Ghost Controls Gate Opener Vs Mighty Mule Review 2022

In addition to closing and opening gates, we should also be able to leave and return to our properties quickly and easily, because it’s inconvenient to have to get out of the car every time.

The following Ghost Controls Gate Opener Vs Mighty Mule models differ in performance, which makes it best to choose:

Ghost Controls Vs Mighty Mule 2022

Benefits of automatic gate openers

ghost controls vs mighty mule gate opener

When we buy a house or a piece of land that we need to secure from unauthorized access, the first thing we need to think about is keeping it safe. Our homes and other similar properties are gated because we want to make sure only people you grant permission to use and visit the property. A disadvantage of having a gate is that it must be manually opened or closed every time we enter or leave a property.

In theory, we can always install an electric automated gate; however, they can be very expensive to install. Depending on the type of material that you use, it may cost you $750-$1800 with a fee for installation ranging from $1500-$3000. If you are considering saving money in addition to spending on the budget, installing a regular manual gate with an automatic gate opener may not be a problem.

The manual and accessories or tools needed for installation are readily available and cost far less than installing an automatic gate. In the first place, automatic gate openers offer greater security for they can control the access of individuals to the property properly. Parents and pet owners can also feel safer with them because we can keep an eye on our children and pets to make sure they are not exposed to dangerous situations.

A Guide to Automatic Gate Openers

The most important thing to consider when choosing an automatic gate opener is the type of gate you’ll use – swing gates or sliding gates. Swing gates can be operated by overhead or arm-operated operators, or by piston-operated rams powered by hydraulic or jack screw motors. Swinging gates are operated by a latch while sliding gates are operated by a chain attached at the bottom. In order to open or close the gate, the operator pulls the chain to activate the mechanism.

We also have a limit on the amount of weight our gate opener can handle based on the material. Especially if the opener is made of iron, it is important to weigh it first.

A Brief History of Mighty Mule & Ghost Controls

There are many different models of automatic gate openers around yet, but they do not all perform the same despite the fact that they can all automate a gate. When you are ready for a new driveway, you should find out what is on the market that you can choose from. We can also make the shopping process easier by shopping according to your budget. That way, we can eliminate choices much more quickly after looking at the specifications of the weight limit and gate length.

If you’ve ended up here then you’re clearly looking for a swing gate. And while this type of gate has a traditional appearance, it can be made to look more modern and to be more convenient by using the Mighty Mule and Ghost Control gate openers. Both of these automatic gate openers are reliable and have high ratings, but they will not break your bank account as well, especially if you need them only for a single swing gate style.

  • Automatic gate openers with these features are commonly preferred by many users because of their reliable and excellent performance, but the most important thing is that they are easy to install, which means we can perform the whole process on our own without professional assistance.
  • Their companies also provide some of the most well-known gate openers, so we do not need to worry about the item we will receive in the future, but today we are going to discuss gate openers for residential gates.
  • Both Mighty Mule and Ghost Control have single gate openers, so will work best with swing gates with just one arm, although if you require two gates, these brands have also got a collection for those needing two. In general, the gate opener is installed inside the gate post.

This is just like any other gate opener.

Ghost and Mighty Mule Specifications

Our discussion today is about the MM260 and TSS1 gate openers, which have different specifications from these manufacturers. Their functionality is similar, and they are ideal for driveway gates up to 300 pounds or for users with standard gates. MM260 and FM500 gate openers are nearly three times stronger than each other. They are also relatively short, while compared to the Ghost Control, a gate as long as 20 feet can be controlled by it.
On paper, Ghost Controls should be similar in price, but because it comes with its own solar panel, it is more expensive. Alternatively, Mighty Mule can be installed with a 5-watt solar panel, the FM121, but this adds $116.4 to your budget.

Mighty Mule and Ghost Controls Installation

We don’t have to worry about the ease of installation of these models since they are designed to be convenient and have easy instruction manuals that you can follow.

  • It usually takes us around 2-3 hours to complete the work; however, it may take longer or shorter depending on your ability, but users from both brands have no issues with installing an opener by themselves.
  • To determine which side of the opener we will install, you must first determine if your gate swings inside or outside.
  • For the majority of gates, the opener should be mounted inside, as the gate will be pulled and locked from the inside when opened.
  • We have only one complaint regarding these special Mighty Mule and Ghost Controls, which require purchasing additional batteries.

Features of Mighty Mule and Ghost Controls

Besides ease of installation, the Ghost Control also provides some interesting features that you can’t find in other gate openers. For example, with the 5 buttons remote on this model, you are able to operate several modes to automate the gate. The Party Mode is the most popular option, and it keeps the gate open until the party begins or until you switch it back on. The Zombie lock can also be used as part of a gate opener to provide the maximum level of security.

The performance of The Mighty Mule and The Ghost

In this section, we will discuss the performance of Mighty Mule and Ghost Control, which are both popular among users. As a whole, they are working well, except for having to get batteries, and their interactive manuals make installation very straightforward and simple. Even if they put some effort into it, adults or even dogs can easily push the lock to open with these openers.

Zombie Lock can be added to ensure the gate is more secured and stays firm from humans, dogs, or strong winds. Mighty Mule’s remote range of 100 feet seems fine and always works, but one problem is that it uses lower-quality materials especially with plastic making some critical parts, making it weaker against force.

  • Gate openers are a wonderful option for automating your gates, but they do not add enough security because depending on the height, model, and lock of the gate, anyone can open it quite easily.
  • Mighty Mule and Ghost Controls have outstanding performance and installation doesn’t take a long time if their mounts match your gate materials. MM260 has a shorter arm than TSS1, which can be used with longer gates.
  • It has some useful modes for adding a remote if you use a different model.

Video – Ghost Controls Gate Opener Vs Mighty Mule (TSS1 Installation)

As a conclusion

The Ghost Controls is a more convenient choice since it is already integrated with a solar panel, can fit longer swing gates, and offers some useful modes. But there is no bad option between these gate openers and everyone has different preferences.

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