No matter how much you try to persuade your kids, getting to them to have a bath without having a parade, is near to impossible.

Your children enjoy the thought of staying out of their bathing regimes. They try new tactics to make sure they do not have to take a bath.

However, we know it is important, and as a parent, it becomes quite difficult for you to interest your child to take a bath. To make it easy for you, we have your best bath toys.

As relentless as your persuasion seems for your toddlers, these best bath toys can be of great help to you and interest them in taking a dip in their bathtubs.

Not only the kids enjoy their time bathing, but they develop a keen interest in having it daily while they enjoy it with their toy friends. These bath toys keep them occupied and you can tender them in getting cleaned up. With the best bath toys for toddlers, you can always make them have a wonderful time and make their bathing regime happier and more exciting. It is encouraging for kids to have these colorful lovelies in their bathtub. These bath toys keep them engrossed and involved in having their very own little adventures all by themselves.

However, with such a wide market, having numerous options for bath toys, choosing the best ones is such a task. The toys not only should be fun for your kids but also safe for them to play and get involved with. As a parent, your concern is totally understandable. Choosing the best bath toys for toddlers involves choosing the toys which add to their imaginative perspective in a positive way and not negatively in any way. You would always want your child to become interactive and wise with time. Therefore, getting some bath toys that are educational as well is another getaway story.

With that said, having your kids the toys which help them get access to water play which can turn an adventure for them is a great way to have fun with them. These toys will help them understand various colors, names of the character of the toys they have, they will learn to move around in the water and interact with it, and so much more. no matter how much you underestimate the bathing time, it is essential and stands out in the routine of your baby or toddler.

Thus, it is of high importance, that as a parent you choose the best bath toys for toddlers. Providing them with the right bath toys will make them feel more oriented towards their bathtub and you will not have a hard time persuading them to get wet.

To make it easy on you, we have listed down the best bath toys for toddlers according to age which will help you to conclude easily which blog you must go to and choose the best bath toys for your baby.

Best Bath Toys for 6-Month-Old

A six-year-old baby is fun to interact with. They are just learning to move their hands and legs and are more alert than any other age of babies. Giving them the right toy is a great way to make them more interactive with you and the things around them. So, here ate the top ten best bath toys for 6-month-old which we found will be apt for them to have a fun bathing experience:

Waterfall in the Tub

Give your child something adventurous to explore in their bathtub. A waterfall hanging on the wall beside their water tub will be great for them. They will have fun setting up the various suction pipes and judging how to make the water flow right. These water gears and experiments for them will be a great mechanism for them.

The Old School Set of Boats and Cars

Boats cannot be at any better place than in water. The bath tube makes a perfect pool for your child to handle the traffic of boats and ferry cars and enjoy while they are at it.

Water Flutes Are Always Fun

If your child has a heart for music, these are going to be his favorite toys while bathing. Get them to have a blast playing new tones every time they have a bathing routine and they are never going to say NO to a bath ever.

Animal Set of the Sea

If you want to make this educational for them, sea animals and aquatic education go hand in hand. Get him/ her various sea animals and let them have a time of exploration learning the new names and types of the species underwater.

Bath Time Stickers

We all love stickers. Don’t we? So, do our kids. The stickers are so full of color and creativity. Get your kids a mix of various stickers and they are going to have a great time decorating the walls with them.

The Color Changing Toy

A toy that changes color every time you put it in water is so much fun. You can use it to teach your toddlers new colors every day and help them explore the magic in a toy. This is super fun for them, and even for the parents.

Wall Coloring Crayons

Let your child bloom his or her creative side by coloring and creating unknown figures wherever they like. More than a sheet of paper, children like drawing on the walls, this is because they love the big canvas of walls and space they get to draw when they are at it. so, let them have fun with their tiny hands, and let them go crazy with crayons picturing figures on the walls and having their gala time.

All these toys are not only fun but also help your six-month-old interact with holding up things, making sense of things, learning new things and so much. These are the best bath toys for 6-month-old.

Best Bath Toys for 9-Month-Old

A nine-month-old has evolved almost mentally and also physically. They have had their share of being crazy with things and have made sense to most of the things by now. For them, it is more difficult to persuade them to bathe as now they are not going to relent for kid stuff. They will definitely want you to try harder. So here are some of the best bath toys for nine-month-old:

Fish Rod Set

Give them the hunger of appeal and adventure, by getting them a fish rod set and let them explore the life under the waters of the bathtub! The funny characters attached to the rod are so much fun for the kids to spend time with.

Stacking Cups

A lot of colored cups, floating on top of the water are a sight to behold. Your child can get to pronounce the name of the colors by this and also enjoy while he/ she learns to stack them on top of the other. With a number of cups there, he can also learn to count them one by one and get good at his level of mathematics.

Bathing Books

If you have smart and wise kiddo blooming at your house, these are the best you can get them. If your child has started to park within this time, his reading and speaking skills, bathing books are so much fun. With the names of animals, foods, plants, colors, flowers, and so much more, your child can begin his toddler school right at his bathtub and have fun while he learns. This is also a fun way to interact with your child you.

Bathing Wall Basketball

Get your child a sporty bath toy and he/she is going to love you so much for this. Het a tiny basket at one of the balls in front of the bathtub wall, and grab a lot of basketballs which they can throw in the basket when they have their bathing regime. This will help them have fun while enjoying the part and also you can help them score and they will love you even more.

Bubble Foam

Bubbles are also loved by kids of all ages, no matter where they are and it is even more fun, if you can get them their favorite thing right in their bathtub, your kids are going to have a great time playing in the bubbly bath and thy ear definitely going to enjoy the water on themselves in this way. This is one of the best ways to convince your kid to have fun and attract them to a bath.

These bath toys are the best bath toys for a nine-year kid and they are going to have a lot of fun taking bath with these toys. It will also help you out as now you have one less thing to take care of for your kid and you have easily convinced them to take bath.

Best Bath Toys For 1-Year-Old

Your child already develops a lot within these months, both physically, and mentally. He/She becomes more alert during this phase and will eventually develop a change in his interests. So, here is a list of the best bath toys for one-year-olds that will be perfect for them at this point in time:

Rubber Jelly Fish with Light

This is a super fun toy for kids of this age. Since they have developed a lot more than before, it is a struggle to bring them things that attract them. So, a rubber jellyfish is too old school, however, one with light is quite attractive. Your kids are going to enjoy a lot having to chase these little jellyfishes in their bathtub which light up as well. This is going to be one of the best bath toys for children of this age and they will surely want to stay in the bathtub long enough to have a clean bath.

Bath Tub Hoopla

These floating colorful hoopla rings are going to be loved by the kids in their bathtubs. They will have a fun time floating it at all the times and in the water. This will help them have an experience of fun and enjoyment while you bathe them as they can put these rings in their hands, float them, or hang them through the wall near their bathtubs. Most of the kids have a liking towards such a toy. You can buy these rings in different colors which will help your kids learn the names of the colors and memorize them every day while they have a fun bath. This will make learning easy for them.

Stuffed Animals

You can easily find some stuffed animal which can go in the water. If your child has a favorite toy, you can bring them that as their bathing pal and wash them along with them having a bath which will make them feel like they are having a bath with their best pal. This will help them have fun while they both and it will not be hard for you to convince them to have a bath. You can easily bring them their best buddy soft toy which is adaptable in water and they are so going to ask you every day for a bathtub scene.

A Rubber Duck

There has been no bathtub in the world that has not had a tiny rubber duck. Every child has had it and maybe even you when you were a kid. This is every child’s favorite toy in their bathing regime and they seem to enjoy a lot.

With all these toys you can get your child to have a bath every day and if he or she is a one-year-old, they are going to enjoy it more than anybody around. This is the best bath toy list for a one-year-old.

Best Bath Toys for 2-Year-Olds

A lot of splashing of water and a lot of moving of hands and legs, your kid at 2 years has not only grown in size but has started interacting so much. He has just been double of his age and his or her growth has also positively doubled now. you cannot get to woo him with only bubbles now. they have already developed within them the coordination amongst all their body parts and have seemed to more interactive than ever before. So, to make it easy for you, we have listed down for you and your 2-year toddler to have fun while they take a bath and you have to struggle less:

Floating Alphabets

Yes, this is one of the best options for your kids to have as their toys. They are almost of the age where they have to be admitted to a school or playschool. To make them the best of their age, getting them the right type of bath toys will prove to be helpful and also educational for them. However, make sure you interact with them as much as these needs. Otherwise, there is no point in getting them these alphabets. They are going to have a fun time identifying all the alphabets and seeing so many colors in their bathtub.

Floating Water Birds

Get them some birds that float in the water or can swim in the water and this way they can learn how these birds look, how they move in the water, and what their names are. This is a great way for kids to take bath. They usually have all the concertation on the toys they have and they can also learn this way a lot. Get those penguins, ducks, and many more birds that can swim in the water and teach them how they move and what they are called.

A Sprinkler for the Bath Tub Wall

It could be in the shape of a flower, or any other shape which can be hung on the wall and they can enjoy water coming out of the tiny holes of the sprinkler. Any unique and colorful sprinkler which will flow water on the kids will make it appealing and attractive for them. They are going to have fun as soon as the water hits their face. It is great for them to enjoy this way. The water comes on to them slowly and they can enjoy it more thoroughly than laying down plainly in the water in their bathtub.

With these bathtub toys for you, 2-year olds are one of the best ways for them to interact get started with their bathing regime. You can make it more interesting for them if you speak to them or talk to them during this time and they will be able to have more fun with this. It will help them analyze color and so much more education imparting will be done through this.

Best Bath Toys for 3-Year-Olds

Bathing packs an enjoyable time for 3 years old and parents absolutely love making it even more enjoyable for their kids with some add-ons. There are various things you should definitely keep in mind before actually giving a toy to your younger one. Bath toys for toddlers come in an array of designs, shapes, and sizes.

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers

Simple toys can also be fun sometimes. Your three-year-old can link, stack, pour, and strain water through the seven-colored cups. And when they are done with their bath, they can conveniently best the caterpillar neatly together.


From sea snails to stingrays, teach your three-year-old all about sea-life with a pack of squirters which are 10 assorted sea animals. The sea-life squirters are robust enough to withstand little teeth that might want to give them a chew.

ELC Bath Crayons

Give your three-year-old the ELC Bath Crayons to bring out their artist at bath time which is also by the way long-lasting. Your child will relish the opportunity to make a mess and you can rest easy, as all it takes is a tip to get the bathroom tiles clean again.

Water Flutes

Tune these flutes by filling them with varying amounts of water before trying to play tunes from the color-coded music sheets. These are fun and clever and act as a toy for budding musicians.

My First Tugboat

A boat-shaped bath toy that also works as a water mug is easy to grip. It has smooth edges with soft plastic that make it safe for use or three years old. The paint that is used is non-toxic paint and the toy is made from recycled plastic free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Supervision and care for the three-year-old with a toy is very important. Bathing is always fun but you have to be very sure that your kid is safe. So, select the right kind of toy for his/her fun time with water and a new friend.

Best Bath Toys for 4-Year-Olds

It is the most precious time for Toddlers. ‘’Bath Time’’, these are the magical word in our home. Most of the women bathe their kids just to keep them clean & healthy but no one has ever imagined this time beyond that.

Most of the kids get quite excited when they look at their friends playing, exploring different senses, splashing around the tub with a lot of toys & dreaming themselves to be a part of it. They love to sit happily next to the tub (letting down the exhaustion of the day) & slowly melt away to the background noise of giggles and bubbles.

Bath Toys for 4 years old are the best companion for Toddlers to play while bathing. Toys are absolutely an extra perk for bath time. The kids could have blast with just nothing but water. I have found toys to reduce the number of disagreements among kids and help them keep a little more water in the Tub.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

This Spout Cover is very useful as it helps to protect your kids from bumping into the Spout. This cute Bath Spout Cover makes the spout softer as there is less chance to cause bruises or scratches.

Colorful Plastic Mixing Bowls & Colander Set

Most of the kids love to float other dolls or toys in bigger bowls & watch the water pour through the colander & use the measuring cups to scoop and pour. This is long-lasting and one of the best toys in our house, a simple set of plastic mixing bowls, measuring cups & colander.

Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set

These pipes stick to the wall and make it a fun pouring station that kids love to watch. They can rearrange and experiment with those pipes to see how water pours depending on the position of the pipes.

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

These bath toys are amongst the most interesting toys because it consists of rattle, interesting moving pieces inside. The noise of rattle excites the kids & makes them feel happy. These toys are the best choice for younger toddlers and babies who love shaking them and see what happens when they drop them into the tub.

Letters & Numbers Foam Bath ‘’Stickers’’

It is very beneficial as it helps your kids to learn letters & numbers while bathing. They mainly have a lot of fun by sticking these foam letters to the bathtub walls. They are not actually sticky but stick due to the wetness on smooth surfaces.

Washable Finger Paints

The tub makes it an ideal place for messy finger painting and the colors wash down the drain. If you have rough surfaces in your washrooms such as tiles with large grout lines or stone, finger paint could offer a better option for bath art instead of using bath crayons as the paint is easier to clean.

Best Bath Toys for 5-Year-Olds

Your kids love to sit happily next to the tub letting the exhaustion of the day slowly melt away to the background noise of bubbles and giggles. So, whether you want to try out bath time as an evening activity that will help your kid to bedtime a little more cheerful or you are looking for some new ideas, here is a list of bath toys for 5 older kids.

Rub a Dub Jungle Waterfall: We all love this toy. Isn’t it? It usually reminds me of the water play my kids dive into at our local children’s museum. You kids will definitely love to easily create various setups with the suction pieces and let them see how the water flow changes. You should buy these great building pipes and water gears so that they could expand their formation and experiment with other mechanisms.

Ferry Boat with Mini Cars

I personally believe that every single kid on this earth loves cars. The kids usually stuff them in their pockets, carry them in both hands, and sneaks them every, every time they leave the house. And now while writing this article I added Green Toys Ferry Boat. It has cars that are designed to get wet so they won’t rush out and they are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Princesses in the Tub

My 4-year-old sister played with a Rub a Dub Princesses in the Tub at her friend’s house and didn’t want to stop. I literally enjoyed watching her imaginations take off. This toy will open up a whole new world to your kids at bath time. Whenever you got home, you got them the Rub a Dub Pirates for the Tub kit so they could turn bath time into a pirate adventure at sea and since they are in the water with the toys it seems to really enhance the imaginative play.

Teach my Pre-schooler Spelling Toy

Sometimes when it rains, we take a bath in the middle of the day. It’s very difficult for your kids to stay cooped up inside all day and the bath creates a welcome change of environment. It will surely be fun to pull out this spelling game and work on it with your kids. When you will be practicing their pre-reading skills, they will think it’s really fun that you allow them to color on the walls for once.

Spray Station Water Pump

If your naughty kid wants to shower himself with the removable shower head and you are not that cool of a mom though then you don’t have to worry anymore. Because this toy has a great mini shower and the other water funnels grab your little kid’s attention and direct the spraying in the direction of the bath instead of across the bathroom at you.

FAQs on Bath Toys of 2023

Do 3-year-olds like bath toys?

Yes, 3-year-olds generally love bath toys. They make bath time fun and entertaining for them.

What is the black film inside bath toys?

The black film inside bath toys is usually mold. When water gets trapped inside the toys, it can create a damp environment where mold grows.

At what age are bath toys appropriate?

Bath toys are appropriate for babies and toddlers, typically starting from around 6 months of age, when they can sit up independently in the bath. However, always ensure the toys are age-appropriate to avoid choking hazards.

Why do bath toys have holes?

Bath toys have holes to allow water to squirt out, making them more fun for children to play with. However, these holes can also allow water to get trapped inside, which can lead to mold growth.

Do all bath toys get moldy?

Not all bath toys get moldy, but any toy that traps water inside can become a breeding ground for mold if not properly dried. Regular cleaning and ensuring they are air-dried can help prevent mold growth.

Is mold in bath toys bad?

Yes, mold in bath toys is not good. Mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues, especially in young children with developing immune systems. It’s essential to regularly check and clean bath toys to ensure they are mold-free.