wire up to 0.030-inches in diameter.

Competing devices generally do not have this feature. Moreover, you can use it easily. The retaining pin should “pop” into the hole for your wire diameter and type when you push in the roller.

Ready to fire the spool gun

Spool guns are not always compatible with beginner MIG welders. The Handler 190 has internal circuitry, so if you ever decide to weld aluminum, your welder will be ready.
Connect the gun to the wiring compartment and flip the switch inside to install it. Switching from steel to aluminum and vice versa is quick and easy.

The mechanism for feeding wires

Using the Handler 190, users report smooth wire feed, which helps them lay beading without problems. Aside from that, it requires little setup and is dependable. Furthermore, the Quick Select roller eliminates the need for tools during changeovers.

Wire feed mechanisms are common in welders. Despite its ease of use and dependable performance, even experienced welders appreciate its reliability.

Motor protection for wire feeds

It is possible for your wire drive motor to burn out since it works hard. Handler 190 includes electronic protection in order to address this problem. It will be cut off by the circuitry if the motor becomes overloaded. After you release the trigger on the torch, wait for the circuitry to restart.


A welder’s transformers can be damaged, too, such as a wire drive motor. The thermal trip from Hobart protects against this by shutting off the unit if it becomes overheated. It will automatically reset once the unit is cooled down when it trips.

A feature that protects against cold wires

If your Handler 190 is not being used, your wire will be electrically “cold”. Thus, you are not exposed to the risk of an accidental short arcing. Wires don’t become hot when pulled by the torch trigger.


A long time ago, Hobart was in the welding business. There is a warranty that makes them stand out. That’s for a good reason. The 5/3/1 warranty is the best on the market.

In addition to the transformers, stabilizers, and rectifiers, the generators, PC boards, and drive systems are also covered by warranties of 3 and 1 years, respectively.

Bundle of packages

New welders will benefit from the Handler 190. The spool gun, however, is an additional charge.

If you know you will be welding aluminum, you may wish to purchase the Hobart package deal that includes the spool gun and welder. Saving money is a dream come true for everyone.

What We Like

  • It allows you to control wire feed speed with the Hobart Handler 190.
  • The 7-position voltage control selector lets you choose the best arc quality based on thickness.
  • By releasing tension quickly, it allows for easy changeover.
  • Welders especially are user-friendly for beginners. This setup process takes only a few minutes, with a manual being provided for easy reference.
  • In addition to featuring a range of safety features built into the device, such as engine protection and thermal overload protection, the device has a long life.

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy industrial welding tasks cannot be performed with the Hobart Handler 190.
  • For those only looking around for a welder for the odd welding job, it may be unsuitable as it can be more expensive than other brands.
  • Welding requires a 220-volt outlet, so it cannot be used with your typical power supply. Generators, such as
  • 7000-watt generators can also be used.

FAQs on Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder

How thick can a Hobart 190 weld?

The Hobart Handler 190 is designed to weld mild steel from 24 gauge up to 5/16 inches in a single pass. For thicker metals, multiple passes would be required.

What power does a Hobart Handler 190 require?

The Hobart Handler 190 requires a 230V power source.

How many amps is a Hobart Handler 190 input?

The Hobart Handler 190 has an input amperage of 20.5 amps at a rated load.

Can you weld aluminum with Hobart Handler 190?

Yes, the Hobart Handler 190 is capable of welding aluminum, especially when equipped with the optional SpoolRunner 100 spool gun. This spool gun helps avoid feed problems associated with soft aluminum wire, making the welding process smoother.


Welders new to welding find the Handler 190 appealing for its simplicity. Setup and operation are incredibly simple. It also has a smooth wire drive and arc, which make it easier to create beautiful beads.

Besides handling 24 gauge to 5/16 inch thick steel, its versatility is also desirable in any shop doing maintenance, auto body, DIY, farm/ranch work, or metal sculpture, provided they don’t do heavy or industrial work.

Handler 190 is not the cheapest welding machine in this class, but it’s made by a trustworthy company. Plus, Hobart comes with an excellent warranty. For people who need the security of a brand name and good guarantees, it’s worth the price.

For in-depth functionality and ease of use, the Handler 190 MIG may be worth a little more. It is a solid welder that is suitable for students and professionals alike. This is only applicable to aluminum and steel projects of medium to light duty.

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