Best 8 Person Camping Tent (Waterproof) 2022

The benefits and importance of quality 8 person instant tents cannot be overemphasized.

If you had ever experienced a bad or inappropriate tent, then you would agree that it is one of the worst things that can ever happen to your camping or outdoor experience. It is really terrible.

It is; nonetheless, very difficult to choose the best 8 person instant tent that is also right for you and your family or group of friends. The reason, of course, is partly because the market is filled with so many brands most of which are substandard or are somewhat defective.

Also, it is necessary for you to choose a tent that is right for you and your family or group.

This article takes into consideration your worries and offers to help you with a detailed review of the 8 people pop-up tent for a family or group. It also guides you on how to choose the right or make informed choices before buying any tent.

Best Waterproof 8 Person Tent 2022

Below is a detailed review of the best 8-person tents that are right for your family. It gives you everything you need to know about tents.

Wenzel 8-Person Kondike Tent


Also, a giant in the tent production industry, Wenzel, has got top-quality for you and your family’s enjoyment. The Klondike tent is a tent with very unique features that make it a perfect buy for anyone seeking a tent of 8-person capacity.

The tent has a mesh convertible roof, a screen room, and a weather-repellent/resistant system. It is also amongst the tents that are very easy, simple, and quick to set up. In just about a few minutes, you can set it up and as well, dismantle it.

Its screen room serves as an additional bedroom or a sunroom. The tent is also built with a tough material that repels the weather, no matter how harsh it is. So, in both heavy rain and scorching sun, you are guaranteed moderate weather that will suit you. The tent can as well be converted with a see-through roof which is made for extra stability.

Special Features of this tent

  • It is quite easy, simple, and quick to set up
  • It comes with dual staked corners
  • it has a mesh convertible roof
  • It is weather repellent/resistant with a polyester construction
  • It is a dome tent that has an attached screen/ sunroom

Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent


Sure, just like Coleman and Wenzel, Browning, holds its own as one of the best and leading giants in the market. Their tents are extremely awesome and are made of the best materials in the market.

This particular tent is built with lovely wall dividers for two rooms. It also does use UV damage-resistant material as well as six windows and two doors. Of course, these aren’t just the outstanding features the tent comes with.

Just like other tents from Browning, this tent is so easy, simple, and quick to set up. It is most especially more sturdy and durable. It is such a well-carved dual-room tent. Accessing the interior isn’t any worry at all. This is because it is built with multiple windows, two long doors for tall people, a big storage space that gives enough comfort and convenience as well as a sun-resistant system.

So, this tent stands to be one of the very few most accommodating and durable tents you can ever find in the market or any place on the internet.

Special Features of this tent

  • It has mesh storage pockets
  • It has wall dividers for two rooms and also straight sidewalls which is for more room multiple mattresses.
  • The tent is made of a UV damage-resistant polyester fly and lining build.
  • It has a factory sealed fly and door seams that give extra weather protection
  • The tent has two large doors as well as extra-large zippers with six windows which guarantee easy and convenient entry and light.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent


Here is another wonder-tent from Coleman, makers of whatever top-notch of tents. Just as all their tents are, this particular tent is built in a unique way that makes it easy, quick, and simple to set up and tear down.

The tent makes use of pre-attached poles in the frame and is built with a WeatherTec rainproof lining, 7 mesh windows, dual doors, a 6’5 ft high ceiling for tall people, and a removable divider.

Its quick and simple set-up design enables it to protect occupants on the inside from bugs and other harmful elements. It also enables adequate airflow into the interior. while it can still be converted to a one-room tent.

Special Features of this tent

  • The tent is designed with a weather tech system, a welded floor that gives a watertight seal, and thick walls that shield its interior from bugs and other harmful stuff.
  • It has 7 windows and dual doors that help with adequate ventilation
  • It is designed with pre-attached poles that make it very easy, simple, and quick to set up and tear down.
  • It comes with a removable divider between rooms.
  • It is designed with a 14 x 10 base and a 6’5 ft. ceiling. With these, you can enjoy the walk-around space.

Kodiak Canvass Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent


Kodiak offers you one of the most reliable tents that are right and suited for your family’s outdoor activities and camping experience with this tent. The tent is built with enough convenient rooms together with other features made to protect, shelter, and convenience you.

The tent is also built with a 6’6 ft ceiling, a Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas, dual large D-shaped zippered doors as well as Funnel Flow venting. More so, the weather-proof system it is built sets it apart from others.

It is quite spacious so that it guarantees you and every other occupant comfort and convenience. It is built in a way that allows for adequate ventilation and lighting.  With this, you can easily lay your air mattresses and the interior without necessarily giving up comfort and prep speed.

Special Features of this tent

  • The tent comes with four mesh windows
  • It has dual large D-shaped zippered doors
  • It is highly durable, reliable, and strong
  • It has Watertight Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas
  • It is built with a 6’6 feet ceiling that makes for easy inside walk-around.
  • It comes with Funnel Flow vents which give hot air as well as improve airflow.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent


Coleman is a renewed top industry player when it comes to the production of top-notch quality tents. They make all brands and different sizes.

The 8-person Red Canyon tent is just amongst the very few tents that you can really rely on. It has unique features that distinguish it from the others. It does more than just fitting for your family or group of 8-persons. The tent is built with room dividers that help separate the rooms. Also, it is built with a weatherTec system just like most of Coleman’s tents. This system helps keep off rain from entering the interior of the tent. It also with shock-corded poles that make the setting up and tearing down of the tent easy, simple, and quick.

More so, the tent guarantees you shelter from even heavy rain and wind as it is made with sturdy materials. It holds against low light and high wind while it also has much venting. In it, your privacy is secured. And also, it keeps off bugs and other harmful elements from penetrating the inside.

Special Features of this tent

  • The tent is made with win room dividers that can create three separate rooms
  • It has a weatherTech system that keeps off rain and moisture from the interior
  • It has a Cool-Air Port and Varifo vents that aid the flow of air into the interior. This also accesses gear from outside.
  • It comes with shock-corded support poles, assembly, and tears down guide.

Camping Tent For 8 Persons – Things to Consider When Buying

Here are some of the features or things you must consider before you take a step to purchase any tent. All the 8 people instant cabin tent discussed or reviewed score high in these areas and this makes them valued as the best in the market. It is not, therefore, enough to go to the market (both online and offline) to purchase a tent without proper research or having a deeper knowledge of the products that are quality and the ones that aren’t.

These things should guide you to make informed decisions in your choice of the 8 person Coleman tent that is right for you and your family or friends.

Ease of Set-up

You need a tent that is very easy, simple, and quick to set up. This is even more necessary when you intend to set up your tent in high wind or the dark. You must have the best family tent that you could easily build when you return from nightlife. So, you wouldn’t need a crowd to help you with both buildings the tent and tearing it down.

The best family tents that have shock-corded support poles with them can be collapsed, and are very easy to pitch in low light and high wind.


You need to consider the capacity of the tent before you make any purchase. You should ask yourself if the tent has the capacity to accommodate the number of people that will sleep in it as well as the stuff we are bringing along.

You should also consider stuff like the air mattresses can fit in. So, the tent must accommodate you, every other occupant, and the luggage you carry and give you comfort and convenience. Not just that, each person’s privacy should be secured as well.

Weather Conditions

The best tents are the ones that are weather-resistant. This means you can use them in any weather condition. Most of the tents of top-notch quality are usually 3 season or snow bearing varieties. You can use three-season in the spring, summer, and fall.

So, the tent you need must be strong, sturdy, and durable enough to shelter you and last through all the seasons. Under heavy rain, strong wind, and even flood, it should shelter you, and keep you warm and cozy.

In the intense sun, it should provide ventilation and a cool system to save you from heat. However, you should note that the place and time of year you camp should determine which kind of tent you go for.


Of course, this is quite necessary. You need to get a tent that is very easy to carry. A great tent must be portable. Very necessary also, it is a tent you can easily store and carry with you where ever you go.

You shouldn’t forget that such a tent must be easy to put away in either a tent tote or a stuff sack in other to save you time with packing when you want to return home.

The Type of Windows & Doors of the Tent

The best tents have both easy zip-door and insect screens. So you have to check out these two features in any tent you want to purchase. You need them. It is a must to have a tent with both types of windows.

Also, a tent with a floor that will not just keep out bugs but also, other harmful creatures is a must for you especially if you are camping in the forest.

FAQs – Best Waterproof 8 Person Tent

Is there any tent that has a waterproof coating?

Waterproof tents are not always available. Tents are usually water-resistant, meaning that they slow the penetration of rainwater into them without stopping it from entering in the first place. They need additional waterproofing, however.

In the event that my tent gets wet, what should I do?

Whether the tent is waterproof or not, use a large tarp to prevent moisture from soaking through. Tents with large rainflies or waterproof rain shields are ideal. Tarps must then be hung from trees or poles if it is not possible to attach ropes.

How much space does an 8-person tent have?

Eight-man tents are typically 12′ by 12′ (square) or 10′ by 14′ (rectangle) along the walls.

Rainy weather is not an issue for MSR tents?

The MSR Elixir tents are waterproof and remarkably durable. This outer rainfly is made of ripstop polyester and has a 1,500mm water column test rating. Water column testing has become the industry standard for testing waterproofness in outdoor clothing.

Final Verdict

No doubt, all the tents have their unique features and are differently designed. Their beauties equally lie in their uniqueness. However, they share some specific top-notch features that make them the best. This provides you with enough options to choose from.

So, your purchase should be based on what you need and prioritize. For a family or group of 8-persons, these tents can serve you best. They are designed with the best materials in the market and by the best companies in the market.

So, you should be properly guided by this review to make informed choices of the right and best 8-person tents you can have for your perfect and memorable outdoor activities and camping experience.

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