Wondering how to choose the best electric scooter for your child?

In this blog, we present the top electric scooters for kids, from safe and sturdy models for beginners to advanced scooters with more features, including eco-friendly and customizable options.

With over 12 years of experience in children’s outdoor toys and safety gear, we’ve helped numerous parents find the ideal electric scooter for their youngsters. Our team has personally tested these scooters in a variety of child-friendly environments, ensuring they are not only fun but also safe and reliable for young riders.

Best Electric Scooters for Upto 8-Year-Olds 2024

Here are a few of the scooters carefully selected for your consideration. They are just options for your choice. It does mean that the ultimate decision lies with you.

Glion Dolly Foldable Kids Electric Scooter

The things that stand out about this scooter and make it a top choice are too many to mention. The scooter’s ease of use, durability, and foldable system are two things that users frequently mention. Its strength draws from the high 36-volt, 250-watt nameplate gearless, chainless, and brushless electric engines, as well as the 6.6 Ah Lithium-ion batteries it is built with.

Now, it is a given that noisy scooters irritate kids. So, when they have ones that are noiseless, it is a safe, thrilling cruise for them. And this is one of the reasons that make this scooter their top choice.  Its motor is noiseless and races at a speed of 15mph.

Like I had emphasized much earlier, the sturdiness of this machine is one of the many awesome features that endear it to its users. And what ensures this efficiency are its tires.

Its tires, which are 8 inches long and have a honeycomb interior that is built by the military, are well balanced and knit to the ground so that the scooter can ride on any rough terrain whatsoever.

Special Features of this Scooter

  • Its structure is designed with 6061 Aluminum
  • It is lightweight, just 28 pounds
  • It is foldable, so in just seconds, your kid can fold it
  • It is sturdy and strong, with improved harmless speed
  • It is a vertical self-standing system that can drag luggage along
  • It has an anti-lock electronic brake system.


  • It is foldable and convenient for carriage
  • It has honeycomb interior and 8-inch tires
  • It is made with 36-volt, 6.6-ah Ah Lithium-ion batteries


  • You have to watch out because it is speedy


You should definitely consider this scooter if you want to get something good for your kids that they will cherish. It is almost perfect for a product. Of course, the speed can be regulated, and so the over-speeding con isn’t a major issue. Get the scooter and have a safe, fun ride with your kids.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

If you are in need of that machine that will force out some joyful smiles off the cheeks of your kids on a ride on a scooter, then you have a better option with this one. It is simply the kids’ thing for some home fun.

The fact that this scooter was made by Razor comes as no surprise, as the company is known for the manufacture of top-performing scooters and machines in the industry. They are renowned, of course, and part of the top key players in the industry. What is rather impressive about the machine is its full capacity and top-notch performance, despite its simplicity.

The scooter comes with a hand brake and a retractable kickstand. Its motor is chain-driven, which makes it power at a speed of about 15mph. And of course, this is enough speed to both make your kids have a sweet ride and keep them safe.

Special Features of this Scooter

  • Its battery capacity is 40 minutes non-stop running before a charge
  • It is heavy, weighing about 220 pounds. It is also wide
  • It is best for teenagers and kids
  • It is easy to ride with a controllable brake system.
  • Its pneumatic back and front tires are big for a smooth ride along rough terrain


  • It is a chain-driven motor
  • It has a retractable kickstand
  • It is easy to operate
  • It is a great option for short trips


  • It may be a little too heavy for the kids to carry
  • It may not go on to a very far distance


This little wants in the scooter notwithstanding, it is a great option, and in fact one of the best options. The heaviness is no issue as its wheels make it sturdy to the ground and well balanced that it doesn’t fall.

It is also made with twist grip and high torque acceleration control for a faster and safer ride. So, this is one scooter you need to pull over along your purchase expedition and take a good look at it.

Red Super Turbo 1000watt Elite Kids Electric Scooter

Have you seen the “Mad Max” movie? Then, you probably saw this scooter. The scooter is remarkable for its versatility and sturdiness. Its ruggedness matches virtually any toughness of any surface it rides.

The scooter is built with a 1000-watt motor, which enhances its power and speed. It is equally designed with solid steel and a structure that enables it to maintain balance and also ensures its durability. It is just a favorite among the ranks of the best scooters for kids and teenagers.

Special features of this Scooter

  • It is relatively heavy, weighing 250 pounds
  • Its batteries are three with 12 volts each (36 in all)
  • Its wheels are wide enough to absorb whatever shocks may hit them.


  • It is durable and highly reliable
  • It is very easy and fast to assemble for replacement of any part
  • It is strong and has a high battery capacity
  • It has LED light for a night ride


  • With a weight of 250 pounds, it is relatively heavy


This scooter is a true choice for most families. Its strength lies in a lot of factors, especially sturdiness, power, and strong battery life. It is such a convenient ride as it has a comfortable and removable seat. It has a kickstand for safe parking.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric

Here is yet another scooter from Razor that has given every user an incredible option. Razor really did advance the functionalities, features, and performances of its previous products with this particular scooter. It was rightly put in an upgraded version.

The Power Core E90 from Razor—your kids and even you—yes, you, an adult (check here for an adult electric scooter), can have a fun cruise of over 80 minutes non-stop. It is, of course, a double range for the E125 and the E300. Though it operates at a slower speed, which is actually for safety purposes, it goes 10 miles per hour.

Special Features of this Scooter

  • It is highly lightweight, weighing just 22 pounds
  • It is an electric scooter, though it shares the essence of a kick scooter
  • It is best for kids of about 8
  • It is maintenance-free; there are no chains attached


  • It is the lightest of all the other models
  • It is easy to ride, so kids wouldn’t need training wheels to ride it
  • It is an improved version of scooters


  • It is not suitable for all ages as it is lighter in weight
  • It operates on less speed


There is no denying that this scooter is a top choice, regardless of these few shortcomings. It is very easy for your kids to ride and enjoy their ride. Its speed is actually regulated to suit its weight, as a high speed may even blow it away. All in all, this is a great option to have.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Here is another top-notch scooter from Razor. Already, you know that the company is renowned for manufacturing the best scooters. This scooter is vintage-designed and bravely modernized to suit the preferences of the kids.

It has a chain-driven motor that enhances its speed to 15mph. And its powerful batteries can last as much as 10 miles when fully charged. And of course, this is a great pick for urban rides to work, school, or even errands. This is one major thing that makes it a top choice for both teenagers and kids. It is relatively heavy, weighing about 170 pounds.

Special Features of this Scooter

  • It uses two lead-acid batteries of 12 volts each that require about 12-hour charging
  • It comes with a seat that enables its comfort
  • It has storage space under the seat


  • It comes with a seat that gives your kids the convenience of sitting while riding
  • It has a Vintage design
  • It covers a 10-mile range


  • With a weight of 170 pounds, it is relatively heavy.


The shortcoming notwithstanding, this scooter is everything you need for a thrilling ride along the urban and adventurous lane. Its array of colors to choose from and vintage look are such a unique addition to the awesome features the scooter is designed with. Make the kids happy; get this scooter.

Parts of the Electric Scooters you need to know

To help you properly understand what a good or top-quality scooter means, you need to know some parts or features that make these scooters, especially if you are buying them for the first time. There are components that were put together to make the scooters. They determine their level of performance, functionality, and durability. Knowing these components will serve you a lot, especially in choosing the right scooters to purchase.

Chain Drive

When you hear of the chain drive on any scooter, just know that the chain is attached to the motor of the scooter, which drives its wheels. With the chain drive, the scooter is deemed more lasting and reliable than with the belt drive.

However, the scooter is prone to making noise with a chain drive. This could be a turnoff for your kids unless they love noise. But, then, you do not worry so much, as there are improved models that are very noiseless with chain drive. If you don’t find these improved models and you really need the ones that are noiseless, then it is best to buy a scooter with a belt drive. But one thing about the belt-drive ones is that their life chain is shorter.

Frame and Forks

Straight up! If you buy a scooter that has a low-quality frame and forks, don’t expect anything else but scrap! They can’t last long. For a scooter to last much longer, its frame and forks must be sturdy enough to withstand the rough ride. If not, it will wear out quickly and sooner.

So, most brands ensure that they construct their motor scooters with high-quality tubular steel that will give adequate extra support to the body. With electric scooters, however, the handler and deck are the bodily designs that shield the scooters for long-lasting use.


Please, do not joke with batteries! If you don’t want to end up frustrated just after a few uses of your scooter, ensure you get the ones with durable and strong battery life. There are lead-acid and lithium batteries. And of course, both have different lifespans. This is something you must note when you want to buy one.

You have to understand that lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and are more expensive than lead acid, which has a lifespan of 3–5 years. Lithium batteries are also more durable when recharged and lighter. Razor scooters are top-ranked in performance because they use lithium batteries just as other top brands do.

Usually, the batteries have 12 volts. But then, some of the scooters come with two, three, or, on some rare occasions, more than three batteries. The essence is to improve performance and make the scooter last much longer. The amps are also important to note with the batteries. Higher amps mean a longer range the scooter will cover.


It is funny how some people readily think of “motor” as in “car” when they hear of a motor in a scooter. No, it is that system in the scooter that keeps it running. It has been discovered that motors that are heavier have higher power and with higher power, they give more speed and durability to the scooter. Some are made with brushed engines, while others are brushless. However, brushless engines have been discovered to fare better than brushed ones, especially because they take time before they are worn out.

The engine Watts usually range from 250 to 550. From 350, the engine can generate improved range and speed. There is usually a “peak watts” measure on the scooter, which means the peak power it can achieve with more loads. With higher power, the scooter performs better, though how you use it is a major determinant.

It is best to get scooters with low motor power for little kids of about 8 years and younger. This ensures their safety, as scooters will run at less speed. But for teenagers or much older kids, you can get them scooters with higher-power motors for a fun ride.


Another important component of the scooter you must never overlook is the break. To keep your kids safe and ensure they have a secure and smooth ride, you must get the scooter with a quality break. To avoid danger, of course, the break should be effective and responsive enough to halt the scooter immediately after it is applied.

The electrical scooters come with the V brakes or the disc brakes on the rear and front sides of the wheels. This is because the band brakes that are situated on the front wheel pose a lot of danger to the kids. The scooter stops abruptly when the brakes are applied, and this is dangerous, especially as it may cause the scooter to lose balance and fall.  The hand breaks are much better and safer options.


Kids, by nature, are inquisitive and adventurous. So, they want to try virtually anything that comes to their mind and way. When you get a scooter for your kids, don’t be surprised if they take the gear to the highest to see how fast the scooter can run. That’s the kids for you.

Therefore, one of the major things to consider before you spend money on any scooter is how well it performs. To have high performance, the scooter must have more power. Some scooters, like the Razor e300 go as fast as 15 mph, while others go beyond 20 miles per hour.

Though the speed of a scooter is also determined by some other factors like wind, the weight of the rider, battery, etc. This goes to show that the speed or performance of the product may differ when you start using it from what was indicated on it during purchase.

Charging Times

Most scooters take as much as 12 hours to charge to the fullest, while others with powerful batteries are more modernized to take less than 8–10 hours to charge. With the range of the scooter, you can get to know the charge time. At the time of purchase, you must charge the machine before use.


You don’t want to be running in to recharge the batteries of your scooters. So, you want to make sure you get the one that has a very good or long-range. Well, if you are at a loss as to what range means, it is actually the component that determines how long your scooter can last on continuous use before it needs to be recharged. It is usually measured in time or miles. For the Razor brand, the range of their scooters is measured in minutes, and they can last as much as 40–45 minutes until they run down in continuous use.

Chrome Plating

Now, this is one component of the scooter that gives it adequate protection from rust as well as its paint from wearing out. You should, however, note that each brand has a different quality. Not all plating is quality. There are badly done ones. Just think it this way: bigger brands call the shots and have the best and highest-quality plating.

Foldable or Not Foldable

You may not consider it a top priority, but it is. The truth is, you need convenience and ease when you or your kids want to carry the scooter. To ensure convenience, the scooter needs to be folded. So, it is advisable to go for the foldable ones for a ride, especially in urban areas that are densely populated.

Maximum Weight Capacity

This is a little connected to the former point. You need to consider the weight of the person riding on the scooter. With this understanding, you should buy the ones that are strong and sturdy enough to soak up the teenager’s body weight.  The top-quality scooters can take up to 220 pounds and of course, this weighs far more than the normal human weight.


No doubt, most electric scooters are heavyweight. A lot of factors contribute to this. Most of them have sturdy, wide, and rugged body structural designs. The heavy batteries and motor they carry are a huge addition to the factors that make them very heavy. Most of the ones you see will weigh about 25–60 pounds.

So, when you want to buy one for your kids, first consider the age of the kids. You might want to buy the ones that are less heavy for your kids of about 8 years, while the teenager can handle heavier ones.


Yes, most electric scooters cost so much more than a low-income earner can afford at a time. Some cost as much as $500. But, then, there are still top-quality ones that cost as little as $200. There are options you can check out if you have a very low budget.

The Razor brand is notable for manufacturing high-quality products at lower prices. Most users probably choose the brand for this reason, which is one of the strongest. But then, there are some others with top-quality performance and functionality but a low price. Do not have the stereotype that scooters with lower prices are less inferior. No. As a matter of fact, the scooters from Razor are rated at the top of the chat yet they are highly affordable.

Brands and Styles

Now, here is where you have to show some close attention. Not all brands are worth patronizing. However, in checking out the models, it is best to check out all available brands too. This will give you the opportunity to select the best ones. You need to read up on some of these brands and the know-how they operate.

There are big brands that have evolved over the years. Yet there are the new ones that are struggling to break through into the market. This doesn’t make them bad. They are simply growing to be like the “big guys” in the industry. Notable brands like X-Treme Razor, Glion, and Pulse Performance are the top players that have earned some reputation from users.

Aside from producing quality scooters, there are lots of things you need to consider when choosing any of these brands, such as their customer service, the affordability of their products, the warranty of the products, and their overall brand recognition.

What is the average cost of an electric scooter for kids?

As sparsely discussed, the price is an important factor to consider before making a purchase. Of course, you need not be told by now that all the electric scooters have different prices they are sold at. Of course, one added feature in a scooter could alter the price upwards, and since all the scooters have their own unique features, it is expected they differ in price.

Now, aside from the features and performance of the scooter you aim to get, one important factor you should consider, just as it is with most people, is the price of the scooter. You don’t want to go begging after purchasing a scooter if you have a low budget.

This is even though most of these machines cost over $100. And there are the super functional ones with higher weight, speed, battery life, and capacity that cost way above $500. Some solidly-framed scooters that weigh about 220 pounds cost more, between $300 and $800.

Nevertheless, you need to be informed that for the sole reason of price, you shouldn’t just settle for any kind of scooter. It is better to wait until you can raise the money to purchase the right one that can best solve your needs than to settle for just anything.

The Razor brand, as stated much earlier, is notable for producing the best quality at an affordable rate. They are one scooter manufacturer that considers low-income earners. For even less than $200, you can get one especially the E90 model.

What electric scooter should you get for your 5-year-old kid?

Of course, it is non-arguable that you must consider the safety of your kids first when you want to purchase a scooter. So the ones that will guarantee their safety and fun should be the sure bet. Not just safety; the complexity of these machines should be considered too.

The best product should be the 3-wheeler, from which you can easily remove the third wheel. This will help them learn how to ride a three-wheeler before moving right to the Razor scooter by the time they get to 8.

Is it right to buy an electric scooter for your 5-year-old kid?

This question is part of the FAQs that trail reviews like this one. Well, in providing an answer to this question, we can say for sure that yes, an electric scooter is suitable. And this is probably the only answer you can get from anyone to this question. You know why? Electric scooters prove to be the safest for kids. They are also very easy to operate.


Of course, as rightly stated much earlier, kids are fast learners. And this model of scooter is a perfect match for their learning abilities, with improved modern features. This doesn’t disregard the fact that you should be wary of some factors before you buy one for your kids.

The height, weight, and speed are very important. And if your kids are just about 8 or 9 years of age, then the mass of the scooter will be worth considering. You should know at that age, they wouldn’t be able to handle something that is very heavy.