Cooyes Inflatable Paddle Board Review 2021

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the fresh air and sun this summer or you’re looking for a way to keep active this winter, the Cooies 10’6″ Paddle Board is your answer. A convenient product for lake, lagoon, and harbor use in calm waters. You can experience gorgeous scenery through paddleboarding as well as many other water sports. If you’ve been feeling cooped up lately, why not try paddleboarding?

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Cooyes Paddle Board Reviews

The Wide Design of the SUP

This SUP is extra wide ( 10′ 6 ” x 32 ‘ x 6 ” ), which will allow you to paddle swiftly and balance easily. In addition to being an excellent beginner’s board, the wider board also provides smooth and enjoyable sailing for intermediate to experienced boarders.

Appealing to the Eye

This board’s artwork and ambiance are designed to complement the ocean ambiance and complement the scenery you’ll be paddling through.

Exceptionally Strong Materials

It is natural for one to be concerned about scratches and damages when purchasing such a visually appealing product. Those worries don’t have to follow you, however, when you travel with Cooyes.

Military-grade materials are used in the construction of the paddleboards, which can carry up to 330 pounds of weight. UV resistant exterior coating, combined with a Thermo sealed comfort non-slip pad, will keep you from worrying about your board getting eaten by the sun or causing anyone to get burned. This inflatable SUP is built with

Military Grade PVC Construction and Ultra reinforced drop stitches to ensure it is as reliable as it is enjoyable to use.

An easy way to store data

In addition to its portability, the board’s other significant features include its durability. There’s a good chance that you will sacrifice some space in order to have a view of the ocean if you live near the coast. I wonder where I’m going to put a ten and a half footboard in my apartment?” Thus, this inflatable board is compact and takes up the least amount of space.

You can easily inflate and deflate the board with the provided pump, and the fins can be stored separately to make storage more convenient.

Accessories that are useful

Many key accessories come with the Cooyes SUP. The purchase of your paddleboard includes a backpack, paddleboard pump, three-piece aluminum paddle, waterproof bag, and removable fins. A bungee strap system and grab handles make it convenient to use. We tested the two-way pump and it could inflate and deflate the surfboard in just five minutes! In the storage bag, the floating paddle separates into three pieces and has a premium alloy shaft and nylon blade.

Cooyes SUP 10’6″ customer reviews

We found overwhelmingly positive responses and reviews. Our customers have been extremely satisfied with our products, with the exception of a few complaints about the material quality. A number of reviews have given it five stars.

The boards are durable and the included accessories are useful, according to many users. The included repair kit was cited by several reviewers as an added convenience in the event that the board became damaged. Inflatable SUPs provide customers with a wider platform to paddle on. One reviewer describes the ease with which her young children picked up paddleboarding thanks to the Cooyes.

It typically takes between 5-15 minutes for the board to fully inflate, and it can deflate in under two minutes, according to some Amazon reviewers!

The Cooyes Paddle Board is the perfect purchase for anyone who longs to glide on an open lake or lagoon.

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