Whatever your skill level is, you can weld. Multi-process welding certainly has its advantages, and I, for one, can benefit from it. Then where do you find a cost-effective one? There are not many options.

The welder I found is one of the most distinctive options. This Lincoln LE31MP Welder review will tell you all you need to know.

Review of the Lincoln LE31MP welder

A grand entrance is made here by the Lincoln Le31mp. A multinational manufacturer of welding products, Lincoln Electric has been around for 125 years. Additionally to welders, they manufacture robotic welding systems, cutting machines, and welding equipment.

There’s nothing ordinary about the Lincoln Le31mp. The 120-volt welder can be used virtually anywhere. Home and business users can both use it. This has a lot more to do with it than that.

A multi-process welder, the Le31mp is similar to the Eastwood Elite MP140i.

Therefore, you can switch between MIG, TIG, and stick welding. MIG welding with gas shields interests you? Working on metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, or thin gauge metal is possible. Other options include stick welding and TIG welding with direct current (DC).

With this welder, beginners will have an easy time getting started. You can switch from MIG to TIG readily, and it’s very easy to use. In addition, with this system, you will no longer be confused about whether you get MIG, TIG, or stick welding.

Welders in training and professionals alike can take advantage of this program. It has 120 volts that will provide you with plenty of currents even if you’re getting rusty. Nevertheless, this unit should only be used for small working projects.

What We Like

  • Affordable.
  • Welders can be used anywhere 120-volt electricity is available.
  • Produces an adequate current.
  • It is easy to switch from MIG to TIG.
  • Stick welds are effective.
  • An intuitive interface that is easy to use for both professionals and beginners.

What We Don’t Like

  • This is just the beginning of the TIG.
  • It doesn’t come with accessories; you’ll have to buy them separately.
  • It’s hard to maneuver the TIG torch.

Welders – Lincoln LE31MP Features & Benefits

The Lincoln LE3MP Welder is a great purchase for many reasons. They are listed here.


A 120-volt power supply is required for this welding machine. U.S. homes are equipped with this type of electrical system.

It isn’t just a home-use device. Since it can be accessed almost anywhere, it is very convenient. The product is also perfect for use on farms and in automobiles.

Despite its size and capabilities, the welder is surprisingly lightweight. All it weighs is about 50 pounds. Carrying and moving the item will be simple.

Powerful Wire Drives

The drive system on this is fully adjustable, so that was one of the things I noticed immediately. Adapting it is effortless for beginners.

Those aren’t the things that amaze me, though. Wire tangling and crushing are prevented with the drive system.

Other notable details are as follows. Firstly, the connection between brass guns intensifies the conductivity. You will also enjoy quiet operation along with strong conductivity. Durable cast-aluminum gearboxes create a low level of noise, along with higher drive torque.

Capable Performance

The stick welding process will impress you right away with its spectacular performance. Using it, a wide range of materials can be effortlessly welded, including 1/2-inch rods and 1/4-inch carbon plates. Stick welding is possible up to 3/16 inches.

An Arc of Practicality

Convenience is one of the main benefits of the arc. As a result, there is little splatter. Making dialing easier and smoother is also facilitated by this feature. It should be a simple, straightforward process for you to apply.

It was also the current that caught my attention. Considering that it is only 120 volts, this welder surely puts out an impressive amount of current. It provides a wide range of welding output from 20 to 140 amps.

MIG Weld

The MIG welder on this unit is perfect for those who prefer MIG welds. A single-pass can be used to weld material up to 3/16 inches in thickness in 24 gauge. Lincoln Electric wires may also be used for welding steel up to 1/4 inches thick.

TIG Welding

It is a scratch-start only process for TIG welding. This feature is commonly found in budget-friendly units. If you are not well-versed in scratch-starting, this may pose a challenge. Using tungsten is a better option because it doesn’t put out much.

Aside from that, everything should go smoothly. Welding up to 1/8 inches is no problem with TIG welding.

TIG torch does not arrive with the unit after purchase, which is a drawback of this unit. In order to buy it along with the pedal, you need to spend extra money. The TIG torch may perform its job well, but it’s difficult to move and maneuver for many people.

The Foot Pedal

You are welcome to use the pedal, however. Upon being connected, it is immediately detected. You can tap it to start the gas flow before welding, which is a huge advantage. Simply giving the post-flow another tap can increase the duration.

There is also the option of a spool gun. It can be used to MIG weld aluminum up to 3/16 in.

A user-friendly display

Simply glance at the color display to get a better understanding of what’s going on. A good deal of attention is certainly drawn to it.

Not only does the display look good, but it is also useful. Despite its simplicity, it is not cluttered. The hobbyists will no longer have trouble figuring things out this way. During the installation process, it guides you. It is incredibly easy for different setups to be found with the control combination as well.

Lincoln LE31MP Welder: What People Say About It

I learned some worthwhile opinions while exploring the web. The Le31mp was particularly well received by users due to its ease of operation. This bargain-priced purchase was made possible by its performance. It’s under one grand for a good multiprocess welder.

Stick welding is also proving to be effective. When it came to starting from scratch, some had difficulty with TIG welding. Learning a process is similar to learning anything else. But it tended to be wished that the arc could just be used without touching the tungsten.

When it came to small projects, however, Le31mp proved a hit. It was particularly useful for building handrails, according to one user. This welder offers excellent value for money, one thing is for sure.

Purchasing a welding machine: Things to consider

Prior to going shopping, you need to take several factors into account. A multi-process welder is one of them. Using sticks, TIGs, and MIGs is among the options. Was there anything you could actually optimize?


A metal inert gas (MIG) weld is done using an electric arc, like TIG welding. A feed wire is used, instead of long rods, in MIG welding for making the weld.

These techniques are best suited to thicker projects. Aluminum or stainless steel could be used with it. Moreover, heavy-duty plates and sheet metal can be used for a variety of purposes.

Additionally, MIG welding is significantly more productive than TIG. Long periods of time could be spent running it continuously. Buying a MIG welder is the best choice if you want something easy, affordable, and efficient.


A specific type of arc welding is TIG welding, which uses tungsten inert gas (TIG). Weldable electrodes are used when a tungsten arc is produced between them and the base metal. When two metals are welded together with long rods, a strong bond is created.

Metals of all types can be welded using TIG welding. When a metal base needs to be curved or designed in detail this type of metal is ideal.

Although there are tradeoffs, there is one. Despite it being better suited for projects that require accuracy and nimbleness, TIG welding isn’t exactly inexpensive. Moreover, learning it isn’t easy. To use this device, you must master a special technique. Neither hand (or foot) can be used.


It’s a great way to learn or engage in a hobby if you’re a beginner. A relatively affordable, simple, and easy way to do it. Welding is helped by the electrode in this process. The metal workpiece melts when it comes into contact with it. Afterward, the metal melts and cools, fusing the metals together.

You do not need a shielding gas when you work with MIG or TIG welding. A smooth surface and equipment are all that’s needed. Because stick welding is possible on unclean surfaces, it offers a unique opportunity for effective work.

It is not always picturesque to see the finished weld from stick welding. It’s not visually pleasing, so avoid it.


  • Simply setting a budget isn’t sufficient. Your list of specific features still needs to be considered, as well as which welder can deliver on them. Consider how you can make your machine more useful.
  • As well as the machine itself, you will also need to factor in accessories and supplies.
  • You should not rush into making a decision, and you should decide what you need at your own pace.


What is the best type of welding system for you? A stick unit, a MIG unit, or a TIG unit?

Another question for you please. How much would a multiprocess welder cost in your price range?

A Lincoln Electric LE31MP MIG Welder will make welding a breeze. Transport, use, and storage are easy. MIG and TIG can be switched with no problem at all.